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I dream of Geezer February 27, 2007

Posted by kevlarchick in Music.

I dreamt of Geezer last night.   Or was it a nightmare?

I was at a Deep Purple concert with my sisters.  Since we are all three so fine, we were immediately invited onstage by Ritchie Blackmore.   He looked hot–those black pants and the axe….

Did I say Geezer was in the dream?  My sisters and I are chillin on a leather couch onstage and here comes Geezer!  He’s in a big hurry, bumps fists with me, says “Hey KC! I gotta run!  My horses are sick and I gotta take care of ’em!” 

Geezer left a Deep Purple concert to muck out a stall.  


1. eddiebear - February 27, 2007

Did RG ever interview Ritchie? I know he had that Jimmy Paige moment.

2. daveintexas - February 27, 2007

I probably would have been that stupid with a flare gun.

I know I wouldn’t be “Funky Claude”. In an emergency I might throw the kids out the ground.

3. daveintexas - February 27, 2007

OT, and apologies for the threadjack, skinbad asked me if I would expand my thoughts on my recent visit to Utah. Whenever someone asks me to keep yakking, I oblige.


4. kevlarchick - February 27, 2007

That is so like you Dave, to try to distract us from Ritchie Blackmore.

5. daveintexas - February 27, 2007

I think he’s playing a taco strat in that photo.

6. BrewFan - February 27, 2007

I saw Deep Purple in concert. I don’t like to think about it because when I realize how long ago it was I feel old(er). But Smoke on the Water is real rock and roll!

7. skinbad - February 27, 2007

Now I’m humming “I dream of Geezer with the light brown hair.”

Thanks for that.

8. daveintexas - February 27, 2007

anyone care to take a guess at Ritchie’s age?

9. kevlarchick - February 27, 2007

I saw em too Brew. And I ain’t old.

Skinny, start humming Woman From Tokyo instead. That’s what was playing in my dream.

I’m sure you boys were in my dream, I had probably just dispatched you to buy beer when Ritchie pulled us girls onstage.

10. cm - February 27, 2007

kc, you might not want to eat “those” kind of brownies prior to going night-night.

So, what was Geezer wearing? More importantly, what were you wearing?

11. Retired Geezer - February 27, 2007

I never got to interview Deep Purple but I was a Yuge fan back in the early 70’s. I went to a Deep Purple concert in Las Vegas once. at least I *think* it was a DP concert
Fleetwood Mac was the opening act. This was *old* FM, prior to Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.
Anyway they put on a great set, I think this was during their Bare Trees period. I was a fan but I’m sure not everyone in the arena even knew who they were. Everybody was there to see Deep Purple.
FM finishes their set and we’re waiting for the Main Event.
… and Waiting… and waiting.
Finally they announce that Deep Purple is NOT going to appear but that Fleetwood Mac will be coming out to do another set.
I can’t remember the details other than everybody started booing when they came back on stage. Not that they were bad, it was just that everybody wanted to see DP.
Anyway, Mick Fleetwood basically said ‘Eff you’ and walked off the stage.
Don’t remember if there was an actual riot but it made the local paper.
We didn’t get our money back.

Same thing happened at the Sahara Hotel convention area when Sly and the Family Stone didn’t appear.

So that’s my non-interview story.

Through the Glories of Intertubes I have found the story… Behold.

12. Lipstick - February 27, 2007

I used to sing along to “Smoke on the Water”.

Except I got the words wrong and was singing “Slow Running Water”.

13. kevlarchick - February 27, 2007

Great story geezer, as usual.

What geezer wearing in the dream? Jeans, t-shirt, and that orange hunting hat you wore in the hot tub on your blog.

14. Bart - February 27, 2007

Too bad there isn’t a site with music videos available to post with posts such as this one.

15. eddiebear - February 27, 2007


My dad is still a fan of George Jones. He tells me of how he earned the title “No Show” Jones.

They don’t make them like they used to.

