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mondo slade orange pony couch: $12,000 March 31, 2006

Posted by skinbad in Humor.




1. pony - March 31, 2006

she builded like brick shithouse.

2. Amador - March 31, 2006

I wouldn’t mind ridin a pony on that. There’s even a place to set your beer.

3. pony - March 31, 2006

pretty yes. maybe no built for comfort
pony like deep cushion

4. Retired Geezer - March 31, 2006

Does Pony like beer?

5. pony - March 31, 2006

pony mad since no more hamms
miss land of sky blue water

6. skinbad - March 31, 2006

She’s a six-foot-blond show couch. A vegas show girl. Civetta?
Although she probably is hungry. And if she gave pony the time of day, she’d end up calling him “Daddy.”

7. Dave in Texas - March 31, 2006

Who’s cooking the food?

8. BrewFan - March 31, 2006

Hey, man, I’m not here to hold hands and babysit. She’s got to come to the table with something.

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