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More Handblogging July 8, 2006

Posted by Michael in Uncategorized.

Michael's Hand 


1. Bart - July 8, 2006

Is it the Hand of God, because it’s the whitest, brightest hand I’ve ever seen. Michael, did you get that little .gif that I sent you?

2. Michael - July 8, 2006

Yes, I got the .gif. Payback will be forthcoming.

3. Bart - July 8, 2006

I can’t see the pics. The pics are not there, Michael.
Not visible are the pics, Michael.

4. Michael - July 8, 2006

Bart, your pic is up. If the refresh button doesn’t work, hit Cntrl/F5 to force a complete page reload.

5. blogidaho - July 8, 2006

No Joy on the pics.
I’m getting a ‘broken jpg’ icon.

6. Bart - July 8, 2006

See? It’s not me, it’s you.

Is my pic going to be 1/2″ X 1/2″?

7. lauraw - July 8, 2006

No pic here either.

8. blogidaho - July 8, 2006

Michael sees it because it’s stored on *his* computer and it’s accessing his cached copy.

I can hardly wait.

9. blogidaho - July 8, 2006

*nudges lauraw*
*Oh I get it… it’s Michael’s way of f’n with Bart.*

Yeah, I see it now… sure… nice picture Bart.

10. Michael - July 8, 2006

Is the pic visible now?

11. Bart - July 8, 2006

Michael’s hand looks like what skinny thinks my hands look like.

12. BrewFan - July 8, 2006

That can’t be Michael’s hand. No self-respecting Corporate Bigwig™ would have a GATEWAY computer.

13. Dave in Texas - July 8, 2006

what the hell is that, cro-magnon arm?

14. Lipstick - July 8, 2006

Damn, that looks like my desk.

Except for the hair.

15. lauraw - July 8, 2006

That’s my brand for smoking too.

16. Lipstick - July 8, 2006

Hey, Michael can loan Bart some arm hair!

17. daveintexas - July 8, 2006

used to be my brand.

damn I miss those.

18. lauraw - July 8, 2006

Shoot, Dave, let’s switch places.

You smoke Marlboro lights, and I’ll miss them.

19. Michael - July 8, 2006

I love that desk. Mrs. Michael and I got it for free about 30 years ago when it was being thrown away by this factory where we both worked. It looked like shit, but it was sturdy.  With technical advice from my Dad (an accomplished woodworker, now deceased), Mrs. Michael and I stripped it, steamed out the various dents in the wood, sanded it down to an extremely fine level (steel wool, not just extra fine sandpaper), stained it, then finished it with polyurethane.

That desk was with me while I finished my business degree, all through law school, and in my various homes around the country ever since. It still looks pretty good.

20. Michael - July 8, 2006

No self-respecting Corporate Bigwig™ would have a GATEWAY computer.

Elsewhere in the room is my deluxe company-issued Sony Vaio complete with broadband cellular access. I just wanted to show off my big hands for Feisty’s benefit.

21. Dave in Texas - July 8, 2006


It’s been 4 years and I still miss them a lot.

I occasionally cheat. But a pack could last me 4 months at optimal cheat rate.

On the other hand, food tastes f’n’ incredible now!

22. kevlarchick - July 8, 2006

I prefer menthol. Minty fresh and all.

23. steve_in_hb - July 8, 2006

You guys with your nasty vices. You disgust me.

24. lauraw - July 9, 2006

Eh heh heh heh.

25. daveintexas - July 9, 2006

shut up I have to go hit the crack pipe now.

butchwax boy.

26. BrewFan - July 9, 2006

Marlboro Lights were my brand, too, but like DinT I quit on November 23, 2001. It was the hardest, but best, thing I’ve ever done but I sure do miss ’em. I dream about smoking! I told Mrs. BrewFan if I ever get diagnosed with a terminal disease I’m heading right for the smoke shop.

27. lauraw - July 9, 2006

Jesus. That’s real addiction.

We had quit once a few years back, for about a year. It was pretty nice.

Got to try again.

28. Queen Victoria - July 9, 2006

Is that the Royal We?

29. Dave in Texas - July 9, 2006

2 years later I started the diet. Cause food started tasting really good after the smokes were gone. I’m about 35 away from where I oughta be.

30. blogidaho - July 9, 2006

I’m about 35 away from where I oughta be

Yeah, me too… I’d love to be 26 again.

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