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Policy Statement No. 4 – posted by Michael March 31, 2006

Posted by Michael in AA - Uncategorized.

You are subject to being banned for the following reasons:

  1. Defamation (i.e., genuine libel, not ordinary flaming)
  2. Copyright infringement
  3. Racism
  4. You are Mike
  5. Saying nice things about the Penguin, the Joker, the Riddler, the Bill Ardolino, Osama bin Laden, or others of their ilk
  6. Saying bad things about Batman (the original Adam West version only), Dick Cheney, Jeff Gannon, or Paul Anka
  7. Making Elzbth cry


1. BrewFan - March 31, 2006

So, if for example, I point out that Michael likes to sniff little girl’s bicycle seats, is that libel?

2. Dave in Texas - March 31, 2006

Or says stuff like “do another cartwheel for Uncle Mikey”? Libel?

3. Mrs. Peel - March 31, 2006

What about the Brawny man? People shouldn’t say bad things about him either.

And what if somebody makes me cry? Do you care, Michael? No, you just make your little jokes, and leave me sitting here weeping in my jammies.

You heartless bastard.

4. Amador - March 31, 2006

Black leather jammies ?

5. HayZeus - March 31, 2006

If we’re throwing Brawny man into the mix then I want a rule stating that there can be absolutely no defamation of the good name of the King. 8)

6. lauraw - March 31, 2006

Michael, sent you an email.

7. BrewFan - March 31, 2006

there can be absolutely no defamation of the good name of the King

Elton John? Oh wait, he’s the Queen of Rock and Roll.

8. Anonymous Troll - March 31, 2006

test for anonymous posting.
I was thinking you had to have a WordPress account, to be able to comment, now I’m not sure.

If this works, it may be because it knows me from my cookies.
I’m trying to figure out a way to keep out the drive-by commenters.
Put me some knowledge here, people.


9. HayZeus - March 31, 2006

Elton John? Oh wait, he’s the Queen of Rock and Roll.

I’m talking about the Burger King King. Wake up with the King! 😛

10. michael - March 31, 2006

No, RG, I don’t think you need a WordPress account to comment (other than as a Main Page Commenter). There are options where you can require registration, etc., but I haven’t done any of that.

The more important issue right now is how do I keep Laura from hacking into this site?

11. blogidaho - March 31, 2006

Can we make Mike cry?

12. The Comish (sic) - March 31, 2006

If you need an account to comment, then this comment won’t post (I don’t have a WP account).

All it asks for is a name and email, so I’m guessing that I can post without one. Hope that helps.

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