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Las Vegas Drivers Suck July 30, 2006

Posted by Lipstick in Personal Experiences.

So, what am I doing this weekend while everyone else is having fun posting at Ace’s?

Shopping for a new car.

Behold what happens when the 19 year-old driver behind you is looking for a pen on the floorboards instead of watching the freaking road.

I’m fine, just stiff and sore.  And loopy from pain meds.

So I’ve got that going for me.  Which is nice.


1. harrison - July 30, 2006

21 should be the driving age, not the drinking age.

2. BrewFan - July 30, 2006

I’m glad you’re OK Lipstick. Still a scary experience, though. Looks like that kid was going pretty fast when you were hit.

3. geoff - July 30, 2006

Take care of yourself, Lipstick.

4. Michael - July 30, 2006

Yikes, that looks like a heck of an impact.

Need a lawyer?

I’m fine, just stiff and sore.

Stop saying that!!! You feel awful, hear me? Just frickin’ horrible pain.

And no more sex until this is over. You’re in too much pain. Mr. Lipstick can collect a bundle for loss of consortium.

5. Retired Geezer - July 30, 2006

I can attest to the fact that LV drivers are the worst.
Rude, arrogant, line-cutters.
“I’m much more important than you are”.
Mrs. G and I were/are amazed at the polite drivers up here in Idaho. They will actually slow down or stop and let you merge if you have your signal on.
There are a lot of big trucks: dairy, construction, tankers, semi’s, they all need a little extra room to navigate the surface intersections. People will stop 30 yards back from an intersection to allow those big guys to turn (because they actually have to cross over into the opposite lanes).

I get stressed at the driving whenever we go back to Vegas.

6. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

Thanks guys.

Brewfan, yeah, the kid was going about 35, I was stopped for a left turn and didn’t see him coming behind me so my foot was on the brake. I don’t remember hearing him braking either.

I really liked that car, too. It’s certainly great in a crash!

7. kevlarchick - July 30, 2006

Rest up Lipstick. You’ll be sore for awhile. Let Mr Lipstick rub you down.

8. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

LOL Michael, that’s funny.

But how much can we get from a 19 year-old kid who was driving a friend’s car? And who has just moved here from Arkansas? Let’s just say he was not a WASP driving daddy’s Mercedes.

And there has indeed been NO consortiuming since the accident Friday. So there are damages.

RG, You’re so right. I thought driving in LA was bad, but Vegas is truly awful. It’s like every dumbass converged here.

9. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

“Let Mr Lipstick rub you down.”

KC, that’s exactly what he just did. Carefully.

10. Michael - July 30, 2006

Focus, girl, focus.

WAS HE INSURED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

11. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

The friend who owns the car is insured. Does that count?

12. John - July 30, 2006

The friend who owns the car …


Glad you’re ok. What a pain …

13. Michael - July 30, 2006


You’re in pain, I tell ya, horrible excruciating pain!

14. Lipstick - July 30, 2006



15. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

How’s that?

Or maybe: SHREEEEEK, Oh the AGONY!!

16. Michael - July 30, 2006

And “no sex” includes oral sex, so don’t let Mr. Lipstick talk you into a Lewinsky based on the Clinton Rule. You won’t be able to do that right with a neck brace on anyway.

17. Michael - July 30, 2006

That’s better.

Now, about my fees . . .

18. Retired Geezer - July 30, 2006

Looking at the back of your car, how could you NOT be injured?
I’ve heard that whiplash injuries take a couple of days to become apparent.

19. Enas Yorl - July 30, 2006

One of the biggest confounding factors in Las Vegas traffic is the fact that it went from a relatively small city to a fairly sizable one very quickly. And it continues to grow at a rate of about 6000 new people per month. Virtually everyone here was originally from somewhere else, which makes for a very unharmonious mixture of driving styles. And the fact that they rip up major and minor roads at regular intervals just adds to the general confusion.

Get well soon Lipstick!

20. John - July 30, 2006

4 Motrin, 5 times per day.

And gin.

21. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

No Lewinsky, gottit. I have informed the affected party. He laughed. (In a good way)

Fees? Didn’t you just return from church where they teach you to be all charitable and stuff?

The annoying thing is we’ll probably only get 5K for the car, which has been declared totaled. It was all paid for and now we’ll have car payments for the replacement.

22. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

“Looking at the back of your car, how could you NOT be injured?”

X-Rays were fine. Maybe I’ll do a Ted Kennedy and get one of those neck braces.

23. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

“4 Motrin, 5 times per day.”

They gave me hydrocodone–for that buzzed feeling without even having to drink!

24. John - July 30, 2006

You didn’t have replacement coverage? 4 motrin, 5x per day for a year.

My father would shoot me, but here’s another reason to make payments on the car and never own the whole thing.

25. Bart - July 30, 2006

Holy shit, Lipstick, are your feet okay?

26. Dave in Texas - July 30, 2006

Did you get the vicodin party pack? SHARE.

Seriously girl, glad is wasn’t worse. Sorry you are achy though. Get well soon.

27. Retired Geezer - July 30, 2006

X-Rays were fine. Maybe I’ll do a Ted Kennedy and get one of those neck braces.

Nobody here wants you to pull a scam.
You’re too nice a person to do that.
Soft tissue damage (wrenched neck) won’t show up on x-rays.
Just sayin’

28. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

John, It’s a ’98 that I paid cash for new. Sigh. It only had 40K miles on it after all that time. Just guessing on what they’ll give us for it.

Bart, The feet made it without a scratch!

Dave, I’ll bring whatever’s left to the pool party. Or maybe not–I’m a hoarder…

Thanks everybody for the good wishes.

29. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

“Nobody here wants you to pull a scam.”

Oh gosh no, I’m just joking.

