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Free World October 28, 2006

Posted by Michael in Music.


1. BrewFan - October 28, 2006

lol! He played this at the CSN&Y concert i went to. Fantastic!

2. Michael - October 28, 2006

As Neil himself says: the best garage band in the world.

3. Swear By God Amish is Going to Cut Him Down - October 28, 2006


Southern Amish dont need him round anyhow

4. lauraw is in full accord with Amish this time - October 28, 2006

Neil Young Eat Dung

Commie piece of shit. Grunge-grandfather, making him the granddaddy of all that’s wrong with our young people.

Fuck him in the ear with a cornstalk.

5. Beth - October 28, 2006

Swear by God Neil Young IS a hippie Canadian American-hating ass!

(Funny you should mention “don’t need him around anyhow” ’cause I just wrote that same thing (minus the Amish) in the last thread.)

Damn filthy hippie! Whatchoo gonna post next, Phish?

6. Retired Geezer - October 29, 2006

The message I’m getting from that video is, Democracy bad.
Freedom creates a few homeless beggars, as opposed to Third World Countries where a great percentage of the population lives in poverty.


Neil Young story: Some of Mac Davis’ band members were at my house playing ‘Stump the Jock’ (See who can guess the song the quickest from a few seconds of the intro.) I started to play a Neil Young song for them which sparked this exchange:
“Neil Young is a dick, we were playing some festival together and we were all jamming in the dressing room, having a good time playing songs that everybody knew.
Then Neil Young starts playing… His songs.”

Apparently everyone thought that was pretty lame because it broke up the jam session.

7. BrewFan - October 29, 2006

How are we ever going to have peace in this world if we can’t learn how to love one another? Neil provides a progressive, diverse perspective to the musical space.

Layers, people, layers.

8. Wickedpinto - October 29, 2006

Off Topic,

The one man who could have convinced me to stay in the Marine Corps, while I was still a Marine Is now the Base Commander of FUCKING QUANTICO! I SAW him beg the most LOW member of the Marine Corps, but he ignored me. I said “For me to re-enlist, all I need to have, is to be asked” and The man who did not ask me, is now in charge of Quantico.

Thats just Salt, and lithium, and phosphorous heaped on the wounds I suffer every day that I am not a Marine.

OH! poor me, blah, but it’s the SAME FRIGGEN MAN! THE SAME MAN!

I Promise you, if you were to ask him about when he was a subject of a “request mast” for bias, concerning “LCpl (myself)” he will remember it, because he said to me, and I quote “You have a habbit of being a fuck up” and I said “I have ONE instance of being a fuck-up sir” he said “isn’t that enough?” and I said “Sir, if anyone should know about fucking up, you should. . .. . … sir”

I withdrew my request mast, but, now I realize I shouldn’t have.

[Site Administrator’s Note:  WP, I think you accidentally put your real last name in that comment.  I took it out.  If that disclosure was intentional, let me know and I’ll change it back.]

9. Muslihoon - October 29, 2006

You mean he has a fake last name too? Cool! I want one!

10. Retired Geezer - October 29, 2006

I have a confession too.
Geezer isn’t my real last name, it’s Pinto.
Retired Pinto.

11. BrewFan - October 29, 2006

Stop horsin’ around, Geezer.

12. Lipstick - October 29, 2006

Geezer, in Brazil “Pinto” means dick.

Just thought you should know.

13. BrewFan - October 29, 2006

lol! Pinto head!

14. Retired Geezer - October 29, 2006

*light bulb goes on*

Oooooh, I get it… Wicked Pinto.

Did I say my name was Pinto?
I meant to say Pato.

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