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It Begins October 19, 2014

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I’d say something like “remember how they promised that …” but we all know you can’t shame the shameless.

What a Difference 11 Weeks Makes October 17, 2014

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Why You Should Never Lend Your Car to Sobek October 15, 2014

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Guy Lets His Artist Wife Doodle With a Sharpie Pen on His Nissan Skyline GTR

Marines Battle South Koreans October 14, 2014

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Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun and no drums were harmed.

Jonathan Cohn’s Failed Defense of Obamacare October 5, 2014

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Jonathan Cohn of the New Republic wrote a defense of Obamacare a week ago, raising 7 points that he thinks show how Obamacare has been successful after its first year.

  1. More people have health insurance.
  2. People who are getting health insurance are almost certainly better off.
  3. “Winners” probably outnumbered “losers” in the new marketplaces.
  4. Premiums in the marketplaces aren’t rising quickly, and more insurers are jumping in to compete.
  5. Employer premiums also aren’t rising quickly.
  6. Overall health care costs are rising at historically low rates.
  7. The net effect on the budget has been to reduce the deficit.

That sounds great, like the plan is working as intended and everybody’s happy now, right?

But ahem. As usual I have a million problems with these claims. And as usual I have a chart. I say “a” chart because I’m just going to focus on #6 for the moment (Mickey Kaus went after #3 and #4): the notion that health care costs are rising really slowly.

He shows this chart, which immediately makes me suspicious, because bundling up the years like that smears the data and smacks of cherry-picking:


So let’s see how that looks when we actually plot it out year-by-year:*


Oh yeah. Starting from 1990, just like they did, we find that the average rate of increase since then (the sexy blue dotted line) is exactly equal to the projected rate of increase henceforth (the green line beyond 2013). So there is no “historically low rate” – that’s a figment of his Obamacentric imagination.

These numbers come straight from the CMS (here and here), the same source of the data that Cohn used. I just used it honestly.

*(I apologize for not having data between 1991 and 1999. The CMS data I found in reports that covered those years is inconsistent with the data they currently report (I checked 1990, and 2000-2004). So I left it out. It’s around 13% during the 90’s)

The 40% President October 4, 2014

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I mentioned in the comments on the last post that it seems like every single one of the President’s economic policies has given us only 40% of what he claimed it would. That’s certainly the case with manufacturing employment, as shown in the last post, and it’s also true about exports, which he promised in the 2010 SotU address to double within 5 years.

Essential to economic recovery, he said. Major priority, he said. But this is his result:


There it is again, that 40% number. Can you really claim victory when your oh-so-vital parts of your economic recovery plan flunk?

Well, this president and his wife certainly do.

The October 2014 Tepid Unemployment Report and Obama’s Lies About Manufacturing October 3, 2014

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The BLS released the unemployment numbers for September today, showing a drop in the (completely useless) U3 unemployment rate from 6.1% to 5.9%. It wasn’t a bad month, but it wasn’t that good. Here’s how I think it looks:


So we creep along, but at least it’s upward.

Meanwhile, on the manufacturing jobs front, the AP is happy to help President Obama lie directly to our faces:

President Barack Obama is putting a manufacturing focus on his revived economic message, calling attention to industrial gains that have helped restore some higher-wage jobs during the recovery from the Great Recession.

The U.S. economy has created 700,000 manufacturing jobs since its low point of 11.45 million jobs in February 2010.

It’s absolutely true that we’ve created 700K jobs since the low point. But it’s also true that he promised us 1 million jobs since that low point. This graph doesn’t go back to the low point, but I’ll just tell you that the economy generated 500K jobs before this chart starts.


Add the jobs he’s created in the last two years, and you can see that we’re at 700K jobs added since the low point. But he promised that we’d add 1 million jobs between September 2012 and September 2016. As you can see, we’re now at the halfway point, so we should have added 500K jobs.

We’ve only added 212K. In fact, we’re still 400K jobs short of where we were when he took office.

So great work there, champ. Please tell us more about the awesome economic success you’re having.

Limp Salute Caption Contest October 1, 2014

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Better practice using my iPhone 6 Plus before my order comes in.

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]

Talk About Underpriced October 1, 2014

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Police: Worker hid $1,200 worth of meat in pants

Anyway, what was he supposed to do? If you take it out, everybody starts yelling and carrying on.

[from the AoSHQ sidebar]

Piers Morgan? Is That Really You? October 1, 2014

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I can’t think of a single thing that Piers Morgan said while he was in this country that I agreed with. But the return to his native land seems to have done him some good. Here’s some quotes from his latest column:

President Obama this week committed professional suicide.

Let me explain.

There is a theory in politics that once a leader has fired 50 or more people from his or her administration, he or she is finished.

Obama went a lot further than firing 50 people.

He managed to single-handedly alienate 200,000 employees in the American intelligence agencies by going on 60 Minutes and ruthlessly chucking them all under a bus over the rise of terror group ISIS.

The truth is that Obama is the one who underestimated ISIS, plunging his head ostrich-like into the sand and hoping they would go away without having to do anything to actually make them go away.

There were clear, unambiguous public warnings made nearly a year ago in front of the Foreign Affairs Committee that ISIS was on the march in Syria and Iraq.

But perhaps Obama missed them.

Hardly surprising when we discover yesterday that he has only attended 42.1 percent of his Presidential Daily intelligence briefings.


Ebola Update – 6574 Cases October 1, 2014

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Now that we’re thrilled with the news that ebola has finally made it to our shores, I thought I’d give you an update from the CDC on the number of cases worldwide:

As of September 23, 2014
(Updated September 29, 2014)

Total Case Count: 6574
Total Deaths: 3091
Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 3626

I’ll be honest and say straight away that ebola freaks me out, mainly because of the descriptions that Richard Preston provided in his book The Hot Zone. I’ve excerpted his most thorough description (below the fold because it’s pretty disturbing). Now you can share my freakout.

Workplace Violence September 28, 2014

Posted by Sobek in News.

So some dude in Oklahoma beheaded one of his co-workers, stabbed another, and was then shot by his CCW-carrying COO.  Crazy, crazy crap.

I’m not really clear on some of the details (as I’ll discuss below), including this line from a FoxNews.com article: “Authorities are treating Thursday’s beheading … as an incident of workplace violence…”  Mostly I’m puzzled because nothing about the article says who is treating it as workplace violence, or how that treatment is manifested in terms of an investigation.  The article specifies  that the FBI is now involved, and I can’t imagine state or local authorities routinely invite the FBI in on standard workplace violence incidents.

My instinct is to call shenanigans on the “workplace violence” designation.  One wonders what, if anything can be called terrorism, if not lopping off your co-worker’s head in the name of a religious or political cause.  To this day I’m pissed off that the government refuses to call Nidal Hassan’s attack on Ft. Hood an act of terrorism – a designation made out of pure cowardice utterly divorced from reality.  But let me suppress my instinct for a moment, and first talk about what I think is the difference between workplace violence and an act of terrorism.



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