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That’s Just Not Fair September 9, 2006

Posted by Retired Geezer in News.

My buddy, DBS in Oklahoma has good news.

If you’re from Oklahoma.

Unleaded: $2.16 per Gallon
It’s falling like a rock here. Unless the Iranians freak us out or there’s a late season hurricane in the Gulf, I think we’re going below $2 before the end of the month.

The Digital Brownshirt: Unleaded: $2.16 per Gallon

How are things in Your Town?

(bonus points for identifying source of that quote)


1. Bart - September 9, 2006


2. John - September 10, 2006

I’ve seen it at $2.65 in Pierce County, $2.85 in King County.

Of course, I live in the Gas Tax State.

3. Retired Geezer - September 10, 2006

I forgot to mention that it’s still about $3 in the Spud State.

4. Amish was just a skinny lad, never knew no good from bad - September 10, 2006

Town’s Top Cop Quits Over Nude Photos of Wife:


A Quote:

“My wife is 6-foot-3 and weighs 300 pounds,” he said. “If there is somebody that thinks they can control her, have at it. I have tried for 11 years and haven’t been able to.”

5. Rightwingpsparkle - September 10, 2006

I’m guessing you guys aren’t clicking around like mad to find the nude photos of this woman?

6. steve_in_hb - September 10, 2006

Picture of police chief trying to tell his wife what to do.

(Warning: Absurdly large woman in heels, stockings and half shirt and small man in khakis, shirt, and shoes)

7. Russ from Winterset - September 10, 2006

I saw gas prices yesterday ranging from 2.19 to 2.30 while driving from Winterset to Ames to watch the UNLV/ISU football game. Apparently, the Des Moines, Iowa region has darn near the lowest gas prices in the nation. I heard the Iowa Department of Natural Resources spokesperson who monitors gas prices say on the radio last week that “gas may hit $2 a gallon by Thanksgiving”. Gee, you think? It’s been dropping a steady .02-.06 a day for the last 2 weeks or so, and I’d bet that it’ll be below $2 by the 20th.

8. pupster - September 10, 2006

From Amish in a Smoking Jacket’s Link:
“Doris Ozmun, who was paroled in March 2005 after spending two years in the state prison system on drug-related charges…”

So they are more upset about the photos than the chief’s wife being in jail on drug charges? What is this, crazy world?

9. Brass - September 10, 2006

Filled up at $3.09 yesterday. It’s $3.21 in Aspen today, I guess they keep it high there so the Californians on vacation have a little bit of home with them.

10. Mrs. Peel - September 10, 2006

2.39 around here…it’s been interesting. My new favorite station has dropped as much as 12 cents in the ten-twelve hours between going to work and coming home.

So, are Bush’s poll numbers going to start surging madly?

11. digitalbrownshirt - September 10, 2006

If it’s his fault gas prices went up then it must be his fault that gas prices went down. All hail the all powerful W! Let Liberals (with a capital “L”) tremble while reciting the last part of the alphabet becacause they dare not speak his name.

I’m being sarcastic, but you know there’s people out there that really believe he’s the devil walking the Earth right now.

12. skinbad - September 11, 2006

2.90ish. I guess rocks fall more quickly in some areas.

13. Russ from Winterset - September 11, 2006

Skinny, Utah’s a pretty conservative state (except for the mayor of SLC), so Sith Lord Rove decreed that your prices don’t need to fall as fast as they do in “Battleground” states. You’ll start getting $2.20 gas as soon as they’ve sewed up the elections in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota & other states where the Dems have a bigger presence.

14. skinbad - September 11, 2006

So we’re being punished for having the highest percentage of people who have sworn fealty to the dark one? That bites, man. I’m paying my dues late next year. That’ll show ’em.

Reddest Town in the Reddest State: Utah Town Has Question About President: ‘What’s Not to Like?

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