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Twin Cities To Host 2008 GOP Convention September 27, 2006

Posted by Michael in Ducks, Politics.

By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer
13 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – Republicans will hold their 2008 presidential convention in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, choosing a location in the politically pivotal Midwest.

Party and state officials announced the selection Wednesday. The convention is slated for Sept. 1-4, 2008.
“This is fantastic news,” Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty said. “We’re very, very pleased.”

Twin Cities resident Feisty Republican Whore released a statement welcoming the Republican Party, and promising:  “I personally intend make sure that as many delegates as possible are very, very pleased with their experience here.”

Twin Cities to host 2008 GOP convention – Yahoo! News

It’s Old. September 27, 2006

Posted by harrison in Blogroll, Humor, Philosophy, Websites.

Today is the birthday of Dave at Garfield Ridge.

It would seem he’s a little mopey about it.

Cool Transportation Choices. September 27, 2006

Posted by Retired Geezer in News.

Being as how Idaho is on the Cutting Edge of Hip Fashion Technology Coolness, I thought I would share some photos of Amazing Automotive Accomplishments.

This first photo is of well loved Answer Guy, HayZeus, pulling in to Costco, just in time to see Elzbth leaving with 4 bags of cat food.

This next picture shows Feisty’s new ride.

Speaking of Feisty, these next photos might be NSFW, depending on where you work.

I will go out on a limb and say that RWS would not object to them.

I would like to ride this chopper but probably not to the Church Picnic.

Yep, it’s the Boobmobile.

Hundreds of dogs and cats from Lebanon are safe in Utah September 27, 2006

Posted by skinbad in Economics.
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Just so you know. I thought you might not have been sleeping well until you got the word.

“To know that everyone of them is going to have a wonderful life – they’re never going to be lonely, hungry, sick or in a war again.”
    Despite the tremendous amount of work – Shankle slept in her office the last few nights – she is ready to tackle Best Friends’ next rescue mission, whatever that may be.
    “We can do this, so what else can we do?”
    The $300,000 Beirut rescue operation is just the beginning of a global movement to save animals from wars and natural disasters, said Michael Mountain, one of Best Friends’ founders. Such a movement, he hopes, will foster connections between people that transcend race, religion and politics.

I’m all for people spending their money on causes they believe in. But personally, I wonder if for the same amount of money they could have taken ten kids out of an orphanage and brought them into the bosom of the Great Satan for adoption to give them a shot at a life with more opportunities.

To each his own.

Terrell Owens reportedly tries suicide September 27, 2006

Posted by skinbad in Economics, Sports.

Pain pills. I guess I’m feeling cold-hearted. This is a cry for some love. If he really wanted to check out, there are ways to be certain about it.

The question that immediately leaps to my mind, is how many pill bottles will Eagles fans throw at him?

For the Record September 27, 2006

Posted by Sobek in Crime.

No 80’s MTV Babe Crush ever really measured up to this:


Michael Bashing In Progress September 26, 2006

Posted by BrewFan in Crime, Humor, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.
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Come on over and join the fun!

UPDATE: Everywhere you look, somebody is trying to kick Michael in the nuts!

Who Broke the Blog? September 26, 2006

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime.

Is it just my computer or is this Blog commenting site kinda messed up format-wise?

The “80’s MTV Babe Crush” Post September 26, 2006

Posted by Sobek in Music.

Am I missing anyone?


Congratulations to Ace September 25, 2006

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UPDATE: Whoa. That’s a chick, isn’t it?

Corporate Hijinks September 24, 2006

Posted by BrewFan in Personal Experiences, Philosophy.

I am taking a break from working on my annual review. That’s right. Where I work you have to write your own annual review. My understanding is this is a growing phenomenom and I have to tell you that it makes me laugh to think about it. Why? Because this was the task that every manager dreaded. Before I became Dilbert I was the Pointy Haired Boss. I was a middle manager in a fair sized corporation and I can tell you that writing reviews, especially for front-line supervisors, was a no-win proposition. It tickles me no end that somebody, somewhere, decided that employees should write their own reviews and senior management and HR bought into it!

UPDATE: My self-review is done. How much of a salary increase can the Second Coming of the Lord expect? Somewhere north of the CPI at least, right? 

How Wickedpinto Got His Name September 24, 2006

Posted by Michael in Commenting Tips, Personal Experiences, Philosophy.

As the premiere Commenters Site of the blogosphere, we should always be prepared to acknowledge extraordinary efforts by our fellow commenters.

I just noticed that Wickedpinto was again in rare form at AOSHQ last night, posting what seems like most of the material on a thread that is up to 130 comments the last time I looked.

Answering a question from redhand, WP tells at length the story of how he picked his online name.  It is an oddly compelling tale that recounts his experience working in a junkyard at the age of 16.

In that junk yard there were cast iron stoves, that were very valuable in resale, in that junk yard there were perfect replacement body parts all over the place, there were exposed engines and such. The friend of the family hiered others to clear out enough space for his personal business (Dirt transportation oddly, DIRT! was his business, an interesting business plan but it worked as a reasonable off hours job that funded his retirement) Anyways, he was paying me 50 bucks a day, though it was prolly the 4th most physicaly exhausting job I have EVERY DONE IN MY LIFE (I was a Marine Mind you, and Marine was number 2) and he felt guilty for not being able to pay me more, when in fact I just loved the environment, I prolly woulda done it for free, cuz I’m that kinda guy. I’m one of those grey urban guys.(downtowners get the silver urban, the big buildings, the shiny towers, the great skyline, my kinda urban was was hazy and covered with soot, and the leftovers from the various local industries)

Like several of the commenters last night, I thought that both his prose and his story were affecting.  The whole thing is here:

The junkyard, the surrogate son, and the Pinto