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The Golden Testicle June 30, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Sports.
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I thought it was called the world cup?

Sure as hell doesn’t look like a cup.

Oh well.  I really don’t give a damn about soccer but all my friends in Brazil are going apeshit right now, so I’ll wish them luck against France. 

But if they win this thing they oughta use tongs or something to pick it up with.

I’m just sayin.

He Could Be Anywhere June 30, 2006

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Quigmans Cartoon

Comics and Editorial Cartoons: The Quigmans on Yahoo! News

I think Dave taught him the towel trick June 30, 2006

Posted by skinbad in Music.
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It’s slow, so here’s another music vid. Some people were put on the planet to do one thing. Too bad he didn’t stay longer.

Going to the Movies in Fly Over Country June 30, 2006

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The town up the road has a drive in. We went a couple of nights ago to see “Cars”. It doesn’t get dark until about 9:30 this time of year so the youngest two didn’t quite last until the end. Drive ins are kind of fun. They bring back good memories. The movie was pretty good, too.



Is It Friday Already? June 30, 2006

Posted by Michael in Websites.
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That must mean it’s time to submit your questions to the All-knowing Answermeister at the outsourced Inncocent Bystanders Advice Department.

Money Making Idea June 30, 2006

Posted by Retired Geezer in Humor.
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Thanks to a techological breakthrough, Skinbad and Sobek can get on the Fast Track to wealth.

With a little practice, they can even approach Feisty’s earning potential.

Yes, Funseekers, I’m talking about Phone Sex.

Thanks to modern voice modification technology, you can have the voice of man, woman, or child. This opens up new employment opportunities for those once held back by prejudice about appearance, hygiene, or gender.

Market Research:
Customers who like sex but are unable to meet or retain sex partners, or seeking specialty sex acts on the fringes of acceptable human behavior. Target market is gullible Americans traveling to Canada, overweight teenagers, and gay activists seeking an outlet for their heteronormative urges.

Mitchieville: Lets Make Money, with Fenris Badwulf

Superman No Longer Represents America June 30, 2006

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I know this is a little old.  The writers for the new Superman movie decided Superman shouldn’t be so jingoistic, so instead of “truth, justice and the American way,” it’s now…


NYT ~ Paper of Sedition June 30, 2006

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“Escalation” June 30, 2006

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After a brief pause to (amazingly enough) allow for further diplomatic efforts, Israel opens a can of whoop-ass.  The news ticker at Ha Aretz says the IDF has bombarded Gaza with over 500 shells in 24 hours.

“Israeli warplanes struck more than a dozen times in Gaza in the hours after midnight, hitting the Palestinian Interior Ministry and a Fatah office in Gaza city, as well as a Hamas training camp in the city’s outskirts.

“Israel Air Force aircraft early Friday struck the Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza City, Palestinian witnesses said, setting it on fire.”

And yet, note this recurring theme:

“There was no word of casualties as smoke and flames rose from the building in downtown Gaza City.”

Even when the Israelis go full throttlle, it’s not indiscriminate firing into crowds, it’s structural damage to specific targets.  I’ll probably end up saying this a few more times before this is through: if only all crimes against humanity were so bloodless.  Want more of that?  Check it out:

“Palestinian hospital officials said a 5-year-old girl was wounded in an Israeli air strike in northern Gaza early Friday, the first casualty in more than two days of military action. Doctors said her condition was not serious.”

By contrast, what happens when Palis open a can of whoop-ass?

“The operation was aimed at halting Qassam rockets from being fired at southern Israel. Meanwhile, six of the homemade rockets struck the western Negev and Sderot on Thursday evening. There were no casualties.”

Yeah, I’m seeing a lot of that.  These Qassams really seem to suck.

Del Fuegos — Not Stoner Music! June 30, 2006

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No Woman No Cry June 29, 2006

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Dang, Steve is hard to please.  He’s gotta like this:

[Is This Love deleted] 

Wait, I found a better one:

Cruel to be Kind? June 29, 2006

Posted by skinbad in Politics, Religion.
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My mentor in Viagra research, steve_in_hb, said something in the Nuke the Muslims? thread (certainly, the thought has been expressed elsewhere as well) that got me thinking about the concept of aid and charity in general. Sayeth Steve:

An example of what I’m talking about is the Palestinians. They elected a terrorist organization as their government. Fine, make them live with the consequences. None of this crap about trying to funnel aid money to the population using channels outside the terrorist government. Doing this just subsidizes the terror government and encourages continued destructive behavior. I know children, elderly, etc will die. Tough crap, as a group they chose their government. Eventually they will suffer to the point where they will make legitimate attempts to settle with the Israelis. Then we can help them build a decent society.

My head agrees, but I find myself choking on the particulars. And, yes, the election of Hamas makes me more comfortable with Steve’s position on the Palestinians than the situation of a dictatorship. Let them have the full consequences of their decisions.