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Dogblogging: Lucky Save May 31, 2006

Posted by Michael in News.

We've heard a lot lately about about how much we all love our dogs. 

Would you do this?

A man took his dog for a walk near his Coral Springs home and ended up prying a 7-foot alligator of of the pooch's head Monday.

Michael Rubin took Jasmine, a 6-month-old golden retriever, and his other dog, a border collie named Frisbee, on a run at a construction site near his home in Heron Bay. Rubin thought the area was far from the gators that prowl the nearby Everglades.

During the 10 a.m. walk, Jasmine ran ahead of Rubin and to the edge of a pond on the site. Then he heard a yelp.

Rubin ran to help his dog and saw her head in the mouth of an alligator. He jumped in the muddy water, which reached his neck, he said, and began beating the beast with his fist.

When that didn't help, he grabbed onto his dog as the gator started to roll in the water.

"I thought she was dead," Rubin said after the ordeal. "But at that point I wasn't going to let him have my dog."
No, no, they can't have a Golden. Yorkies are all-you-can-eat. 

Both dog and man are doing fine.

rescued dog

This story comes to you from Florida by way of Australia:

Florida Cracker: Lucky Save

Thanks to Tim Blair.


1. Dave in Texas - May 31, 2006

I read that yesterday. And at first I thought, “yeah, I’d fight im”.

Then I thought “how effin stupid is that”? I would just shoot the sumbitch.

2. Pupster - May 31, 2006

The dog or the gator? Both?

3. Sobek - June 1, 2006

Yeah, I’d save a golden retreiver. A Yorkie? Not so much.

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