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A Kingdom for My Stool August 31, 2006

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I have a brother-in-law that is a black-belt jujitsu master with stool jokes. “Push in your stool.” “Pull out your stool.” “Turn your stools over and put them on your desks” etc. No mention of “stool” goes by unnoticed or without a crude (and, I’m afraid to admit, funny) joke.

I felt I had to follow up on Michael of Spades’ post.


I’m in love with a lawyer August 31, 2006

Posted by kevlarchick in Crime.
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Sorry Michael.  It’s not you.  Today.

Joe Deters, Hamilton County Prosecutor, argued for and won the highest bail ever in the county–$10 million each–for a couple accused of murdering their three year old foster son Marcus.  

Severely autistic, Marcus’ arms were taped behind his back with packing tape; he was rolled into a blanket and thrown into a closet while his foster parents went to a family reunion.   They returned two DAYS later to find Marcus dead. 

It gets much, much worse.

Deters, at the couple’s arraignment, stood opposite the foster father and, in Deter’s words on 700WLW today “engaged in eyeball fornication with the accused.”

Eyeball fornication.  Any warrior here care to translate? 

There is evil in this world; and the innocent, like little Marcus, need warriors to protect them.  Deters is pushing hard for the death penalty and said “there will be a fistfight in my office to see who gets to escort these two animals to Death Row.”

I love Joe Deters.  Not chestless.

New Anti-Terror Plan: Make Taxi Driving so Tiring it Will Require a Full Night’s Sleep August 31, 2006

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Sen. Burns: Terrorists drive taxis by day, kill at night

Stung by criticism, Burns swiftly backtracked and admitted that not all terrorists drive taxis during the day. Many others cook flat bread or carry large loads on their heads. Those who have received advanced training in Afghanistan may also sell bootleg CDs.

Anybody Checking Morontips gmail? -lauraw August 31, 2006

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There’s a number of new emails in there from Ace’s tipsters. If you’re not too busy today please take a peek. If you decide to take a tip, please reply to the tipster with your screen name and that will avoid any duplicate posts between us.

Men Without Chests August 31, 2006

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Something keeps telling me to post this. It could be because I’m a big C.S. Lewis fan. Nevertheless it seems very timely.

First a quote by Mr. Lewis: (H/T to HayZeus for finding it for me).

“We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise.

We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.

We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful.”

I received this column from David Warren via email:

…The case of the two Fox News journalists, held hostage in Gaza, is worth dwelling upon. They were released after their captors had made tapes of them dressed as Arabs and announcing they had changed their names and converted to Islam.

Lately I have been looking at the large — at how the West is proving unable to cope with a threat from a fanatical Islamic movement, that it ought to be able to snuff out with fair ease… But the large is often most visible in the small.

It’s a pretty good diagnosis of the reasons why the terrorists made the journalists convert to Islam.

Why did Fatah bother to make the video? Didn’t they realize conversion under duress means nothing? That no one, East or West, would take it at face value?

They didn’t make it for face value. They made it to show the whole Muslim world, via satellite television, what wimps these Westerners are. That they’ll do anything at all to save their lives, that they don’t think twice about it. That is the substance of most Islamo-fascist propaganda: that the West consists of straw men, of men without chests, of men easily pushed over…

“Chestlessness” – August 30, 2006 – davidwarrenonline.com

Dave in Texas Achieves Fame and Glory August 30, 2006

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Apparently someone has jump-started Sobek.  First the llamas, and now this.

sobekpundit blogger interview

h/t to what’s-his-name

Man throws phone 292 feet to win contest August 30, 2006

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The men’s winner threw his phone 292 feet. The women’s winner tossed her phone 167 feet, a new world record according to the organizers. She said she has tossed a cell phone a time or two before.

Russell Crowe and Naomi Campbell graciously donated their winnings to charity.

Und Jetz Etwas Ganz Anders August 30, 2006

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As part of my on-going efforts to bring some scintilla of culture to you gutter-dwelling heathen, I now present to you Act 2, scene 3 of Ivan Turgenev’s A Month in the Country, as performed by the Royal Scottish Llamas.  Funding for this performance is in part from the generous donations of Steve and Robbo, who contributed the money they usually spend on brandy snifters, smoking jackets for the average Saturday evening.


Kids Watch As Clown Gets Crushed To Death. August 29, 2006

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Even when Dave is goofing off and trying to have a “real life,” you can count on him for some quality content:

Garfield Ridge: Kids Watch As Clown Gets Crushed To Death.

Like a Hurricane August 29, 2006

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I’m going to Acapulco … at 9 MPH

Runaway Train — Soul Asylum August 29, 2006

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There are over one million youth lost on the streets of America.

Thanks to Solo.

(And to She.  Hope you two enjoy Edinburgh.  Mrs. Michael and I loved it.)

Another Reason to Love Tomatoes August 29, 2006

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It’s not just that they taste great. 

2 hours, 23 minutes ago

MADRID (AFP) – Some 40,000 Spaniards were gathering in the eastern town of Bunol ready to create a ‘human gazpacho,’ hurling some 100 000 kilograms (220,000 pounds) of tomatoes at one another to mark La Tomatina, surely one of the world’s messiest festivals.

Madcap fans from around the world converge on the normally sleepy town on the last Wednesday of August, many clad in waterproof capes to stave off the onslaught of juice and pulp in a manic free-for-all believed to have begun life as an argument between two carnival participants in 1945.

Does that sound like fun?  Of course it does.

La Tomatina Festivities

Spaniards ready for tomato-throwing free for all — AFPl