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Dave in Texas Achieves Fame and Glory August 30, 2006

Posted by Elzbth in Gardening, Lurkers, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

Apparently someone has jump-started Sobek.  First the llamas, and now this.

sobekpundit blogger interview

h/t to what’s-his-name


1. HayZeus - August 30, 2006

What’s-his-name? I must have really hurt your feelings, Elzbth. What can I do to make it up to you?

2. Elzbth - August 30, 2006

Burn ALL of the pictures.

3. Dave in Texas - August 30, 2006

I can put them out in the pool HZ.

Where I’m headed now.

oh yes.

4. HayZeus - August 30, 2006

Okay, no more picture posting. I promise!

5. Dave in Texas - August 30, 2006


6. Elzbth - August 30, 2006

Oh, yes. There is one other thing. Return my quarter.

Dave, you’re all wet.

7. Dave in Texas - August 30, 2006


8. HayZeus - August 30, 2006

If I return your quarter will there be any other change in our arrangements? Third World boil cream doesn’t come cheap, ya know! 😛

9. John - August 30, 2006

We’ll see if it turns out that Sobek actually jumped the shark with that one … In Dave’s Pool …

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