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Runaway Train — Soul Asylum August 29, 2006

Posted by Michael in Crime.

There are over one million youth lost on the streets of America.

Thanks to Solo.

(And to She.  Hope you two enjoy Edinburgh.  Mrs. Michael and I loved it.)


1. Solo - August 29, 2006

Goodness gracious!

So pleased you both liked the song! It’s so lovely when something that touches or means something to you reaches out and does the same for another.

Although I confess to not being sure if I’m more delighted by you enjoying the song itself or the sheer charm of “Mrs Michael and I” 🙂

As to Edinburgh… it’s amazing where paradise can be found 😉

Thank you!


2. Michael - August 29, 2006

Gosh, Solo, that’s such a nice comment.

Um, you realize I’m coming on your girlfriend, don’t you?

3. geoff - August 29, 2006

Michael – hurry, hurry and insert a “to” in your sentence!!

4. Solo - August 29, 2006

LMAO geoff.

I clocked that too! 🙂

However I am neither

1. Easily offended or
2. Insecure in my relationship.

Bit of a blessing, eh? *chuckling*

-Solo xxXxx

5. Michael - August 29, 2006

Too late — but thanks for the tip Geoff.

*Smacks head against wall while chanting “Read Before You Post”*

6. John - August 29, 2006

Read before you to post ….

7. kevlarchick - August 30, 2006

Michael! So much for cleaning things up and being civil this weekend.

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