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Israel Bombs Gaza June 27, 2006

Posted by Sobek in News.

Israel has begun massing tanks along the Gaza border, and they have launched at least one airstrike, destroying a bridge to prevent kidnappers from moving hostage Gilad Shalit.  My understanding is that Israel is also moving military units up to Golan in preparation for an invasion of Syria.

“Earlier, Defense Minister Amir Peretz said that “the clock is running out, and Israel is poised and ready for a military operation in the Gaza Strip.”

“We are ready for a long and assertive operation. We will fight terror and we won’t negotiate with the kidnappers,” Olmert told the Knesset.

Condi Rice, meanwhile, asked the Israelis to try diplomacy first (link goes to ash-Sharq al-Awsat, which notes the U.S. position in paragraph 3.  BBC, meanwhile, puts it as the sub-headline).  Um, I thought the reason we all liked her was because she was such a hard-liner.  What’s with this “negotiate with terrorists” crap?

“Israeli military officials said a limited operation has been authorized for southern Gaza, aimed at ‘terrorist infrastructure.'”


Another bridge goes down.  Also, Palestinian militants are amassing in northern Gaza, and Egypt has moved its troops to the Palestinian border to prevent an influx of refugees.


Three bridges, according to the Ha-Aretz news ticker.  Also from that site:

“In northern Gaza, Palestinians blocked roads with dirt and barbed wire Tuesday morning, anticipating a military operation. Militants wielding automatic rifles and anti-tank rockets patrolled the streets as tensions hit their highest along the frontier since Israel quit Gaza nearly a year ago.“We are ready to confront any stupid act that the Zionists might commit,” said Abu Obeida, spokesman for Hamas’ military wing.”

Related?:The Palis may have kidnapped another person, a civilian named Eliyahu Asheri. And as Ace and Tim observe, it might not be such a good idea to “mass” in one place when you’re completely exposed to aircraft fire.  Just sayin’. (Update within an Update: An Israeli body has been found in Ramallah; speculation that it’s Asheri).


Allah’s got a link to DEBKAfile wondering whether Shalit has been handed over to al-Qaeda.  He also says the power is out in Gaza due to another Israeli airstrike. (Update: now on the Fox web site).

Also of note is that Allah, like most of the sources I’ve seen, says Israeli tanks are “on the move.”  The IDF denies that the tanks have crossed into Gaza, and they’ve been massed on the border since Sunday, so I think that to the extent they are “on the move,” they are only moving around for better positioning, rather than actively invading.

Could also be a feint to keep Pali eyes looking in the wrong direction.


Via Allah (who tips Rusty Shackleford, whose site is still down), Syria is moving troops to protect Hamas leader-in-exile Khaled Mashaal, who lives in Damascus.

Also on the story:

Carl in Jerusalem and Vital Perspective. (via LGF)


1. sobek - June 27, 2006

From a link at that JPost article, Lieberman is calling for the kidnapping of Palestinian Authority leaders. The downside is that it’s not Joe Lieberman — it’s some Israeli guy.

2. Ace of Spades HQ - June 27, 2006

Another Gaza Bridge Blown

More interestingly to me– Palestinian militants are said to be “massing” in northern Gaza. I don’t want to be a little New York Times fink, so I’ll write the following in secret invisible ink. Revo-llorcs ot daer. Got news for…

3. Tim - June 27, 2006

Massing, eh? It’s nice when you only need a cluster bomb or two to get the job done.

4. Michael - June 27, 2006

Egypt has moved its troops to the Palestinian border to prevent an influx of refugees.

It warms my heart to see how they stick together when the chips are down.

5. sam - June 27, 2006

An Israeli body has been found in Ramallah; speculation that it’s Asheri).

Sorry to hear that.

6. A Blog For All - June 27, 2006

Stage One

Israel has begun military action against Gaza and the Palestinian terrorists. They destroyed a bridge that could have been used by terrorists to transport the kidnapped Israeli soldier, Gilead Shalit. Additional strikes may be in the offing, as IDF g…

7. Al-Hakim - June 27, 2006


I have family, friends and a wonderful Arabic professor in Damask right now. May God grant them safety and shelter from death poverty and oppression.


8. sobek - June 27, 2006

Ahlan wasahlan yaa al-Hakim. My old Arabic professor took my class to Syria one summer, but I didn’t get to go.

