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Dirty Little Secret–I’m a BYU Football Fan November 29, 2006

Posted by skinbad in Personal Experiences, Sports.

Fair warning: This is about football.

In an email, R.G. asked me if last Saturday’s BYU vs. Utah game turned out the way I hoped (BYU win, 33-31). I think it did. Honestly, I would have been OK if BYU stomped them as they have done to the rest of their conference opponents this year. I grew up in Salt Lake and graduated from the U (also, later graduated from BYU, but never lived in Provo) but I liked watching BYU do well even though I really didn’t admit that to friends or family. BYU has their share of holier-than-thou fans and a lot of Mormons love to see them get stomped. BYU/Utah is always the last conference game of the year and it is a very intense rivalry. FYI, Provo is about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City and is demographically much more Mormon and conservative. Why did I like BYU? They were always on (LDS church owned KSL TV), they scored a ton of points, they were fun to watch, the players were mostly white Mormons (which, for some strange reason, made them something I could identify with), and they won a lot of games.

The quarterbacks were very good. I don’t remember caring about football during Gifford Nielson’s day, but I remember the controversy regarding who should play QB out of Marc Wilson and Jim McMahon. McMahon had to redshirt a year and resented it. Both put up huge numbers. Steve Young came next and was as entertaining and good a college player as you will ever see. His senior year, he completed over 70% of his passes for nearly 4,000 yards and ran for over 500 yards as well. Fans began believing it didn’t matter who the quarterback was because the system was so good. Well. The truth will out, as will NFL and near NFL talent. Robbie Bosco was very good and brought the (voted on) national championship to Provo in 1984. Bryant Gumbel (as well as, I’m betting, Dave, Michael, and Pupster) thought this was garbage because BYU’s opponents were all “Bo Diddley Tech.” Gumbel is probably still one of the most hated people in the world to BYU fans, notwithstanding Andrew Sullivan’s recent efforts.  Ty Detmer wasn’t the greatest pro, but he beat (defending national champ) Miami, piled up NCAA records and won a Heisman.

Certainly they would not have won so many games in the PAC 10, Big 10, or SEC, but in their good years, they were usually competitive with those teams. So those are my reasons. I’ll tell my fake blog friends my dirty secret, but I’ll probably just shake my head in commiseration when my brothers tell me how horrible it was that BYU won last Saturday. The game? Utah took the lead with about a minute to go. BYU then drove the field and won it on a pass with no time left.


1. Retired Geezer - November 29, 2006

We were staying at the Marriott in SLC, so was the U of U football team.
They had Tailgate parties and all kinds of stuff going on at the hotel.

I asked the lady at the Hospital Information Desk about the game. She said something about it being the Heathens vs the Saints or something like that.

When we lived in Vegas there was always a certain respect for the BYU program.

2. skinbad - November 29, 2006

I don’t know if the retailers respect their fans. Supposedly, someone on a bowl bid committee once stated opposition to inviting BYU because “their fans come with a copy of the 10 commandments and a $100 bill and they won’t break either one.”

3. skinbad - November 29, 2006

Which, I probably should have said, is a very good line with some truth to it.

4. my good friend Mr. John Daniels - November 29, 2006

nope, actually I remember those kick ass BYU teams in the 80s.

We pure hated em, with every fiber of our being.

But goddammit, did we respect em.

Today, we spell redemption B-Y-U

5. Pupster - November 29, 2006

Outside of Utah, displaying BYU merchandise is code for “LDS” (NTTAWWT). My father had a BYU license plate cover on his car, and wore BYU hats and sweatshirts. It’s a missionary strategy; it gives non-members an opening to ask questions about mormonism.

Now that my parents live in Utah, I buy dad OSU stuff for Christmas every year.

6. Pupster - November 29, 2006

Cousin Skinny: There were two Utes in the endzone…
Judge Chamberlain Haller: …Ah, the two what? Uh… uh, what was that word?
Cousin Skinny: Uh… what word?
Judge Chamberlain Haller: Two what?
Cousin Skinny: What?
Judge Chamberlain Haller: Uh… did you say ‘yutes’?
Cousin Skinny: Yeah, two Utes.
Judge Chamberlain Haller: What is a yute?

7. Mrs. Peel - November 29, 2006


So, as long as we’re talking football/sports: does anyone else deliberately not gloat when their team wins? Everyone’s giving my project manager hell at work (he’s one teasip outnumbered by at least 5 Aggies) except me. Just seems to me that gloating is rude and unsportsmanlike.

8. genghis - November 29, 2006

I worked for a Mormon first year out of school…mom n’ pop organization. I’m surprised he hired me in the first place since I smoke like a chimney. Well, that and the mark of the beast on my forehead. But I digress…

He fired me two months into the job because I left 10 minutes early one day and he saw me walking home while he was driving back to the office. Which leads me to the question: Are all Pepsi products accepted by the LDS or just the core products. Can you have a Sprite for example?

Sadly, I never got to ask him the question. Unfortunate fires and such.

9. Dave in Texas - November 29, 2006

did yew say “yewt”?

10. Retired Geezer - November 29, 2006

Just seems to me that gloating is rude and unsportsmanlike.

I agree.
I got really mad watching the Fencing during the Olympics.
The Fwench guy was a real asshole.

11. HayZeus - November 29, 2006

Are all Pepsi products accepted by the LDS or just the core products. Can you have a Sprite for example?

IANAM but it is my understanding that non-caffeinated beverages are allowed.

12. Michael - November 29, 2006

Jeez, HayZeus, you just can’t leave a question unanswered, can you? If you keep that shit up, nobody is going to bother waiting for the Innocent Bystanders Advice Department on the weekends.

I’m tellin’ ya, Site Administration is a shitty job. It’s tough to keep the help in line around here.

13. skinbad - November 30, 2006

genghis, No official church policy on caffeinated pop. Those trying to toe the line most closely will probably avoid it. Certainly no problem with Sprite. Specific no-nos are coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, illegal/unprescribed drugs.

Mrs. P, one of my Ute-loving brothers with season tickets said the Texas A & M fans were the nicest opposing fans he has ever crossed paths with.

Michael–catch the Spurs/Jazz game? Probably won’t last, but I’ll enjoy it for now.

14. Michael - November 30, 2006

Yes, skinny, unfortunately. The Jazz are looking great this year. I have to say, though, that I almost enjoyed seeing the Jazz win. It would be nice to get some life back into the Spurs/Jazz rivalry. It has kind of sputtered since the end of the Stockton-to-Malone era. I used to love hating the Jazz. 🙂

15. Dave in Texas - November 30, 2006

Texas A & M fans were the nicest opposing fans he has ever crossed paths with

That’s because they are easily distracted with bright shiny objects.

16. genghis - November 30, 2006

skinZues & Heybad,

I was under the impression that caffiene was frowned upon, but not expressly prohibited. Also that Pepsi had scored a coup (over Coke) when they got the Church to sanction Pepsi as an officially approved beverage.

Maybe it was my habit of mainlining Vivarin off the drafting table that got me fired.

And Dave, should you really be commenting on football at this point?

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