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Good News From South Korea November 5, 2006

Posted by Michael in Ducks, History.

Hot Korean Girls


SEOUL (Reuters) – Hot pants and miniskirts will soon be legal in South Korea.

This is a shock. I’ve been to Korea something like 15-20 times and I never heard that short skirts were illegal. Looked to me like plenty of leg was on display. Which is a good thing, I hasten to add, because I always thought that Korean women had some of the best legs around.

The country is in the final stages of revising an indecency law that prohibits people from wearing revealing outfits and was once enforced by ruler-wielding police during authoritarian governments in the 1970s, officials said.

“The law for excessive exposure does not match our current society,” said Kim Jae-kwang, an official with the Korea Legislation Research Institute.

Just goes to prove that U.S. military intervention overseas can work out for the best in the long run.

Under authoritarian rule, police could arrest or fine women for their fashion choices. They also took scissors to men whose hair they felt was too long and tossed people in jail for unauthorized dancing.

What I do not understand is why authoritarian regimes on both the left and right tend to be prudish. Somebody must have a theory about this, but I’ve never heard it. If anybody wants to make me a dictator, I promise that the last thing I’m going to do with my authority is outlaw hot pants and miniskirts.

South Korea moves to legalize miniskirts


1. sticky b - November 5, 2006

From the story: “The country is in the final stages of revising an indecency law….”

It sounds like they’re are doing this legislatively. Don’t they realize that all the cool countries rely on their supreme court to create social policy? Backwards-assed fucks.

2. Sobek - November 5, 2006

“If anybody wants to make me a dictator, I promise that the last thing I’m going to do with my authority is outlaw hot pants and miniskirts.”

That is a puzzler, but to be fair, the dictators to which you refer don’t generally have a problem banging hookers and/or strippers — it’s only the commoners who are forbidden from doing it.

So that right there might be a key to the mystery.

3. Double l - April 23, 2007

Fuck off

4. amy - June 9, 2007

im south korean and i don’t think short skirts&hotpants are illegal…
many singers and actresses are wearing them
and even normal ppls too.

5. Michael - June 9, 2007

Thanks for visiting, Amy.

What’s your real name?

For the rest of you, Michael’s Travel Tip Of The Day:

English-speaking Koreans virtually always have adopted a Westernized version of their given name to use with foreigners, having learned from experience that Western people won’t remember their real name. Another strategy is to just use their initials, because foreigners can remember them.

They also say their family name first and their two given names second. Normally they use both given names, sort of like Southerners tend to use Billy Jack and the like. This is important in Korea, because most of the country has only about six family names.

So, for example, in the case of UM JEE YOON — Um is the family name, Jee Yoon is the given name, and she would introduce herself to Westerners as Joan, an alliteration of Jee Yoon. PARK SANG IL, a lawyer on our team, was known to everyone as S.I. Park.

If you are ever in Korea, try to ignore this convention and put a little effort into using their real name. You will be surprised at the goodwill this engenders.

6. lauraw - June 9, 2007

There was a recently imported Vietnamese girl in my high school, and we all conscientiously learned how to pronounce her name, Hiep Nguyen.

‘yep nwing’ or something IIRC

7. geoff - June 9, 2007

I think Nguyen is the most common surname in Vietnam. I was once on a blind date with an Asian lass – we went out with my Chinese buddy and his date (who had set the date up). Afterwards my buddy told me she was Vietnamese, which surprised me, since I had thought she was Chinese the entire time.

“No way,” said I, “then how come her name’s not ‘Nguyen’?”

“It is,” he said inscrutably.

8. kevlarchick - June 9, 2007

I think it’s pronounced “win.”

9. amy - June 10, 2007

is that article really written in 2006?
those informations are about 30~40 yrs ago….
now they can wear whatever they wants..skirts..hotpants..tanktops……
they can do what they want…
koreans living style is like Japan or even similar with Americans though:)
srry if there are any mistakes in my comment..im not good @ english
btw my real name is yuna

10. Michael - June 10, 2007

Hi Yuna.

Yes, the article was really written in 2006. My point was that the
change in the “indecency law” that made miniskirts legal actually happened long after the reality in Korea had changed. When I was there (in the early 90s), you could see cute Korean girls in miniskirts everywhere, even though it was still officially illegal. The law was just being ignored by everyone.

That was a good thing, in my opinion, because Korean girls definitely have the best legs in Asia.


Your English is OK. We can understand what you are saying perfectly.

11. English Professor but not a Liberal - June 19, 2007

Your English is OK. We can understand what you are saying perfectly.

Yeah, better than we can understand WP’s free verse.

12. patrick - September 5, 2007

I’m not gonna be here much but to support michael’s overnight fantasies, asian girls are really beautiful when they are (and they don’t have to wear makeup). Hot asian girls (without makeup) make america’s female celebritries look like sh_t. I mean, I’m sure most, if not all of you, have seen celebs without makeup on. Whew! They look terrible. One more thing: having sex with a naturally beautiful asian girl, especially a Korean or a Japanese one, would give a man the most pleasure he can ever get in his life from one single action. Nothing else in the world could possibly give you more pleasure. If there is, feel free to debate about it.

