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Bless You, Louis Réard July 5, 2006

Posted by Michael in History.


Who cares about the Fourth of July?  Today is the sixtieth anniversary of the bikini. 

Who’d have guessed that a tiny piece of fabric could cause such a huge ruckus? Sixty years ago today, Parisian designer Louis Réard introduced the world to the bikini. Today his revealing designs are everywhere, but in 1946 they caused quite a commotion — not that  he minded. He encouraged controversy, naming his belly-baring swimsuit after the famous Pacific islands where the U.S. had tested a nuclear bomb just a week earlier.

Monsieur Réard deserves credit for being a courageous fashion pioneer.  I salute you, sir.  Western Civilization just wouldn’t be the same without your legacy:

Réard’s bikini was also scandalously small. The fashion models of the day refused to be seen in something so skimpy, so he had to demonstrate his new design on a nude dancer.

I didn’t know you could hire a nude dancer in 1946.  Even in France.  You learn something every day.

Since then, fashion has eroded the bikini’s borders, from top to bottom and from side to side, until they threaten to almost disappear completely.

Now you’re just teasing me.  Knock that off. 

Each incarnation requires less fabric, but greater feats of engineering. With all of the talk about conservation these days, it’s good to see some noble trendsetters doing their part by conserving swimsuit fabric.

Exactly.  More swimsuit fabric would contribute to global warming, for example.

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1. steve_in_hb - July 5, 2006

Michael –

You should come to my neck of the woods. Not just bikini girls, bikini girls riding bicycles.

2. Feisty - July 5, 2006

…bikini girls riding bicycles.

I suppose you’re going to say they’re offroading too. So bumpy. So jiggly.

3. steve_in_hb - July 5, 2006

I’m more of a fan of when they go faster or uphill – standing up on the pedals, bending over, and pumping away.

You’ll have to pardon me, I recently suffered some frontal lobe damage.

4. Feisty - July 5, 2006

My parents must have dropped me on my fronto-partietal area frontal-parietal area as a child.

[Commenter’s reference to “fronto-partietal area ” corrected by Site Administrator, out of sympathy for brain-damaged child.]

5. Michael - July 5, 2006

Bikinis on bikes are kind of a natural. I almost used this picture for my post.

6. Michael - July 5, 2006


I’ve been to Surf City. It is indeed a very scenic location.

7. Dave in Texas - July 5, 2006

Nah, skulls are tough. We stress-tested both of our kids, never broke em.

8. Michael - July 5, 2006

We did the same thing. Baby skulls are pretty flexible, so they pop back into shape after the drop-testing.

9. skinbad - July 6, 2006

Christie Brinkley and the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue had a formative influence on my adolescence. She was kind of a bikini gold standard.

10. Feisty - July 7, 2006


All bow to my superior knowledge of medical terminology.

The hyphen was probably incorrect, Michael, but frontoparietal is correct whereas frontal-parietal is not.

11. Michael - July 7, 2006

OK, Feisty, I yield to your superior knowledge of medical terminology. I submit to you, and your dominating vocabulary. You can have your way with me now. Needless to say, I deserve to be punished for my error. I am trembling and helpless, totally at your mercy, awaiting your strict discipline.

P.S.  “Partietal” was still sooo wrong.

12. Feisty - July 7, 2006

That was just a typo. You try to step to my knowledge of neurology and medical terminology and I’ll jack you up so much that I’ll cause a laceration to your scalp as well as unremitting periorbital edema from the slug to your face.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get out of the fight without a comminuted fracture to your distal radial bone or some nasty shit like that.

Oh, and remind me to call steve so I can borrow his cage.

13. Munuviana - August 30, 2006

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14. Muslihoon - September 19, 2006

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15. sophie - October 24, 2006

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17. calciot - December 23, 2006

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19. BrewFan - December 27, 2006

Hey! I think I found the person that stole Elzbth’s vowels!

20. Michael - December 27, 2006

Who gave these furriners permission to start talking here???

21. harrison - December 27, 2006

Maybe they’re talking to each other…

22. paola - December 29, 2006


23. BrewFan - December 29, 2006

Can’t say that I disagree with paola.

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32. carla - January 25, 2007

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33. caHyo - January 26, 2007

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34. compos mentis - January 26, 2007

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35. hassna - January 29, 2007

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36. Robbert - January 31, 2007

Kunnen jullie me verstaan? Ik ben nederlands namelijk xD

37. hunksha - January 10, 2008


these people see this site in English, so they comment in French, Spanish, etc. (Unimportant languages…)

Seriously– “I wish sex for you” ?! Borat anyone? XD

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39. P.Simon - May 4, 2008

Pure genius,

Creation of the unthinkable, “out of your mind” label they put on your work. If only you could see the world of Bikinis today.


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