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Pony Love March 31, 2006

Posted by anycomments in Humor.

You have probably already seen this. I’m just working the bugs out of trying to post on this blog.

Idaho Pony Love

Peaches, the filly, was standing over him, licking his back and rubbing him with her head.

Man, that was one huge photo before I resized it. 


1. pony - March 31, 2006

ow. wipe eye with hoof hurt.
young love make pony cry


wait minute…

geezer evil man.

2. blogidaho - March 31, 2006

Whenever we see them laying peacefully in the sun, we like to go sit on their backs. They learn to trust us when they are in a very vulnerable position. Think of a prey animal letting a preditor on it’s back.

We’re always very alert to scramble off if they try to get up. Flying hooves can hurt.

Gelding? Yeah, I actually helped the Vet do it. At first I didn’t want to because I didn’t want him to associate *that* procedure with me.
I thought it was going to be painful.
It wasn’t.
He could have cared less.
FYI, Stallions can be very dangerous. Someday I’ll post a picture of the neighbors Stallion who has his face smashed in. They bones haven’t healed right. He got kicked by another stallion during a dominance flight over the mares.

3. blogidaho - March 31, 2006

flight = fight

Ponys not fly.

4. (not really) Mike - March 31, 2006

Ponies fly when they’re in that blacklight poster in my room, sailing across the rainbow and leaving a trail of hearts and sparkles in their wake.

… Wait. Forget I said that. I meant to talk about the posters of hot women I have on my walls. Hot, naked women, to whom I’m very attracted. Like … uh, … like Brigitte Nielson.

5. makayla - February 12, 2007

its pony love i say

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