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The IRS is changing the way your company views cell phones January 29, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Gardening.

Kinda wonky, but we have a lawyer and a tech-type or two who hang out here, so somewhat interesting.

Company-issued cell phones are now considered “listed property” and therefore a taxable benefit to the employee in a change in the tax code recently implemented.  Just like they’ve treated company cars for years.

Your company is probably going to respond something like this – talk the employee into assuming financial responsibility for the account, accept and pay the bill, and they’ll add some amount to your paycheck to offset the tax hit.  Benefit to you?  You won’t have to provide logs showing evidence of business use.  And you are compensated for your personal business expense.  And there is now no constraint to you for personal calls.

If a cell phone is shared by, say an on-call support team, those will probably remain company owned and there will be a restriction of “business use only”.

Handling it through expense reports is do-able, but labor intensive. 

Years ago I took control of my company phone and account, and now I just pay for it myself.  One reason was I like being able to use it for personal calls, and honestly I made more of those.

But mostly because I was tired of that sneaky little prick in accounting going through my phone calls.

You know who you are.


1. eddiebear - January 29, 2007

One way indeed is to have the employee pay the bill. Then reimburse him/her through various General Ledger accounts. One is under Telephone Expenses, or Office Supplies.

Mind you, this is only theoretical.

2. eddiebear - January 29, 2007

Oh, and this should not be taken as advice. I’m just floating ideas.

3. sneaky little prick in accounting - January 29, 2007

I’ll get you. And your little dog too!

4. kevlarchick - January 29, 2007

Give us your cell number Dave! We’ll call you!

5. Dave in Texas - January 29, 2007

You already have my cell phone number, don’t you?

6. kevlarchick - January 29, 2007

yeah. I just dial 1.800.big.stud

A man with a very sexy voice answers and says “whatever you want, baby.” That IS you, isn’t it?

7. Dave in Texas - January 29, 2007

Yep, that’s me.

8. BrewFan - January 29, 2007

I’m quite proud of the fact that I have avoided ever having a company cell phone. It makes it harder to keep track of me that way!

9. Sneaky Little Prick in Accounting - January 29, 2007

Incidentally, Dave, what’s with all these phone calls to that Pakistani madrassa? Three or four a week, I could maybe understand, but it’s like six times a day.

10. Dave in Texas - January 29, 2007

That was, uh, that was my mom. Yeah. She’s got a cousin or something visiting over there.

11. Wickedpinto - January 29, 2007

Completely and totaly off topic, in a wickedpintoy sort of way (doesn’t have to do with sex)

I have one of those temperpedic pillows, AWESOME! not as a pillow, but rather as a positional support aid. Kinda like how some people have those “body pillows” or “cuddle bundles” I think a girlfriend called it, but as a “DAMN! my knee hurts” so you put it between your knee’s, and you remove any strain from the knee that hurts. or a “DAMN ! my shoulders are stiff!” so you put it just beneath your shoulders so it makes it easier for you to sleep.

Well, This weekend I was kinda drained (no not drunk, just drained) so I ate a lot of soup, cuz soup aides all ills. I also like a lot of cabbage in my simple veggy soup, so I was floating air biscuits all weekend.

The PROBLEM! is that I spent most of the weekend reading, and to lend a little extra back support (when I stand I stand straight, but when I sit, I’m a hunchback) I put my temper-pedic pillow at the small of my back, curling it slightly so that it was partly under my narrow ass (I need a better formed ass I guess is my secondary lesson of this experience) and because of my diet, I was igniting the hindenberg every few minutes.

Now the “vaso elastic cells” of the temper-pedic are AWESOME for simple structural support, but they are also like suitcase jihadi’s ready to return the asso expressive punishment they have absorbed onto you at the most inconvenient moment. I rolled over last night/this morning and my head hit my temper-pedic pillow, and I thought I was gonna vomit, I DID gag.

I didn’t even realize!!!

Basic lesson. NEVER! inadvertently fart on your pillows, even if they are throw pillows (had that experience at my brothers old appartment, kinda funny story, though my bro did it on purpose just to screw with me) but NEVER fart on temper-pedic pillow. That Sumbitch neads to be DRY CLEANED!!! and one fart will last weeks, or at least I assume so, cuz if I even go near that pillow, even now, it smells like I’m shoving my face ‘tween the cheeks of bigfoots ass, after a month long diet of skunk ass, or lohan pooter.

I don’t even think a steamroler could squeeze all the stank of diseased colon out of that pillow.

DAMN! it was a good pillow to me for years.

12. kevlarchick - January 29, 2007

WP, that is priceless advice.

13. Elzbth - January 29, 2007

Thanks for sharing, WP

14. Russ from Winterset - January 29, 2007

WP, if you didn’t exist, we’d have to have you custom made just for posts like this one.

Classic advice, bro.

15. Dave in Texas - January 29, 2007

I have a Tempur Pedic bed and I can echo WPs sentiments about this amazing stuff.

Very comfy

16. Dave in Texas - January 29, 2007

Can’t say the bed does the same thing with poofers though

17. Wickedpinto - January 29, 2007

You never farted on your tepur pedic bed?

I mean granted, we all launch ass grenades in our sleep thats natural, but you never noticed, that when you put weight in the general area of your ass infested portion of the mattress, that there is an instant desire to turtle your wife?

Or are you one of those febreezers?

18. skinbad - January 29, 2007

I’m crying.

WP earned his cabbage soup today.

19. cranky - January 29, 2007

Just classic:

Or are you one of those febreezers?

20. IRS Help Desk - January 29, 2007

Then reimburse him/her through various General Ledger accounts. One is under Telephone Expenses, or Office Supplies.

Seen it. Seen it. Now we’re going to see ourselves to a bit of eddiebear’s money.

21. Anon - January 29, 2007

mean granted, we all launch ass grenades in our sleep

True. My husband calls it “hot legging” cause my butt is against his leg when this allegedly happens as I sleep.

22. Wickedpinto - January 29, 2007


We all know that girls don’t fart. It’s always the guys fault.

23. Anon - January 29, 2007

Yes. It’s nicer that way. 🙂

24. Wickedpinto - February 1, 2007

If girls DO! fart? they sound like songbirds and smell like wildflowers!

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[…] Update/Inclusion:  The Admin/Mesa the Meany says I should site and linke the fart pillow comment, if I’m gonna mention it.  I think it has more value as an “IN” joke but he’s right, I should have linked it, and while I’m self absorbed, I’m not narcicistic or however you spell it.  So, This is the specific comment about the fart pillow. […]

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