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What the Brawny Man eats when the day REALLY looks at him funny – Mrs. Peel April 30, 2006

Posted by Mrs. Peel in Food, Humor.

I present to you:  Beeramisu

Paul's Beeramisu recipe calls for ladyfinger cookies to be bathed in a deep, rich porter beer mixture that has been blended with strong coffee. Not a Budweiser can in sight. It takes its cue from its traditional cousin by utilizing creamy mascarpone cheese sweetened with a bit of sugar as the foundation. If you are looking for a delicious, impressive, quick no-bake dessert – this is it.

 That sounds even grosser than tiramisu.  Doesn't anyone make Dr. Pepper-misu?

 (For those who are not familiar with the Brawny man and wish to become so, go here, click on Pre-Made, and select clips from the drop-down menu.  "Random Breakdown" is the one I was referencing.  The clips take a while to load, but I promise they're worth it.)


1. Dave in Texas - April 30, 2006

I will try this recipe and report back.

2. elzbth - April 30, 2006

Dr. Pepper-moon pie-misu

3. kevlarchick - April 30, 2006


4. skinbad - May 1, 2006

Had Sunday steaks in a Dr. Pepper marinade (soy sauce, lime juice, hot sauce, oil).

Good eatin’.

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