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*Yaaawn.* Jack’s Back. -Lauraw April 29, 2006

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And I'd like to correct his post; he says "bunch of freakin' pony killers."

When we all know that pony's demise was due to one person.

And as lame as that bit was getting, I think we can agree that pony's ghost is waaay lamer.*

Anyway, we have the rest of the weekend to think up more questions for Jack to mock answer.

*though a deceased pony that is able to materialize for a few moments to ejaculate on something before it disappears again is tailor-made for an occasional cameo appearance.


1. michael - April 29, 2006

So, the promised “Ask Jack Thursday” shows up late on Saturday.


I happen to know about some really cheap third-world Professional Advisors that are much more reliable.

2. mediumatlarge - April 29, 2006

And as an experiment try posting the same questions on both sites.
Maybe this will end in fisticuffs.

3. michael - April 30, 2006

Maybe this will end in fisticuffs.

That's an ugly thought.

I really don't want to see HayZeus bitch-slapping Jack until he cries like a baby.

Wait a minute.

Let me think about this.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Yes! I do want to see HayZeus bitch-slap Jack until he cries like a baby!!!

4. elzbth - April 30, 2006

How much would you pay?

5. Civetta - May 2, 2006

IMHO, HZ is too much of a class act to belittle himself by bitch-slapping anyone, much less ol’ Jackie Poo.

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