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“Nuestro Himno” April 28, 2006

Posted by Michael in Politics.

Brace yourself for a frenzy of overreaction on the conservative side of the blogosphere: 

By David Montgomery

The Washington Post

Updated: 5:59 a.m. ET April 28, 2006

Oh say can you see — a la luz de la aurora?

The national anthem that once endured the radical transformation administered by Jimi Hendrix's fuzzed and frantic Stratocaster now faces an artistic dare at least as extreme: translation into Spanish.

I call bullshit.  The Hendrix version really was a genuine "artistic dare."  Singing the national anthem in Spanish with a Latin beat is not.

The new take is scheduled to hit the airwaves today. It's called "Nuestro Himno" — "Our Anthem" — and it was recorded over the past week by Latin pop stars including Ivy Queen, Gloria Trevi, Carlos Ponce, Tito "El Bambino," Olga Tañon and the group Aventura. Joining and singing in Spanish is Haitian American artist Wyclef Jean.

Why did the Haitian guy have to sing in Spanish?  Seems like they could have let him do a verse in French.  I thought the lefties were supposed to be inclusive.

Can "The Star-Spangled Banner," and the republic for which it stands, survive? Outrage over what's being called "The Illegal Alien Anthem" is already building in the blogosphere and among conservative commenters.

Yes, the republic will survive the singing of the national anthem in Spanish.

Timed to debut the week Congress returned to debate immigration reform, with the country riven by the issue, "Nuestro Himno" is intended to be an anthem of solidarity for the movement that has drawn hundreds of thousands of people to march peacefully for immigrant rights in Washington and cities across the country, says Adam Kidron, president of Urban Box Office, the New York-based entertainment company that launched the project.

OK, I get it.  It's not a coincidence that the song is being released now.  Thanks for clearing that up, Adam.  And by the way, Adam, "immigrant rights" is not an issue in this country.  The issue is: how should we deal with those guilty of, or seeking, criminal entry into the United States?  I hate to pick nits, but there's a legal distinction between "immigrants" and "illegal aliens."

WP: Spanish version of ‘Star-Spangled Banner’?


1. michael - April 28, 2006

P.S. I’m posting early because you won’t hear much from me this evening. With Mrs. Michael out of town, I’m hosting an all-male Texas Hold ‘Em game tonight, at which I intend to drink beer, smoke cigars, fart, and relieve my neighbors of their money. Also, there’s a Spurs playoff game tonight.

2. digitalbrownshirt - April 28, 2006

Your commenting software is buggy.

3. digitalbrownshirt - April 28, 2006

Great. It takes that blurb, but loses my 1,000 word essay on why Wyclef Jean sucks.

4. Slublog - April 28, 2006

Wasn’t Howard Dean trying to convince people during the election that his favorite song was by Wyclef?

Frickin’ poseur.

5. geoff - April 28, 2006

Sounds fun, Michael – tomorrow night is my boys’ night replete with classic martial arts films and a fridge full ‘o beer.

6. Muslihoon - April 29, 2006

Creo que seria bueno para hispanohablantes a entender nuestro himno nacional. No creo que se deba cantarlo en espanol pero creo que el himno deba ser traducido en todas las lenguas de todas las gentes de la Republica. Puede ayudarles a subir una nivel en su asimilacion.

I think that it would be good for Spanish-speaking people to understand our National Anthem. I don’t think it should be sung in Spanish but I believe that the National Anthem should be translated into every language of every people of the Republic. It can help them ascend a level in their assimilation. (And the Spanish is from what I remember from high school.)

7. Tom M - April 29, 2006

This seems like such a distraction. The problem currently on the table is ilegal immigration. There has been ridiculous and dangerous crap going on for the last few weeks. No small part of this is the vindictive attitude coming from those who, we are told, will be model amnesty granted guest workers.

We’re not only taking the bait, we’re running the line. I’m more offended that our political leaders are ignoring the laws of the land, and the duties they swore to in upholding the constitution, than the fact that some new people are learning the words to our National Anthem.

8. Justin - June 5, 2009

I honestly don’t like the song itself, but I see nothing wrong with having the Star Spangled Banner translated. It’s just more of a personal music preference than conservative indignation. I wrote a little piece on it here:

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