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Dave in Texas November 2, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in History, Philosophy.

All serious.  All the time.

I didn’t want to bring everyone down with the Kenny story.  Believe me, he and Mrs. Kenny are pretty darn happy tonight.

In-laws went home yesterday.


1. Michael - November 2, 2006

Here’s some more cheery news:  Spurs 97, Mavericks 91.

 Oh, sorry Dave.

2. compos mentis - November 3, 2006

I would have posted this three days ago if someone would give me a set of keys to get into this joint.

I tried to tempt my male co-workers into sending this to their wives, but they all refused. Chickenshits. I would’ve sent it to my wife, but her e-mails broken. Yeah. It’s broken.

3. kevlarchick - November 3, 2006

Does basketball ever end?

Michael, I vote yes for compos.

4. compos mentis - November 3, 2006

kc – thanks 🙂

I love sports, including basketball. However, I watched an estimated total of 2 minutes of the NBA last season, including the playoffs and I plan to watch less than that this year. Bunch overpaid, over-hyped juvenile delinquent thugs who get away with breaking the rules of basketball because they are “superstars” and because the ref’s don’t call games like they’re supposed to be called, especially traveling and fouls.

I used to be a Pacer’s fan, but they’ve ruined the game on a professional level for me because of the crap they’ve pulled on and off the court.

And somebody explain to me why in hell Michael Irvin still has his job with ESPN after his drug busts. The morals and what we tolerate in this country are a joke.

God, I sound old.

5. geoff - November 3, 2006

CM, that’s why I’m really psyched about the minor league teams that are springing up in mini-arenas (~5000 seats). It makes it all about the sports and family entertainment. My town’s new arena opens with a Bonnie Raitt concert next Thursday, and then it’s hockey and basketball time.

6. This is our entire civilization « AnalogKid - November 3, 2006

[…] Via Dave in Texas, who thinks that women should know their place. […]

7. John - November 3, 2006

I found this one on the same site.

As the Guinness Heads say … “Brilliant!”

8. John - November 3, 2006

Compos, I think there are like 4 guys in South Beach who think Michael Irvin is funny, and 2 more in Brooklyn who think he’s a good commentator. So that’s the last 6 he’ll ever score.

9. compos mentis - November 3, 2006

John, that is brilliant. LOL.

10. Dave in Texas - November 3, 2006

My silly post made the top posts list over at wordpress today… due I’m sure to all the traffic generated from IB.

Or lauraw’s link from ace.

I can’t decide.

11. Michael - November 3, 2006

Cheap stunt, Dave. Try getting thousands of hits with your brilliant prose, like I’m doing with “Bless You, Louis Réard.”

12. daveintexas - November 3, 2006

I didn’t even have to use Pamela David this time around.

Just a stupid video, and some love from humpy L

13. Onitsuka Tiger Seck Lo - March 11, 2011

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