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The White Death Approaches February 23, 2007

Posted by BrewFan in Personal Experiences, Science.

 UPDATE [7:10 am CST, 2/25/07]:  Round 2 is over. We have 10 more inches on top of the 8 we got Friday night/Saturday morning. Round 3 is set to begin in a couple of hours with 3 to 5 more inches on the way. Oh goody.

Casa de BrewFan sits on a hill overlooking the village (yes, I am the village idiot smarty pants) and we’re watching the cars get stuck in the unplowed roads so we’ve got that going for us. Which is nice.

UPDATE [7:55 pm CST, 2/24/07]:  Round 2 is beginning. I saw that the Weather Channel is doing their live remote in Milwaukee which can’t be a good sign. The latest word out of the local media is we could be in for a record storm. The worst on record for this area was 60 years ago. Oh how I yearn for global warming.

UPDATE [2:30 pm CST, 2/24/07]:  My favorite part of the latest bulletin issued for the impending blizzard by the National Weather Service:


Ummm, I think I’ll stay home tonight!

UPDATE [10:00 am CST, 2/24/07]: The first 8 inches are on the ground and we are waiting for round 2 to kick off about 7:00 pm. From that time to Monday they’re saying we could get 18 more inches. I’m running out to get some more gas for the snow thrower. Fair thee well fellow midwesterners. 

We’re getting ready for a substantial snow storm this weekend.  How are we preparing you ask? Well, Mrs. BrewFan is baking some chocolate chip cookies (aside: is there anything better then a warm chocolate chip cookie and a cold glass of milk? I think its even better then sex, but hey, I’m old) and I laid in a supply of adult beverages. I also received two DVDs for Valentines Day which we’re going to watch this weekend. Flags of Our Fathers and an oldie but goodie In Harms Way. I kinda collect war movies as you might be able to tell. What are all you hep cats up to this weekend?


1. Rightwingsparkle - February 23, 2007

Add an electric blanket to that agenda and it would be perfect.

I am going to see some comedian tonight. Tommorrow and Sunday is baseball scrimmage games for my son. Sat night we are taking my nieghbors out to eat for watching my dogs while were gone. But Monday I get to see Josh Turner in concert at the Rodeo! So awesome!

Oh, and not to rub it in, but it’s 69 and sunny here. Yesterday was 74 degrees and I even laid out by the pool for a while.

2. composmentis - February 23, 2007

Um, I just yanked two coarse hairs out of my right ear. Yeah, that pretty much sums up how my weekend’s going to go.

3. mesablue - February 23, 2007

You guys are supposed to get a lot of snow?

Our forecast calls for a fairly nice weekend — and we’re on the other side of that big snow generator, Lake Michigan.

So, my plans were to actually get the mountain bike out for a few hours and ride around in some mud.

I’m signed up for a few tri-athlons this summer and rugby starts up again in about three weeks, got to get in shape.

4. BrewFan - February 23, 2007

We’re supposed to get 3-5″ tonight and then 8-10″ Saturday night/sunday morning. The low is tracking from west central to northeast Illinois so we’re on the snow side of the storm. I imagine if you’re south of that line you’re going to get more of a wintery mix or rain.

5. mesablue - February 23, 2007

Ugh, just re-checked the forecast. Saturday should be ok and then Sunday is snow/freezing rain and 30 mph winds. Lovely.

6. geoff - February 23, 2007

Ah crimeny – we’ve got a winter storm watch for this evening. When will it stop? Our normal annual average is 62″ through June, and we’re already around 67″ (I’m guessing). Tonight we’re looking at another 2 – 6″.

Today it was 63 degrees, and we finally almost melted off all the old stuff. Our nicest day in 3 months. And tonight it starts anew. Yuk.

The Farmer’s Almanac claims that March is going to be a snowy month for us, and people tell me that it’s usually pretty accurate. Time to move back to SoCal (I kid, I kid).

7. geoff - February 23, 2007

Anyway, stay warm everybody, and have a good weekend.

