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The First Friday of Fall! September 29, 2006

Posted by Michael in Websites.

Time to start thinking about what you will year to the Halloween party this year.  Not an issue for me; I’ll just wear my work clothes.  No, not a suit.  I’m not talking about my day job. 

You, on the other hand, need to give this some thought.  Last year you waited too long before you went to rent something, and all the good stuff was gone.  That’s why you looked ridiculous.  Kevlarchick, for example, wanted something sexy and ended up going as Mary Poppins (yes, I was watching).  Her date spent the entire evening hitting on the French Maid.  And that Aquaman costume that was two sizes too small just wasn’t working for Dave in Texas.

When confronted with tough decisions like this, I suggest you get help from the professional third world Halloween fashion counselors at the outsourced Innocent Bystanders Advice Department.  It just so happens that they are standing by waiting for your questions at this very moment.


1. Retired Geezer - September 29, 2006

Dude, I have *got* some cool pictures of Halloween costumes. Remember I used to work with nekkid showgirls?
All the photos are SFW but there are some pretty funny and clever ones.
(Think multiple babes dressed as a Theme).

One that comes to mind was Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.
The Dancers played various dwarfs with ‘different’ names.
The part of Snow White was played by the Gay Wardrobe Guy.

Now that I got your hopes up… I gotta find them and scan them before I can post them.

2. Retired Geezer - September 29, 2006

Remember the Brady Bunch?
Remember the Title shot of the 9 people in various headshots? I think the housekeeper was in the center.
One guy won the costume contest wearing a big cardboard box (looked like a TV) with the people on the outside and his head in the middle.

3. Bart - September 29, 2006

And feel like Fall, it does. The chill wind, dark mornings, and early sunsets are already here. Another long, long winter is upon us.

The summer goes by so quickly in the Northeast. It’ll be seven months until we get nice weather.

4. For Bart - September 29, 2006

Uncle Buck:

5. Mrs. Peel - September 29, 2006

Hey Bart, did you know I’m going to be in your neck of the (apparently cold) woods next month? I have to shoot some protons at my instrument.

6. BrewFan - September 29, 2006

I have to shoot some protons at my instrument.

You engineering types have no subtlety at all.

7. Bart - September 30, 2006

The Uncle Buck trailer was ingenius.

Speaking of ingenius, no Mrs P, I did not know that you’d be on a field trip in my neighborhood. And this totally sounds like a proposition: Shoot some protons at my instrument.

What did the hooker say to the group of men at the engineer’s convention in Las Vegas?

For $1000, you can shoot your protons at my instrument.

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