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Bambi and Judgezilla vs. The Deer Hunter October 31, 2006

Posted by skinbad in Crime.

A judge in Utah is up for election (retention vote) and isn’t doing herself any favors:

from http://www.firejudgelewis.com/

When a judge recuses herself does she have any business lecturing the defendant? Then she sends the defendant’s brother to the holding cell because he got on her nerves.  You won’t believe it unless you see it.

A front page article in the S.L. Tribune today also turns up the heat:

She reduced the sentence of a sex offender without informing the prosecutor.

My opinion is she deserves the boot.


1. compos mentis - October 31, 2006

I never have done well with authority. This rippin’ bitch needs to lose her job before it even comes up for re-election. What a disgusting, blatant misuse and abuse of power. She needs to be sued and made to pay compensation to those she’s abused as well.

2. Michael - October 31, 2006

Sorry compos, but judges acting within their jurisdiction are generally immune from being sued personally. The idea is to preserve their independence, which might be compromised if they were constantly having to calculate the risk of being sued. It’s real hard to find a way to avoid the prinicipal of “absolute” judicial immunity and find a way to sue a judge acting from the bench in a case that is lawfully before the court.

3. compos mentis - October 31, 2006

Makes sense. How about if she’s forced to wear a judge’s robe made entirely of deer skin then?

She must not have received enough love from her daddy when she was little. Or maybe she received too much. Then again, this is Utah, not Idaho.

4. kevlarchick - October 31, 2006

Deer are a hazard when they are leaping in front of my car. Other than that, they are yummy.

5. Michael - October 31, 2006

Her conduct was certainly offensive and demeaning to the office. A judge who act like that, even on a bad day, should be removed. She is a disgrace.

6. The Comish (sic) - October 31, 2006

A disgrace, and apparently a moron. She lectured the defendant about how killing deer was wrong, then had the bailiff bring the second guy back into court, asked the second guy questions, and when he answered those questions, she said she didn’t understand why he was lecturing her.

… If you don’t want to listen to him, then don’t drag him back into court and ask him for an explanation.

And yes, it’s extremely difficult to sue a judge. But the state bar almost certainly has a procedure for filing a greivance. The poor guy in this clip probably wouldn’t get money, but the judge might get punished. And that’s something.

7. The Comish (sic) - October 31, 2006

And while I understand that a judge has pretty much absolute power in his or her courtroom, I don’t understand why the lawyer let his client get questioned like that. As soon as the judge started asking his client whether he was bothered by the fact that the deer had a hearbeat, the lawyer should have asked the judge if his client was under oath. And then told the judge that he was instructing his client not to answer.

He’s there to protect his client, even from the judge.

8. Michael - October 31, 2006

But the state bar almost certainly has a procedure for filing a greivance.

Yes, every state has a procedure for this. Sounds like this particular judge is already in hot water.

I don’t think a lawyer can prudently instruct his client not to answer a judge if there is no privilege that can be invoked. In this case, the lawyer could have lodged an objection on grounds of relevance or materiality, but instructing a client to refuse to answer a judge is different and would be pretty dicey for both the lawyer and the client. Especially when the judge appears to be nuts and itching to deliver a contempt citation. A question from the bench is very different than dealing with, for example, questions by opposing counsel at a deposition.

9. BrewFan - October 31, 2006

Maybe she was irritated because her penis pump was broken.

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