8. Barb the Evil Genius - February 23, 2007

They’re predicting a mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow here just south of the Lake Erie Snow Machine, but not until Saturday night, into Sunday morning. That means I can go ice skating tomorrow afternoon after running the kids to ballet and gymnastics.

Around our house, winter isn’t winter without hot chocolate, and nice warm chocolate chip cookies. Of course, my husband and I occasionally spike the hot chocolate with a little chocolate or caramel liqueur. Yum.

9. Sobek - February 23, 2007

Mardi gras party and working late. Yippee! Also, I’m working on Volume I of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, and I hope to finish up Ignatius this weekend.

Also, thanks to Brew for posting this. I was thinking about a place-holder post to avoid breaking the streak, but now I don’t have to.

10. The French (sic) - February 23, 2007

In accordance with Russell Peters’s request, I will spend my weekend beating white children.

Of course, my husband and I occasionally spike the hot chocolate with a little chocolate or caramel liqueur.

Two weeks ago, I went skiing with some folks. Afterwards, we would go to a bar at the base of the mountain and sit around a fire to warm up. To drink, we’d have hot chocolate with peppermint Schnappes. It was delicious. It was also called “The Snuggler.” So you can imagine how my pride suffered as I was forced to order Snuggler after Snuggler.

11. The Comish (sic) - February 23, 2007

Sorry, that was me. I never changed my “name” line back from the “thin mustaches and worthless society” joke yesterday.

12. kevlarchick - February 23, 2007

Mardi Gras is over Sobek. What are you thinking?

Cookies and beer. Mmmm.

13. Sobek - February 23, 2007

“Mardi Gras is over Sobek. What are you thinking?”

That no one in Las Vegas gets off work for Mardi Gras, so I have to do it on a weekend.

14. Mrs. Peel - February 23, 2007

The boy is running in a 10k tomorrow, but we’ll probably have rain…I hate rain.

My book is gonna get shipped on Feb 26! I might have it a week from today!

Wait, I’m going out of town next weekend. Dammit. Stupid volunteer work.

15. Lipstick - February 23, 2007

Let’s just call Comish Sunggler (sic)

Hi Snuggler!

16. Sobek - February 23, 2007

Better to be called Snuggler than to be called The French.

17. BrewFan - February 23, 2007

I’m en suche a gud mude lately I’m going too share it weth Mikael by givinn him ths gft. He luvs it!

18. sandy burger - February 23, 2007

The boy is running in a 10k tomorrow

I read this, and I though: “Mrs. Peel’s boyfriend is gonna run 10,000 miles? Daaaaamn.”

19. Michael - February 23, 2007

I’m spending next week in Jamaica. Montego Bay.

On business!


During my week in Jamaica, I have to make a presentation. It’s gotta be good.


Every once in a while, I recognize why liberals resent me, and I understand why they want to tax my ass to death.


They don’t know that I used to live in a trailer park, they don’t know that I’ve bought groceries with USDA Food Stamps, and they don’t know what it took to get here.

20. Michael - February 23, 2007

Oh, Brew, have I said ăn tôi lately? I forget.

Never mind. Here is a heartfelt ăn tôi from me to you.

21. sandy burger - February 23, 2007

and they don’t know what it took to get here

I hear ya. Getting those incriminating photos of the boss took a lot of time and energy.

22. The Comish (sic) - February 23, 2007

Hi Snuggler!

Someone’s going to have to catch me up. Lipstick said something about snuggling, and I guess I passed out for a few seconds.

23. sandy burger - February 23, 2007

Anh Michael, ngủ mẹ anh, mỹ trắng.

24. The Comish (sic) - February 23, 2007

Good on ya, Michael.

A couple years ago, I spent a week before Christmas at a 5 star hotel in St. Croix … for work. It was a disorienting change from the days of welfare Christmases. And it was not altogether unpleasant.

And you know what’s great? I’m sure you give more to charity than those who are clamoring for wealth redistribution. Let ’em suck on that.