9. mutiny - June 28, 2006

I would really like to know whether Hamas will get re-elected if there is an election? Does this kidnapping increase their popularity among the people?

10. ramielsoud - June 28, 2006

its sick, god help the palestinian people

11. drhaisook - June 28, 2006

Oh.. God. If only the US wasn’t there by Israel, there wouldn’t be the word ‘Israel’ in our dictionaries. I’m not against Israel as an entity, religion, or people. I’m aware that Israel is now one of the most advanced countries in the world, and that its people has been giving a lot to humanity–other than mass murders. But, I’m just against its illegal formation as an independent country in another free country. I’m against the declaration that the land of Palestine is theirs. I’m against the declaration that Palestenians who are trying to get their land back by force (since soft speech didn’t and won’t affect) are just a bunch of terrorists.

What bad would have happened if Jews had stayed in their native countries allover Europe and the Middle East? I know they were looked down upon, and humiliated, and I know they would have gotten less influence than they get now, but at least they wouldn’t have had to occupy a free land by force and declare it’s theirs!

12. sobek - June 28, 2006

“What bad would have happened if Jews had stayed in their native countries allover Europe and the Middle East?”

Well, unless you consider mass extermination “bad,” nothing that I can think of.

“I know they were looked down upon, and humiliated…”

And shovelled into ovens, and gassed, and subjected to cruel experiments. But other than that, I completely agree with you.

13. analysis - June 28, 2006

Let me get this straight – Condie Rice of the USA said Israel should try diplomacy? Like the US did in Iraq? Oops, that’s right, we occupied Iraq and are busy making Iraq’s death toll look like America’s highway deaths…

Palestine was not a free country at the time Israel was created, it was a colony of England. Arabs could have stayed as free citizens and indeed many did. And most of those who call themselves Palestinians now are criminals from Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. They’ve gotten more than enough money by now to be established in wealth and comfort; if they allow a small number of leaders to live like kings while children starve, that’s their decision.

14. 5Cats (from Ace of Spades) - June 28, 2006

Regarding Condi Rice’s comment: Diplomacy is between nations, not with the terrorists. Since Palistien is a nation with a legit government now, Isreal should have some diplomacy with them, then smack them silly. Of course it is the Pali’s who refuse to speak, so I guess diplomacy is moot, eh?
drhaisook, what if those Palistinians just stayed in their home countries? Namely Jordan and Syria? Eh? Your grasp of history is twisted at best, since Isreal was home of the Jews long before there even were Muslems…

15. jacknjack - June 28, 2006

these racsist muslims deserved it. Israel is the only country in the region that is developed and has a democratic system that allows people to do anything that is legal. I am not saying Israelis are not racsist. Not as much as the fanatical muslims. Israel being there is a humiliation to the muslim pride. hae you ever wondered about all these muslim countries being so backward in technology and economics. these mullahs think we are still living in the sixteen century. wake up pakis, arabs, and their sunni slaves. these mullahs are always jealous of any country in their neighbourhood becoming rich.

16. Anonymous - June 28, 2006
17. analysis - June 28, 2006

Seems like we have 95% agreement here which is unusual and pleasant enough. As for negotiation with the PLO, which apparently has indeed refused to negotiate, perhaps Israel is tired of getting vague promises of what they’ll do once Israel gives up Jerusalem?

18. daveintexas - June 28, 2006

at least they wouldn’t have had to occupy a free land by force and declare it’s theirs!

Kinda hard to explain stuff to that kind of historical stupidity, isn’t it?

19. abas - June 28, 2006

iran havenot bomb gazy
israel have bomb
iraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Isssssssss Nice

20. cairnpoint - June 28, 2006

The war is not going to stop and neither is the killing. They have been at it for god knows how long and they will continue long after we are gone. Myself, I’m getting sick and tired of the World Media, espicially the Americians for playing it up in the press. It would all serve us better if they gave it, Iraq, Iran and North Korea a paragraph at best on the last page of the world nespapers, be they print or on-line.

21. wrhntro - August 9, 2006

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

22. lukedude - January 3, 2009

i woul go over and help isreal if i new i could shoot some terrorists and there family and there friends and there pets and there drugs

23. Old. New « Innocent Bystanders - January 3, 2009

[…] Old. New January 3, 2009 Posted by daveintexas in News. trackback Same ol. […]

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