13. Joey - September 23, 2007

Patrick – spoken like a man who has never had sex with a naturally beautiful asian girl. 🙂

I have – Japanese and Korean both (in fact, my most recent ex was half-Japanese half-Korean, and totally smokin’). And hey, I’m not gonna lie, it is awesome, but I wouldn’t say it’s better than having sex with an American girl. Whether you connect with a girl in bed is more important than what she looks like – might sound sappy, but if you go out and have some actual sex you’ll find it’s true.

Also, you should realize that most Asian girls do wear a lot of makeup – the ones you see in the pictures and the ones you see on the street. A lot of Koreans get plastic surgery as well (on their eyelids). And most Japanese women use huge amounts of hair products, as well as – get this – skin whitening cream. Look at pics of North vs. South Koreans and you’ll quickly see what I mean. Sorry to burst your bubble…

14. Michael - September 23, 2007

Patrick is right about prevalence of eyelid surgery in Korea. It’s actual somewhat controversial there. I’ve seen an editorial in the Korea Times (the big English newspaper there) condemning the practice. Many young Koreans, especially the women, want the round-eye Western look rather than the natural Korean eyes. Check out the models in the post above. The one in the white top has had her eyes done for sure.

15. Yog Sothoth - October 4, 2007

These “Blue Laws” have been on the books for years, but, even when I was in S. Korea circa 1980 no one really took them very seriously.
As for “authoritarian regimes [tending] to be prudish,” I don’t think any more perfect example can be cited than the prudish, and ridiculous, posturing of the current outlaw regime of the United States. (We must keep the skirts short, and teach our children how to curse like drunken sailors, however, since Madison Avenue demands it..)

16. Michael - October 4, 2007

Say Yog, just out of curiosity, can you give us a link to a single “prudish” thing that the Bush Administration has done?

17. geoff - October 4, 2007

I hate those unworthies who appropriate Lovecraftian names.

18. de maulana - December 31, 2007

very full news.

19. SKOT - January 22, 2008

Hi, You know, i’ve been thinking for a awhile that a lot of Korean girls that i see have got AMAZING legs.
So i just googled “Korean Girls have the best legs” and got here.
So someone feels the same !!
Check out that video “piranha” by The Grace- it’s a spellbinding attack of FANTASTIC thighs and legs.
And so many other Korean pop singers, actresses, models and regular girls i notice have great legs.

I have to say, a lot of times i wish girls wouldn’t wear revealing clothes, especially mini skirts….it’s driving me CRAZY !!!
The Korean girl i’ve gotten to make love to is a prostitute…i know that sounds bad, but i’m not good looking!!
Anyway, she has loved it as i lavish attention on her fabulous ass, thighs and legs.

There is a Korean girl that i know, i’ve got a crush on her. She’s sweet and funny, very cute and unique looking, and of course i’ve noticed has lovely legs.
Hoping against hope, i’m gonna ask her out….

20. marco lombardozzi - February 28, 2008

wake up everybody ! n take a good look around u this world is full of very beautiful women i spent 20yrs in the military n had the chance 2 travell the globe. im the son of n italian father n a japanese mother n have ben described as exotic lookin w/my olive compliction salt/pepper curly hair n sculptured cheek-bones. ive had my share of beautiful women n lately i keep noticing very good looking middle eastern women especially w/their exotic head wraps in the mean x i’ll just con’t 2 luv my american caucasian beauty w/her strawberry blond tresses n a set of legs that go all the way up 2 her shapley ass on that lean 5’8″ frame. thank u god is all i gotta say thank u!

21. eddiebear - February 28, 2008

You were in the Army? Which country’s?

22. billy - April 29, 2008

haha!! nice one joey, i kinda think that patrick haven’t gone into
the real thing yet.. and oh~~yah! i agree, white girls are more intense
in bed, italians and brazilians also.. and correct me guys if im wrong but i think,
there are bitches everywhere, every country has its own dime and dumps… so there is no way to exempt japan and korea regarding that truth.. in fact, asian women specially korean and japenese don’t
have their own freewill like other women have, they were pictured out
to be perfect, tame, and? boringgg………… but, i saw lots of korean girls everywhere now, im not going to jump_in in to my pride but yes, some of them are great some, i mean most of them are really bitch! and they don’t care about feelings, what counts for them is money.. anyhoo, it means korean women are working their way from sweet butts into ass’holes…. i can still remember one korean girl who has a huge muscles on her legs eowww… looks like guy’s legs. and she took lots of money from my buddy…..

23. eddy - July 2, 2008

the one on the left is/was a man, btw

24. lance - July 17, 2008

I am a Korean, and I am quite sure that this strofy is not true, well.
Hot pants or miniskirts have been legal for over 25 years ago

25. Rebel Without a Sauce - July 23, 2008

I have heard that Korea is entirely a state of mind these days… true or false? It’s urgent! :O

26. Reading The Host in Context, Part 2: How I Read The Host : gordsellar.com - August 23, 2008

[…] as people like James keep pointing out, is bizarre for a society that just legalized miniskirts and hot pants a couple of years ago. (Or is it? Maybe it’s precisely what you would expect from such a […]

27. persian - July 7, 2010

those image was very bad.I fuck you and you!

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