25. The Comish (sic) - February 23, 2007

Getting those incriminating photos of the boss took a lot of time and energy.

Donkey rentals are expensive.

26. Lipstick - February 23, 2007

Good for you Michael!

Just stay on the hotel grounds. Montego Bay is scary.

27. The Comish (sic) - February 23, 2007

Also, Michael, if someone offers to give you some blowfish dust, politely decline. No matter what they tell you, “turning into a zombie” is not how the kids refer to “getting wasted.”

(What? No one gets a “Serpent and the Rainbow” reference?)

28. Lipstick - February 23, 2007

Listen to Snuggler.

29. Retired Geezer - February 23, 2007

Yesterday we had 3 inches of snow when I woke up.
It was all gone by the afternoon.
Today we woke up to another white morning.
The sun came out and burned it off again but in the afternoon it started snowing heavily. Thirty minutes later it cleared up and I saw this cloud.
It looked like an Atomic Blast but it was really only a storm cell. Looked like a funnel cloud but there was no stem.

30. Lipstick - February 23, 2007

I hope Spudder is okay.

31. steve_in_hb - February 23, 2007

The Comish –

All I remember from that movie was a disturbing scene involving a guy tied down, his testicles, a hammer, and a nail.

32. lauraw - February 23, 2007

Forecast calls for cooking and snuggling, with occasional flurries of worry. That’s what the snuggling is for though.

33. daveintexas - February 23, 2007
34. Bart - February 23, 2007

What Am I doing this weekend?

Crap like this:

A student, who is allergic to chocolate, has 15 hours to cram for exams in Algebra, History, Biology, Chemisty, Drama, and English. She puts 15 plain Munchkins and 4 chocolate Munchkins into a paper bag and starts studying Algebra. At the end of every hour, she pulls a Munchkin at random from the bag. If the Munchkin is plain, she eats it and continues to study the same subject. If it is chocolate, she throws it away and moves along to the next subject.

a) What is the probability that she devotes precisely three hours to each subject?

b) What is the probability that she devotes three hours to one subject, 4 hours to two subjects, and 2 hours to the remaining two subjects?

35. Sobek - February 24, 2007

Obviously I read the wrong blogs if that’s the sort of comment I can come to expect.

36. Sobek - February 24, 2007

Also, my week-end plans just changed. Instead of Ignatius, it looks like I’ll be working all week-end. Man, being a blood-sucking leech on society isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

37. eddiebear - February 24, 2007


My brother in law is a Jesuit Priest. He used to lecture in the same Theology classes where I wound up picking up his sister (who is now Mrs. Eddiebear). He would have a ball talking about the books of the Bible remived under the Council of Nicea, the expulsion of heretics to Egypt and the different subgroups forced to accept the Council.

Anyway, enough serious talk. I just returned from the St. Louis Symohony Orchestra (tickets provided by my father in law) to hear Mozart’s Piano Concerto #25 while the inlaws watch the Little princess for the weekend. Rain is expected all day tomorrow in St. Louis, so I bet I’ll just clean the house, visit my 86 year old grandmother, work out, and go out to The Gated Community to pick up my daughter and then take her to the Science Center and Boeing Field to see the planes and helicopters.

38. eddiebear - February 24, 2007

Damn. I meant “removed”. Curse you, Sangiovese!

39. Wickedpinto - February 24, 2007

sleeping prolly, got a bug I think been running hot and cold all day, feel like hell, can’t drink beer or tea, so if I decide to interact with people I might be a bit terse.

Getting sick while being something of an isolated hermit is just infuriating.

40. Wickedpinto - February 24, 2007

My brother in law is a Jesuit Priest. He used to lecture in the same Theology classes where I wound up picking up his sister (who is now Mrs. Eddiebear).

I should hope that the sister you picked up in theology classes is the same one who made the priest your brother in law (it’s kinda self explanatory) otherwise I would have had to create a bizarre moral code for both individuals from a background that sends their children to theology classes, and allowing the a guy to “pick up” not just one but two daughters, and maybe more, who knows.

