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Carlos Santana and his three finger guitar method January 30, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Ducks.

It’s not bad you know.


1. kevlarchick - January 31, 2007

Oh it’s bad. Bad to the bone.

2. daveintexas - January 31, 2007

Love the sound of that Hammond H3 accompanying him.

3. Retired Geezer - January 31, 2007

cough B3 cough

4. Retired Geezer - January 31, 2007

My buddy, an actual Professional Guitar Player, told me that Lindsey Buckingham played the guitar like a Banjo player.

Who does Carlos play like?
How about Mark Knopfler? Seems like he has an odd grip on the pick.

5. Dave in Texas - January 31, 2007

yeah yeah, we know.

On Sultans of Swing, Knopfler picks it with his fingers

6. GrumpyUnk - January 31, 2007

I love that song. Yeah, 3 fingers seems to work pretty well there, don’t it.
Hendrix was mainly a 3 finger guy too.

When you say – “Like a Banjo Player”, you mean fingerpicking right?
Knopfler finger picks most of the time. So does Johnny Winter.

I hate ’em all and want to crush their sweet hands, ’cause I play like a tard monkee on Quaaludes.

7. daveintexas - January 31, 2007

Yeah, fingerpicking. Knopfler is awesome at that.

8. kevlarchick - January 31, 2007

I saw Ritchie Blackmore live once–he held the pick in his teeth and used his fingers. Sooooo hhhhot. Is that fingerpicking?

9. daveintexas - January 31, 2007

Exactly so. You pop the strings with your fingertips.

10. daveintexas - January 31, 2007

What’s his name used fingerpicking on Smoke on the Water.

11. kevlarchick - January 31, 2007

His name is HOT, buster. You get your hard ons, I get mines.

12. daveintexas - January 31, 2007


13. daveintexas - January 31, 2007

Ritchie Blackmore sounds like a character on Leave it to Beaver.
Him and Eddie Haskell are up to no good. In fact, wasn’t that Lumpy’s real name, Ritchie Blackmore?

No wait! Ritchie Blackmore was Dobie Gillis’ retarded cousin. Remember? The booger eater?

14. kevlarchick - January 31, 2007

Don’t be jealous Dave. I’m sure you have other skillz.

15. Lipstick - January 31, 2007

Mark Knopfler has the sexiest voice EVER!

16. daveintexas - January 31, 2007

I do. One of them is being younger that 73.

17. kevlarchick - January 31, 2007

He’s not 73! He’s NOT!

*choking on a sob*

18. daveintexas - January 31, 2007

Oh all right. I exaggerated a bit.

He will be 62 on April the 14.

Which is quite a coincidence, since that is also my eldest’s b-day.

19. Retired Geezer - January 31, 2007

He will be 62 on April the 14.

Dang, he’s almost as old as Me.

20. Anna-Lys - January 31, 2007

Woooow …. playing “Europa”!
I knew You longed for us! 😉

GREAT !!!!!

Santana fan// Anna-Lys

21. lauraw - January 31, 2007

Dave, you really have a way with that gal. I was over at your site a little while ago, and it seems like she digs your taste. In music.

22. Mrs. Peel - January 31, 2007

April 14 is also Brad Ausmus’s birthday, incidentally. Meanwhile, my project manager’s birthday is April 15. Ouch.

And I always hated that Eddie Haskell. Tony Dow, on the other hand…mmm.

23. Dave in Texas - January 31, 2007

I thought it was my Hai Karate aftershave.

Geezer, I think Ritchie’s got a lot more milage than you do.

24. BrewFan - February 1, 2007

Barbara Billingsly carried that show.

25. BrewFan - February 1, 2007

On topic, this song makes me want to slow dance. Maybe I’ll take Mrs. BrewFan for a little twirl when she gets home from work.

26. skinbad - February 1, 2007

Call it what you will, Brew.

27. Dave in Texas - February 8, 2008

I wonder why this post moved up?

28. Michael - February 8, 2008

It got linked in a Fark.com discussion thread.

29. george - June 17, 2008

so sanata plays with 3 finger?

30. Invisible-Narcissist - June 17, 2012

I always thought there was something wrong with me because I feel more comfortable playing with 3 fingers…

31. daveintexas - June 17, 2012

It’s an old Frank Zappa joke.

32. Anonymous - May 20, 2013

Just to clarify: A 3 finger guitar player tends to rarely use his or her pinkie much when they play. This can be seen as a drawback to one’s guitar playing. The pinkie is a great addition to the other fingers when playing…4 being better than 3. HOWEVER, there are those (like Santana) that can play to great effect with mostly just three. And there are 3 finger shredders out there too. Amazing phenoms that find ways to play all sorts of stuff with mostly 3 fingers.

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