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Thank Gaia For James Cameron February 24, 2007

Posted by BrewFan in Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science.

Now all those xtian fundy terrorists will finally be forced to face the truth. Does this mean honorary membership for James in the vaunted Jesus Seminar? I don’t want to hear any of you beclowned Christers trying to tell me this isn’t science. We’re talking DNA people! I guess this guy is going to need a job soon.


1. Wickedpinto - February 25, 2007

Lloyd Dobler has returned?

Was that cameron?

2. PB and J - February 25, 2007


i think that it is important to recognize that this may be the Jesus people claim to be risen, but it isnt by necessity.

you see, there is no way to match the DNA to Jesus. no one can prove that the DNA is the same because we have no other DNA to compare it to. certainly, the resurrection seems impossible, but a tomb marked with the name of Jesus with DNA doesnt prove anything other than that allegedly a man named Jesua was buried there. how many Jesuas do you think lived in israel about 2000 yrs ago?

just so you know, the name Jesus is a translation of Joshua in Hebrew. Joshua is a very popular jewish name because the leader of israel was named this. plus the man who rebuilt the temple was named this. etc.

while i dont discredit claims because of blind faith, i discredit claims that cannot be proven.


3. BrewFan - February 25, 2007

while i dont discredit claims because of blind faith, i discredit claims that cannot be proven.

I whole-heartedly agree. My post was intended as snark, not support for the media whores who concocted this stunt. And make no mistake about it, it is a media stunt. Made-for-T.V. science.

4. Jesus Tomb « Scotteriology - February 25, 2007

[…] Jesus Tomb The blogging world is on fire talking about the new documentary from Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron. They claim to have found Jesus’ family tomb. Of course, there will be those that over re-act and in their desire for anything to discredit Christianity  and will claim that this “rocks it to its very foundation” without considering all of the evidence first (example here). […]

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