Not saying anything negative, it’s just that reading that one sentence and it’s parenthetical inclusions really threw me for a loop for a moment, had to re-read it, being absolutely positive that I missed something.

41. mesablue - February 24, 2007

Every once in a while, I recognize why liberals resent me

Only liberals?

Oh wait, lawyers pay my salary. I love being part of of the 1% of people that actually take money from lawyers.

It’s also kind of recession proof (after it survived the end of the big retainer). Nice business you folks have.

42. Pupster - February 24, 2007

Mesablue is a herpetologist?

43. kevlarchick - February 24, 2007

Let’s all crash in Michael’s room this week.

You won’t even notice us, Mikey. You’ll be out *working* all day and night.

Snuggler will bar the door, Lipstick and I will do shots and sneak out the window, the boys will order room service.

44. Retired Geezer - February 24, 2007

Is there room for a horse or two?

45. Retired Geezer - February 24, 2007

Meanwhile DinT has his own method of surviving the blizzard.

“Look there’s a squirrel”!

46. Dave in Texas - February 24, 2007

Mønti Pythøn ik den Hølie Gräilen

47. Sobek - February 24, 2007

“He would have a ball talking about the books of the Bible remived under the Council of Nicea, the expulsion of heretics to Egypt and the different subgroups forced to accept the Council.”

I have a ball talking about that stuff, too, but few people I know are as interested.

48. lauraw - February 24, 2007

Hang in there Brew! Don’t forget some tylenol for the shoveling muscles. 😉

49. daveintexas - February 24, 2007

Røten nik Akten Di

50. eddiebear - February 24, 2007

I guess I need to clarify things. My now brother in law was teaching a class at the U on the Book of Luke and the Book of Acts that I had to take for a core requirement. Turns out one of his sisters was taking the class as well. I knew her already from the College Republicans. We hit it off. He presided over our marriage. I got an A in the class, she got a B+ BWAHAHAHAHA!

I hope that makes more sense.

51. Dave in Texas - February 24, 2007


Alsø wik

Alsø alsø wik

Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër ?

52. harrison - February 24, 2007


53. Dave in Texas - February 24, 2007

See the løveli lakes

54. BrewFan - February 24, 2007

You’ve been spending too much time with Ana-Lys. NTTAWWT.

55. Dave in Texas - February 24, 2007

The wøndërful telephøne system

56. Retired Geezer - February 24, 2007

You’ve been spending too much time with Ana-Lys.

Nahh, he pissed them off.
I’m the new fluffer Body Oil Boy for the Swedish Bikini Team.

57. Dave in Texas - February 24, 2007

And mäni interesting furry animals

58. Bart - February 24, 2007

Wisconin is having a Oh What A Night!

59. Dave in Texas - February 24, 2007

Mmmmm.. grilled tenderloin, grilled asparagus in olive oil and parmesan. 75 degrees today… wooo hoo!

60. BrewFan - February 24, 2007

I’d give you half of a peace sign but I don’t want to take off my mittens.

61. Dave in Texas - February 24, 2007

Including the majestik møøse

62. Dave in Texas - February 24, 2007

A Møøse once bit my sister…

63. geoff - February 25, 2007

Heh. We dodged all of it. The rest of Colorado got nuked, but the Denver area was a pocket of niceness.

Scratch threats to move back to SoCal.

64. Dave in Texas - February 25, 2007

Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti…

65. Bullwinkle - February 25, 2007

Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti…

And don’t you forget it, beyotch.

66. Dave in Texas - February 25, 2007

No realli! She was Karving her initials øn the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge – her brother-in-law -an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: “The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist”, “Fillings of Passion”, “The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink”…

67. Rightwingsparkle - February 25, 2007

Interesting thread. What a bunch of braggers!…;-)

Michael brags on being rich.

mesablue brags on taking $$ from lawyers.

sobek and eddiebear brag about how smart they are.

