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Advice for Late-Night Commenters – posted by Michael March 31, 2006

Posted by Michael in Humor.

Robin: "To the batcave?"
Batman: "And up the batpoles."
Robin: "The batpoles?"
Batman: "Even crimefighters need their sleep, Robin."


1. Dave in Texas - March 31, 2006

Their hosiery is baggy at the knees.

2. michael - April 1, 2006

Well geez, Dave, they’ve been fighting crime.

3. lauraw - April 1, 2006

I hear kneeling stretches the fabric there and makes it bag out.
They must have been ‘fighting crime’ on their knees.


4. michael - April 1, 2006

Did you people not read Policy Statement No. 4?

5. daveintexas - April 1, 2006

I’m just sayin. He’s Bruce effing Wayne for crying out loud. You think he can afford some support hose?

6. kevlarchick - April 1, 2006

Hey lauraw, have you also “heard” about the rugburn thing?

7. michael - April 1, 2006

Please note the new “policy” tab at the top of the page!!!

8. Dave in Texas - April 2, 2006

sup. port. hose

puhleeeze. I mean, Holy Droopy Drawers Batman!

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