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“Is it safe?” January 30, 2007

Posted by skinbad in Philosophy.

Sad, strange story here. A nurse on her way to work (5:30 a.m.) stopped to check an overturned vehicle for any injured people. The driver had rolled it, left it in the road, thumbed a ride home, and gone to sleep. Somebody else plowed into the car and killed the nurse. The driver of the overturned vehicle appears to be illegal and says he didn’t know he was supposed to report it. If he had been legal, maybe he would have been less reluctant to call? But he thinks no one will notice the truck and come looking for him? I don’t know. And why the driver that hit her was going 70 in the dark on a state road is kind of a puzzler as well. 

Anyway. The point I’d encourage my fake internet friends to get is that you can’t help people if you get yourself killed trying to help. Before you try to assist someone, ask yourself if you can do so safely. There are “what ifs” such as if a loved one is in trouble, but I think you know what I mean. The guy who jumped on the train tracks to save a stranger is indeed a hero; he’s also one lucky son of a bitch.


1. rightwingsparkle - January 30, 2007

I have to admit when I heard the story about the stranger and the train track I thought I would never leave my daughters to jump on that track like he did.

Imagine your daughters watching you die.

No thanks.

Is that awful of me?

2. daveintexas - January 30, 2007

No it’s not.

I think a man can do that.

I don’t think a woman can.

Is that awful of me?

3. Lipstick - January 30, 2007

No and No.

4. Wickedpinto - January 30, 2007

Amen Dave, Amen.

I think that as soon as men realize that they have penis’ they realize that the BEST path of life consists of slavery to their fellow human.

It’s for men to do that, it takes us only a few minutes to satisfy our procreative prerogative, so we dedicate the rest of our time to insane, and selfless acts.

Women get stuck with just one job for 9 months (well, maybe 5 of real effort) requireing dainty acts, and softshowing, in comparisson to the necessary “masculinity” of men.

I mean really, Why do you think ACCOUNTANTS! have gym cards? Because though tey are FLoGGING ACCoUNTANTS! they still feal the nececity to be men.

I confusing.

5. The Comish (sic) - January 31, 2007

At my college, every freshman has to take a “freshman seminar.” You’re randomly assigned to a professor, and the prof can teach whatever he or she wants. There are some really cool topics, like “The Philosophy of Dating” and “Modern Cinema” and stuff, but there are some really bad ones, too. You’ll never guess which one I got.

“Gender in Prehistory.” That’s right. I got to spend an entire semester listening to an anthropology prof drone on about women’s empowerment issues, filtered through the lens of pottery shards and Amazonian tent building.

I wanted to shoot myself.

One of the overriding questions the seminar was designed to ask was, “Why has almost every society throughout history been patriarchal?” I came away with two credible answers:

1) Men take the power by force.
2) Men are expendable.

I think the latter answer is more convincing. Apparently, when a couple million Russian men were killed in World War 2, birth rates hardly even diminished. Women have to care for the pre-birth babies, and thus are more essential to the continuation of the society. Men can get many women pregnant and then go off and die defending the tribe/society. So we need to protect women, and one of the best ways to do that is to keep them closer to home and focused on raising healthy children.

Let the men handle matters of state and protect the women, who in turn will protect the families, which in turn will ensure the survival of the society. It’s one of those traditions that has valid reasons behind it, but we’ve forgotten those reasons, so we now tend to think of it as a quaint historical accident.

My prof, on the other hand, was convinced it was because women got together and decided to let the baby have his bottle. “We’ll give men this one little thing — control over everything — and we’ll all secretly know that we gave it to them by choice.”

When I pointed out how absurd it was to suggest that all women in history had a town hall meeting and decided to cede all political power to men, she was unconvinced by my reasoning. Needless to say, I got a C.

6. sobek - January 31, 2007

Interesting. My theory is that societies tend to be patriarchal because as soon as you give women power to yammer on like your prof, the culture is inevitably destroyed within a few generations.

7. The Comish (sic) - January 31, 2007

Hadn’t thought of that, Sobek. More support for your theory is that any society that places women in charge will be severely hampered by a complete lack of traffic laws, except for laws banning turn signals and oil changes.

8. Sobek - January 31, 2007

Exactly. Do you think the ancient Egyptians could have built those pyramids if the people in charge had to stop every five minutes to discuss the literary use of phallus-motifs in Etruscan poetry?

9. The Comish (sic) - January 31, 2007

Or had to stop every 5 minutes to use the bathroom?

