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Camera Clean Up October 31, 2006

Posted by skinbad in Ducks, Gardening, Personal Experiences, Travel.

The filthy birds are still alive. 


Garden shut-down day. I show solidarity with my friends the Spudders.


Evil Con Carne says “hey.” (From early October Capitol Reef trip)


The view outside my window. Seems to be a popular feature. We’ve had some snow. It would be even prettier if I was watching it from a hot tub.



1. BrewFan - October 31, 2006


2. kevlarchick - October 31, 2006

That pic of the ducks is very cool. They pose so beautifully and smile so nice. They must love you, Skinny.

3. Dave in Texas - October 31, 2006

Fowl are foul.

4. Wickedpinto - October 31, 2006

Why haven’t you shot those tasty F’ers?

5. lauraw - October 31, 2006

Red potatoes. Oh my.

Red potatoes are the best for portugee kale soup.

6. pupster - October 31, 2006

So, did Evil Con Carnevil make the jump?

7. sandy burger - October 31, 2006

I hope that kid made it across the gorge.

8. skinbad - November 1, 2006

My wife took the pic. She made him go back and do it about five times until she caught one she liked. He also followed some older kids up on top of an arch and walked across it. That kind of wigged him (and us) out. We were glad when he got down from that one in one piece.

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