Mrs. Peel brags about the athletic ability of her boyfriend.

Dave In Texas brags about cooking and weather.

Kevlarchick threatens to break into Michael’s house.

Bart mentions chocolate and expects me to then do math.

All this while poor brewfan has not updated since he ran out for gas. So he is probably a human popsicle and all you guys can do is think of yourselves!


68. BrewFan - February 25, 2007

Sparkly, F5 is your friend. 🙂

69. kevlarchick - February 25, 2007

I don’t want to break into Michael’s house, I want to crash in his room in Jamaica.

I doubt Brew is cold. He’s probably verrrry warm inside. Didn’t he say his last trek out was a beer run?

70. steve_in_hb - February 25, 2007

White death = yawn. I’ve been dealing with reddish-brown death here. My dog has diarhea so bad that there’s blood in it. I can’t sleep more than a couple hours straight because I have to take him out.

Nothing like walking in to your living room and finding a two foot stretch of wall covered with liquid crap and blood, with a 2 foot by 2 foot puddle at it’s base. I just stood there, not even knowing how to approach cleaning it up.

And yes, I know I’m giving you guys TMI. Tough – I must inflict my pain on others.

71. Zombie RWS - February 25, 2007


72. Pupster - February 25, 2007

Show of hands…
Who still has Christmas lights up?

73. BrewFan - February 25, 2007

steve, thanks for sharing.

Pups, we had nice weather in January so I got ’em down.

74. BrewFan - February 25, 2007

Oh, btw, KC is once again absolutely correct. I am attempting to kill some of the snow shoveling pain with malted barley and hops and various fine grains, fermented to a delicious beverage.

75. kevlarchick - February 25, 2007

Steve! Poor puppy!

Pups, we got ours down this year since December and January were so mild, and because I rode Mr Kevlar’s arse until he took them down. But last year they stayed up all year until next Christmas. Can you tell Mr Kevlar is a redneck of the highest order?

My dad pulled up to our house for a summer party and snickered, “Christmas in July? How quaint.”

I really miss July right now.

76. mesablue - February 25, 2007

Not much snow in SE Michigan, we got covered in ice and then a half inch of slush which then froze into a crunchy mess.

It’s not that bad because the crunchy stuff is a lot less slippery. Shoveling (err, hacking the ice apart) sucked.

It’s kinda purty, everything is white and shiny.

77. steve_in_hb - February 25, 2007

“It’s kinda purty, everything is white…”

Your perfect world, eh. All white. You racist son of a bitch – you make me sick.

78. Dave in Texas - February 25, 2007

I’m sorry your pups is sick Steve.

Got any Clorox?

79. Rightwingsparkle - February 25, 2007


If the blood is still there, use hydrogen peroxide. It works like magic. Just pour it on and the blood disappears. If there are stubborn stains you can blot it out.

80. Rightwingsparkle - February 25, 2007


Don’t think I don’t know that was you. The internet is a crazy thing. I actually got an e-mail from the media director of McCain’s campaign who asked for my number and actually called me! We talked about the blogs and the anger at McCain and he said to keep in touch with him.

Isn’t that something? That means they are reading the blogs and the comments. I suppose if one is reading the blogs for McCain, then I would be noticable, because I AM THE ONLY ONE DEFENDING HIM.

81. Dave in Texas - February 25, 2007

What me? What?

Give em my number. I can save him a world of grief dear.

“God bless you for your service Senator. Now sit down”.

82. BrewFan - February 25, 2007

“God bless you for your service Senator. Now sit down”.

Amen, brother. Amen.

83. lauraw - February 25, 2007

And thank goodness for that.

Steve, do you know what the problem is with your dog?

You should withhold food and only let him eat a few pieces of crushed ice here and there to wet his whistle, until he subsides.

Feed him cooked plain mushy rice with some crushed Tums in it, and salt (if you have potassium-based salt substitute, add that in addition to the table salt too) in it. Will help bind up his tummy a bit and give him some electrolytes and moisture.
Watch out for dehydration.

