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All Those People Searching For Something January 31, 2007

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In the last few minutes this site was found using searches for “guy testicles”, “test done on schizophrenia“, and “unbalanced ph and feminine odor“.


Breaking: Careful Who You Hang Out With… January 31, 2007

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athf.jpg The beings that have been spending time at HayZeus’ site shut down Boston today.
Somebody should get strung up for this.

Say Good-Bye To The Rest Of Your Day January 31, 2007

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A timewaster via that bastich Jonah Goldberg @ The NRO Corner.

Breaking News: Sobek Actually Writes Something January 31, 2007

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Even more stunning, I wrote three somethings: a criticism of an MSN article about how global warming scientists are under political pressure from the right (no mention of political pressure from the left, of course); the observation that the singer for Guster needs a haircut (with video evidence); and my thoughts on Jack M.’s recent declaration of candidacy for President. 

Be warned that the last link involved the phrase “force-feed you an army-surplus traffic cone and a large bag of marbles.”  So, you know, if your workplace discourages that sort of thing, you might not want to click until you get home.

Not included on my virtually-defunct blog: Turtles!

…and Monkees!

…and Archies!

Carlos Santana and his three finger guitar method January 30, 2007

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It’s not bad you know.

“Is it safe?” January 30, 2007

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Sad, strange story here. A nurse on her way to work (5:30 a.m.) stopped to check an overturned vehicle for any injured people. The driver had rolled it, left it in the road, thumbed a ride home, and gone to sleep. Somebody else plowed into the car and killed the nurse. The driver of the overturned vehicle appears to be illegal and says he didn’t know he was supposed to report it. If he had been legal, maybe he would have been less reluctant to call? But he thinks no one will notice the truck and come looking for him? I don’t know. And why the driver that hit her was going 70 in the dark on a state road is kind of a puzzler as well. 

Anyway. The point I’d encourage my fake internet friends to get is that you can’t help people if you get yourself killed trying to help. Before you try to assist someone, ask yourself if you can do so safely. There are “what ifs” such as if a loved one is in trouble, but I think you know what I mean. The guy who jumped on the train tracks to save a stranger is indeed a hero; he’s also one lucky son of a bitch.

Alert: I Got Held Up At The Bank Today January 30, 2007

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We do requests January 30, 2007

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Oh yes we do.

Royksopp – Remind Me January 29, 2007

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An educational video (you’d have to be a caveman not to like it.)

BlogPimp: Mayhem with non-sentient beings.

The IRS is changing the way your company views cell phones January 29, 2007

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Kinda wonky, but we have a lawyer and a tech-type or two who hang out here, so somewhat interesting.

Company-issued cell phones are now considered “listed property” and therefore a taxable benefit to the employee in a change in the tax code recently implemented.  Just like they’ve treated company cars for years.

Your company is probably going to respond something like this – talk the employee into assuming financial responsibility for the account, accept and pay the bill, and they’ll add some amount to your paycheck to offset the tax hit.  Benefit to you?  You won’t have to provide logs showing evidence of business use.  And you are compensated for your personal business expense.  And there is now no constraint to you for personal calls.

If a cell phone is shared by, say an on-call support team, those will probably remain company owned and there will be a restriction of “business use only”.

Handling it through expense reports is do-able, but labor intensive. 

Years ago I took control of my company phone and account, and now I just pay for it myself.  One reason was I like being able to use it for personal calls, and honestly I made more of those.

But mostly because I was tired of that sneaky little prick in accounting going through my phone calls.

You know who you are.

Darwin Dating January 29, 2007

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I nominate Bart as our official IB entry.

We live in an ugly world. War, disease, famine and ugly people seem to rule our daily lives. Darwin Dating is a dating site that cuts through this ugliness and has been created for attractive people only.

Gosh, too bad I’m over the age limit. I’m sure I could have qualified. Oh, and I’m happily married too.

In 1859 Charles Darwin proposed the theory that living beings evolved through a process of natural selection where the fittest, healthiest and most attractive beings bred with each other to further their species. It has become difficult for the modern attractive human to find other modern attractive humans. Darwin Dating has been created to better the lives of attractive people and to encourage them to find other attractive people with whom they can breed.

BTW, it’s all a joke but still a funny website.

About Darwin Dating – Darwin Dating

MacGruber January 29, 2007

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The guy’s a friggin’ genius:

Second and third one might get a language warning.  Just don’t watch it at work with the speakers cranked up.