We’re keeping an eye on things and I’m taking things very easily.

Thanks for the reminder, though. I don’t want to jump around make things worse.

30. John - July 30, 2006

Lipstick, can you get Mr. Lipstick to take dictation? See how many posts you can write in, say, the next 36 hours. We’ll track the vicadin dosage by the slurring.

31. Dave in Texas - July 30, 2006

Yeah, what Geezer said, take care of yourself kid. Sorry you got beat up, and really sorry about the car.

I admire women who pay cash for cars. It’s a weakness of mine.

We’ll fire up the jets in the spa for your neck and back at the IB pool party. I will hire a private therapeutic massuere.

I don’t know how to spell that, and I pretty much don’t want to know.

The one where Mrs. Dave in Texas will make me stay in the kitchen cooking instead of looking at the IB babes in swimwear drinking beer and stealing your vicodine.

32. Dave in Texas - July 30, 2006

I got all excited and incoherent. Ahem.

I will be banned to the kitchen.

All you IB babes will be drinking beer and sittin in the spa.

I will not be allowed to swipe your hydrocodone Lipstick.

I will be peekin out the window by the breakfast nook. 4 feet away from the spa.

So I got that goin for me. Which is nice.

33. Retired Geezer - July 30, 2006

The one where Mrs. Dave in Texas will make me stay in the kitchen cooking instead of looking at the IB babes in swimwear drinking beer and stealing your vicodine.

Dave, lol

34. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

Should I be worried that I understood that the first time?

35. Dave in Texas - July 30, 2006

yes. I blame the drugs.

36. kevlarchick - July 30, 2006

What a coinkydink! I just came from the pool and drinking a cold Miller therein. Lovely, except for no leering IB fellas around.

37. lauraw - July 30, 2006

Dayum, what a bummer.

Feel better, sweetie.

38. Lipstick - July 30, 2006

Thanksh everbodysh…

39. Dave in Texas - July 30, 2006

*snags a vicodin*

hey, you got 2 refills!

40. Mrs. Peel - July 30, 2006

damn…glad you’re okay.

41. sandy burger - July 31, 2006

Your hubby (I’m gonna let the man have a little dignity by refraining from calling him Mr. Lipstick) is your slave for the next week or so.

Speedy recovery, Lipstick. Try not to pull a Rush Limbaugh with those pain killers. And, to second Bart’s sentiment, take good care of those precious feet of yours.

42. Dave in Texas - July 31, 2006

Oh dear God you didn’t lose a foot did you?

43. Casey - July 31, 2006

Oh dear God you didn’t lose a foot did you?

Lost my whole damn leg, thankyouverymuch.

But I’m still fighting crime. And swing dancing!

44. Lipstick - July 31, 2006

Sandy, Mr. L. has been most patient, especially when he was saying “Thank God you didn’t get killed! We’re going to the hospital.” and I was saying “My favorite dress was in the trunk. Do you think it got ruined? And did you find my sunglasses? I can’t go to the hospital without my purse! What? Go back, get my purse! I’m sleepy. Did you find my book–erg! it’s in my purse! I can’t talk right now, don’t ask questions, I just want to stare at this wall.”

Dave, Feet are fine, the lowest injury is seat belt rash on the waist.
Which I am very happy to have.

45. Lipstick - July 31, 2006

Casey, You’re an inspiration to us all.

Just wear your seat belt next time, okay? And tell Dad to post some pictures when he’s done flirting with the big time blog.

46. elzbth - July 31, 2006

Glad to hear you are O.K. That wais some dent on your car!

47. elzbth - July 31, 2006


48. Dave in Texas - July 31, 2006

Really glad you’re ok Lipstick.

Did you find a new car?

Do you need all that vicodin?

49. Jim in Las Vegas - May 25, 2007

I have lived in Vegas for 40 years, and I have to agree … worst, most inconsiderate, rude drivers I have seen outside of California

50. mesablue - May 25, 2007

Las Vegas!

51. Retired Geezer - May 25, 2007

Jim is probably a native. I bet he went to school there.

Mrs. G was in the first graduating class of Western High School.

52. ihate baddrivers - November 5, 2007

ouch, sorry to hear. Hope you’re ok by now.

Bad drivers need to be banished from earth (or at least get their licenses revoked!)

53. Lipstick - November 5, 2007

My post lives!

Update: No lasting injuries, all is well. I got $10,000 from insurance, added that to cash on hand and bought a new Ford Escape, which is fantastic (but get the V6 — the V-4 had no pick-up).

The friend of the guy who hit me (who owned the car that hit me) ended up having NO insurance, despite having an insurance card in the car. My agent said that sometimes people sign up for insurance, make the first one or two payments, and quit paying once they get the card.

So my insurance company is suing her and I may be called to testify, which I will do gladly.

54. ana - October 31, 2010

I just cut off by. Chinnesse lady in mercedes she just push her car in front of mine a miracle I did hit her. My hit the brakes my girls almost flew off the their sit

55. Lipstick - November 1, 2010

Ana, was it in Las Vegas? Either way, it sucks to be cut off!

56. Michael - November 1, 2010

Probably San Francisco. They hate Chinese drivers there, for exactly the total disregard for normal driving etiquette that Ana describes.

57. Michael - November 1, 2010

It’s not like San Francisco’s Chinese drivers are intending to be rude. They just have different rules. That’s generally true throughout Asia. I’ve been on jammed streets in Hong Kong or Seoul or Bangkok (always with a native driver) where I thought for sure my life was hanging by a thread, but I always made it. I just did not understand the rules.

58. Michael - November 1, 2010

Long story short, I have rented and driven cars everywhere from New Zealand to Spain to Mexico to Belize and a dozen other countries. No problem.

But I would not do that in Asia. Hire a driver. They’re cheap anyway.

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