If he won’t eat the rice that way, stir in some chicken babyfood or bland boiled chicken.

Poor shnookums.

84. Dave in Texas - February 25, 2007

You are so nice to puppies and critters.

85. lauraw - February 25, 2007

And you are just plain nice.

86. Frank Burns - February 25, 2007

Its nice to be nice to the nice.

87. Dave in Texas - February 25, 2007

oh hush, I am not either

88. steve_in_hb - February 25, 2007

Thank you for the concern.

He’s getting better. 3 days ago he could barely walk. Now he’s more energetic and there’s no longer blood in his feces. Also, things are mushy, no longer liquid. I’ve been feeding him white rice + boiled chicken. The vet gave me an anti-diarrhea medicine also.

I don’t know what’s wrong exactly. He was kenneled for several days while I was out of state, so maybe he picked up something. Luckily, I kennel at my vet, so they had the meds all ready when I picked him up.

Jake is an old dog and it seems like once a year he gets some kind of nasty illness/injury that makes me think the downward spiral may be starting. One time the vet even told me that he didn’t expect him to make it through the day. Then two days later he’ll be back to his energetic self. He’s a pound dog – just keeps going.

89. Dave in Texas - February 25, 2007

Poor pup.

Hope he keeps getting well steve. Maybe just a kennel virus.

90. Dave in Texas - February 25, 2007

and Frank Burns made me grin… I remember that scene.

91. mesablue - February 25, 2007

Reason #436 not to like McCain.

92. lauraw - February 25, 2007

Yeah, old dogs.

Our old black lab Guido would seem like he just couldn’t get up the stairs anymore, and hubby and I would give each other that look.

Then that dog would have all these ‘good days’ running around the yard like nothing was wrong.

Eventually the bad days outnumbered the good. Best pals just don’t last long enough to suit me.

Will never forget how good an alarm clock Guido was. I’d be all snuggled up getting my last dreams in, and suddenly be aware that the air had taken on an obnoxious moist stank. Crack open the eyes, and there was this grave, white-jowled face just inches from mine, breathing his foul exhalations right into my nostrils.
He was a Good Boy.

93. Rightwingsparkle - February 25, 2007

Years ago I had to put my Spitz down. I had had him for 14 yrs. I loved loved that dog. Afterwards I sat in my car and cried for a solid hour.

Sometimes life just sucks.

94. daveintexas - February 25, 2007

Before Moses we had to put down Missy.

A blue something mutt.

Sweetest dog we ever had. 12 years. She never snapped at me, never jumped on the girls. She would always gently nibble a bit of steak out of my fingers, or a bone I saved for her.

Damn. We get attached to these critters.

95. eddiebear - February 26, 2007


One problem could be that the dog may be developing a protein losing enteropathy caused by liver and/or kidney problems. If the legs start to swell and the abdomen bloats up, that may be it. When my wife and I got married, we adopted a retired racing greyhound. She was sweet, but always getting hurt and sick. She was also skittish as hell. Eventually, she developed the enteropathy, and we had to say goodbye.

My parents are facing some of the same problems now. Their Australian SHepers is almost 15 and starting to slip in the worst way. After what my folks have had to go through the last few years, and the stress of seeing my brother set to deploy to the sandbox to deal with the hajjis, this is extra tough on them.

96. eddiebear - February 26, 2007

I meant Australian Shepherd. Damn.

97. eddiebear - February 26, 2007

Oh, and RWS:

While I appreciate the compliment, I am hardly the smart one. My wife puts me to shame regarding her writing, math and artistic abilities. She is the truly smart one. I’m just a drooling imbecile who wants to go and play blocks with my daughter. And dammit, she’s better than me at it.

98. Sobek - February 26, 2007

I took a seminar on playing with blocks, once. I thought about basing my thesis on it, but then decided it would probably go waaaaay over my professor’s head.

99. eddiebear - February 26, 2007

Well, didn’t Bill Cosby did his Doctoral on Fat Albert?

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