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Meteorite Hits Car November 19, 2006

Posted by Retired Geezer in Crime.

Don’t worry, it was back in 1992.

The Car, the Hole, and the Peekskill Meteorite
Credit & Copyright: Pierre Thomas (LST), ENS Lyon

I got this from the Astronomy Picture of the Day site.

Explanation: The Peekskill meteor of 1992 was captured on 16 independent videos and then struck a car. Documented as brighter than the full Moon, the spectacular fireball crossed parts of several US states during its 40 seconds of glory before landing in Peekskill, New York.

It looks like the rock crashed through the roof of the garage.
Click for some neat videos


1. Dave in Texas - November 19, 2006

Why do they name meteorites after the place they land, instead of the place they came from?

That makes no sense.

2. geoff - November 19, 2006

I think it’s assumed they came from the seventh planet.

3. Dave in Texas - November 19, 2006

Well they should say so. This is like, shipping a tuber from Connecticut and calling it a Texas lily.

It’s just wrong.

4. harrison - November 19, 2006

If they were really named for where they landed, this one would be the Chevrolet meteor.

5. pissed off and ugly - January 8, 2007


6. Retired Geezer - January 8, 2007

That guy was in the Violent Video Game thread wasn’t he.

7. Soron - September 5, 2008

Just a second a meteorite that size would blowup the car and the area around it for kicks xD
well maybe a relatively small area but a area alike

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9. ArrEss - April 4, 2009

They name them after where they hit, because they DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY CAME FROM, or because they come from somewhere specific, but by the thousands. If a meteorite from the general direction of the constellation of Leo hit a tall guy in the head, they’d always refer to it not as “the one of 10,000 meteorites from the general direction of the constellation of Leo”, but as “the one that hit the tall guy in the head”.

“Oh, you mean the Tall Guy Meteorite!”

“Yeah, that one.”

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12. Salzo - September 23, 2010

Show me the carfax on that one.

13. watch the x files online - October 5, 2010

Really great post! I bookmarked it !

14. mike - October 28, 2010

Meteorites are named by classification and the location of the first one documented.
Please note the dark layer of material on the stone. This melted surface is called a fusion crust.

15. Mitchell - October 28, 2010

Fusion Crust would be a good name for a rock band.

16. geoff - October 28, 2010

Please note the dark layer of material on the stone.

That’s just what you’d like us to do, isn’t it? We’re not falling for that old chestnut.

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