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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2006

Posted by skinbad in Philosophy.

The little one won a box of Otter Pops for best costume for the 5-and-under Maniacal Clown Category. She’s wearing some size 12 golf shoes over her shoes. So we’ve got that going for us . . .


which is nice.


1. kevlarchick - October 31, 2006

It’s the Insane Clown Posse!!!

2. Dave in Texas - October 31, 2006

cute little goobers.

3. Wickedpinto - October 31, 2006

Is the tall one supposed to be wynona ryders character from the crucible?

Or is she supposed to be Proffessor MacGonnagel?

4. Wickedpinto - October 31, 2006

Also, I like how she’s so much taller, that you made her tilt her spine in a way that will likely lead to a lower back issue later in life, just cuz you didn’t wanna adjust frame.

5. Nan Desu Kan « Uncommon Misconceptions - October 31, 2006

[…] Just having looked at Skinbad’s photo of his clan clad for Halloween, I remembered that owed the planet some photos of my own. […]

6. Muslihoon - October 31, 2006

Oh, I thought the tall one was ECC.

7. skinbad - October 31, 2006

WP, she’s a generic hag/crone I suppose. The theater department at the local college sells off costumes right before Halloween for $.50 an item, so I usually go grab some things. Mrs. S. can then mix and match to produce something. She used to go all out (all matching poodle skirts one year) but the last two or three years has been looking for an easier way of life. I’m all for it.

The tall one was already hunched and I framed accordingly, even though it cost me the size 12 golf shoes on the small one. Her (oldest) team won the soccer finals last night. Her spine is just fine. She’s a goal-scoring machine. Self-confidence is an issue with her, but she’s good at whatever she tries.

8. Wickedpinto - October 31, 2006

I was dicking around skin.

The mix match thing is cool, I like homemade costumes. My brother and his wife (well his wife actually, since my brother isn’t allowed any input on his holloween costume)

Had a friend, BIG DUDE! like muscular, and I told him I would give him his holloween costume if his wife gave me mine. His wife busted her ass, and basicaly I was a flasher vampire, it was kinda funny, and I gave him, 2 bolts, and green camo.

I thought it was funny, cuz I was lazy, and I got away with a decent costume with little to no effort on my part.

9. Wickedpinto - October 31, 2006

Oh, I left out a joke about my brother.

My bro’s got a big belly, but the rest of him is pretty damn solid, he’s a big dude, like I said, he’s like 260, though I think he’s lost some weight.

When I was at their place, I think 2 years ago, she kept trying to convince him to wear a halfshirt, and reddish face paint on his face, and belly making him looking like a laughing buddha. This is why I love my brother, he NEVER directly disagree’s with his wife (who is one of the kindest people that ever existed) but he learned how to say no, without ever disagreeing. My brothers response.

“SWEEEeeeee?” (what he calls his wife, basicaly say “sweety” but don’t say the T, and drag it out for about 2 full seconds, they are very childish in their affection) “If thats what you want, I will be budha, but I promise you.. . . well, SWEEEeeeee? I will NOT be laughing.”

I believe him, but hearing that exchange made me laugh my ass off.

10. Sobek - November 1, 2006

Musli, what’s ECC? I saw those words and thought “early case conference,” but somehow I don’t think that’s what you meant.

11. Michael - November 1, 2006

Sobek, “Evil Con Carne” is skinbad’s son. His teacher called him “evil incarnate” and he heard it differently. It’s a legacy thing from BlogWisconsin.

12. Sobek - November 1, 2006

I remember little Evil With Meat, I just didn’t pick up the acronym.

13. Muslihoon - November 1, 2006

I have to admit, “Evil Con Carne” is by far the best online monicker I have ever come across.

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