10. Sobek - January 31, 2007

Or talk about their feeeeeeeeeeeeelings…

11. kevlarchick - January 31, 2007

Guys, you were all right until “yammering.”

Now go kill something, field dress it, and bring it over here like you’re supposed to.

A leadership exception perhaps: The Iron Lady. The responsibility for the pussification of the UK goes to Tony Blair.

12. Dave in Texas - January 31, 2007

couple million Russian men were killed in World War 2

Worse than you think. If you consider the toll of WWI and their revolution from 1914, roughly 20 million lives,

and the purges, murder and mass starvation inflicted by Stalin, 15-20 million at least,

WWII, to the Russian people as a whole, estimates vary from 20 to 30 million.

As a percentage of the overall population, it would be like losing 80 million Americans.

There’s a reason the Russian people are a very somber lot.

13. lauraw - January 31, 2007

It’s because of testosterone. The world is ruled by aggressive force, and women lack the primary drive and desire to run down and kill a bison, raid a neighboring village, or violently confront their rivals.

Except Puerto Rican women, of course.

14. Dave in Texas - January 31, 2007

Homer, are those Lee Press On nails in that buffalo hide?

15. harrison - January 31, 2007

On Stalin and the Russians: Estimates run as high as 80 million dead from 1927-1953. He had so many killed that, using population growth models of other countries during the period, there are now 1/3 as many Russians as there should be.

16. Dave in Texas - January 31, 2007

I am a gud figgurer.

17. Dave in Texas - January 31, 2007

Actual true life experience here,

A friend of mine stopped on I-30 out in the sticks to help two women who had pulled over and had the hood up.

As he was talking with one woman, his head under the hood, the other one came up behind him with a baseball bat. Had he not seen her shadow she would have clocked him. He said she swung it like Pete Incaviglia going after a high fastball inside. Swoosh.

So he shoved her ass in the bar ditch, gave the other one a look, and went back to his car. In the rearview, he saw them drop the hood, get in and drive off.

Ladies, do not stop and get out. Use your dang cell phone, please.

Gentlemen, if you get out, check your six.

18. Wickedpinto - February 4, 2007

Scottland and England as truly non-roman independant nation was killed by the irrational and hateful acts of Whatsherface? The Amazonian commander who took charge of destitute(not freed, destitue) women by slaughtering their husbands. Boude. . .. something like that was her name.

Later, as soon as she faced an army, she was MORE willing to sacrifice her troops than a man she greatly outnumbered, because, she was unfamiliar with the realities of war. (I almost wanna say boudecan?)

I’m not saying women aren’t capable at all, but in general, women are not required to get it, because men, even VERY young men, even the ones shorter than you in grade school are MUCH more powerful than women in build and in training.

The day you are born a man, you realize that you are expected to do things that don’t seem to make any sense. Later, when you start liking girls, you realize, that you better be pretty Effing good at those same things you hated in grade school, and in other things (manipulation, or legalistic deconstruction) to protect yourself as well as those you care about.

Girls get to be pretty, smart or interesting enough to motivate a male to act on their behalf until highschool. At which point, (nowadays) boys learn that they are worthless, and all of the skills that served women letting them play cheerleader games without repercussions mean nothing, and instead of noble protectors, like they were in younger years, boys are effed in the head, because everyone who said that they were good boys in youth become bad boys in adolescence, and are punished for EVERY, and I mean EVERY, aggressive act (like raising your voice(I once got suspended for saying “NO”) to the wrong person, like a teacher or a female)

Men learn to live in a world of contradictions, and in a world that constantly turns to them for all of the attributes that are promoted, and then suppressed, in a near Salusa Secundian sort of manipulation, only to tap the initial training all over.

I’m not saying aggressive men are good, but we need to stop killing and oppressing those men who are men, only for being men.

Our nation should be represented by one of those paintings by that person who paints tulips, and orchids that look like Vajayjay’s (random inclusion. . . . .”bubbles”) instead of the effing stars and stripes.

We are murdering masculity, we are murdering matrimony, and we are even murdering parenthood with all of our stupid nanny state commy rules, not to mention what has happened to motherhood. If women thought they were nothing more than baby makers BEFORE womens lib, what are they now?

Before, mothers would carry, care fore, and birth their children, then they would perform the general social service, without pay, and in many ways, the heroic process of caring for the children of that family, and that society.

But Womens lib made women LITTERALY baby makers. “no honey, just make the baby other people will raise it” HOW FUCKING NOBLE!

19. Wickedpinto - February 4, 2007

How do I get so yappy!?

Oh, I’ve been kinda out of it, maybe thats why. Sorry.

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