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Greatest American Superhero – by Elzbth a Really Sweet Person April 6, 2006

Posted by Elzbth in AA - Uncategorized.

The results are in.

                 the Stupid Beagle

                           The winner  – 4 votes


     Sloppy Second           Sorest Loser            Complete Loser   

      3 "booby" votes           1 lousy vote                 absolute zero


1. michael - April 6, 2006

I added your name to the header, Elzbth.

And I think this election was unfair. It should be overturned by the Florida Supreme Court. The Booby Voting Bloc did not have sufficient time to organize, whereas the Beagle Faction had a head start due to Dave’s post.

I want a recount!!!

2. kevlarchick - April 6, 2006

I, for one, welcome the puppy Overlord.

3. michael - April 6, 2006

I'm going to stop commenting for a while.

Mrs. Michael just got home and she wants to "talk to me." She wants us to "relate."


Actually, I noticed when I came home that she installed some new toilet paper holders today, and they are a really a big improvement. Very classy looking. This was no easy job — it involved spackling compound, sanding, paint, the works. I guess she is entitled to some kudos for that.

Unless Enrique did the work.

4. kevlarchick - April 6, 2006

Tell her about your feelings, Mikey. Let her replace the busted toilet ball and leaky showerhead.

5. michael - April 6, 2006

I’m back.


What are these “feelings” of which you speak?

6. Elzbth - April 6, 2006

Michael, where is my name of which you spoke?

7. michael - April 6, 2006

I guess I didn’t save it correctly. Let’s try again.

8. michael - April 6, 2006


9. Elzbth - April 6, 2006

No. You forgot the word “really”. Bit I don’t think I should have a title since none of the other commenters have one. They might get jealous so TAKE IT OFF!

10. michael - April 6, 2006


I guess after 33 years of marriage, I am conditioned to obey orders delivered by a screechy female voice.

11. kevlarchick - April 6, 2006

Feelings. You know. For Enrique the Cabana Boy.

12. blogidaho - April 7, 2006

Hey, we *had* to vote for the damn dog or Dave would shoot it.
Now its a Prize Winning Dog and he’s obligated to cherish it.

13. Dave in Texas - April 7, 2006


damn dog could kick all our asses and chew the Batmobile into a pile of rubble.

before lunchtime.

14. Lipstick - April 7, 2006

Michael, did she (or Enrique) install 2 toilet paper holders per bathroom like in hotels?

It gives one such a feeling of security having the backup roll right there.

15. michael - April 7, 2006

No Lipstick. That backup function is what the facial tissues are for.

16. geoff - April 7, 2006

3 “booby” votes

Thought it was funny when Lynda Carter’s album came out back in the late 70s – the radio promotions kept saying: “Lynda Carter: her most powerful weapon is her voice!” Leaving all the listeners thinking: “C’mon, that’s got to be a distant third at best!”

17. skinbad - April 7, 2006

Yes. Each Lynda Carter vote should count twice.

18. blogidaho - April 7, 2006

FYI, I *have* installed 2 toilet paper rolls in each bathroom.
Yep, you never run out.
If you do, you shouldn’t operate machinery of any kind.

19. Dave in Texas - April 8, 2006

A couple of folks have asked “what is that sweet puppy’s name”?

Well, this newly elected Superhero is names “Moses”.

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