16. BrewFan - February 27, 2007

I had a similar experience at a Joni Mitchell concert at the Univ. of Maryland about ’75. The opening act was Tom Scott and the L.A. Express who were fantastic. Joni came out to join them, did half a song and ran off-stage sick. After about an hour the house lights came up and they called off the concert. Instant riot. Happy ending though; we got our money back.

17. geoff - February 27, 2007

Good old Tom Scott – I’ve got an album of his. You rarely hear his name.

18. Retired Geezer - February 27, 2007

Yeah, I forgot the part about ‘Overturned Police Cars’ at the DP concert.
Amazing that I found that link from a guy who was at the same concert.
It was open seating on the floor and I was able to get very close to the stage by virtue of the fact that I had a professional looking camera.

I actually have some slides of Fleetwood Mac from that concert.

Yeah, yeah, it’s stored away with my Jimmy Page interview.

Bite me.

19. mesablue - February 27, 2007

Rory Gallager rocked. Didn’t know that he died. Thanks, RG.

Anyway, I had an experience that was kind of the reverse. I went to see UFO at the old Chicago Amphitheater and the opening act was some band that we’d never heard of — Judas Priest.

Judas Priest came out and sucked so bad they got booed of the stage after three songs. The lead singer (gay leather guy) was so wrecked he could barely sing and was screaming “fuck you, Chicago” over and over as they forced him off the stage. It was my first concert — I was loving it.

We had to wait over an hour for UFO to come out, but it was more than worth it.

20. mesablue - February 27, 2007


From that tour in 1978 — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AwvCribgXw

UFO was a trip, but they have the dubious credit of spawning all of those nasty hair bands.

21. Retired Geezer - February 27, 2007

I bet Dave in Texas can play “Smoke on the Water”.

*dunt dunt duhhhh
dunt dunt du duhhhh
dunt dunt duhhhh
duhnt duhhhhh*

22. daveintexas - February 27, 2007

We’ve covered that one for years… wish I could find a recording.

I get the lead vocals on that one. We did the live version ending, very cool.

23. kevlarchick - February 27, 2007

I loved Perfect Strangers. Had the 80s flavor, I know, but underneath was the same band.

24. mesablue - February 27, 2007


Also, from growing up in Chicago, I thought they meant Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I spent my summers there as a kid. Made sense to me, thought it was kinda cool that they wrote a song about it.

25. Mr Minority - February 27, 2007

I’ve seen to groups booed off the stage.

The first was some punk band opening for Black Sabbath, they were called the Ramones. Someone actually threw a large cup of coke and hit the drummer on the head. That ended that.

And the second booing was the opening act for Supertramp, some guy named John Cougar. He had a crappy guitar cord that kept shorting out screwing everything up. He was booed and he cut his set short. Thank God.

26. Mr Minority - February 27, 2007

The UFO’s album “Stranger in the Night” is a live album done in Chicago, is that the one you went to?

27. eddiebear - February 28, 2007


Living in St. Louis, I remember the G n R concert in 1991 that ended in a riot. I wasn’t there, because I had to go to work the next morning (it was summer, and I was in between my junior and senior years at the all boys Jesuit school I attended), but many of my friends were there. One of them was hit in the head with a flying cooler. He had to get 29 stitches to his dome. We still laugh about it to this day. And the best part: when Axl came back to St. Louis for his trial over starting a riot, he autographed a bunch of stuff for theguy he attacked at the concert that started the riot.

28. eddiebear - February 28, 2007

Oh, and lest I miss one more lame attempt to glom onto music concert lore, my uncle was a grad student in London, he went to the famous Zeppelin concert in Earl’s Court that is on that box set that came out about 3 or 4 years ago. Needless to say, he was baked out of his gourd at the time, so he remembers zilch about the show. So he bought the box set to see what the concert was like!

29. eddiebear - February 28, 2007

Sorry for the bad grammar in #28. I’m too tired.

30. mesablue - February 28, 2007

Speaking of riots, I was at Disco Demolition at Comisky.

Mr. Minority, yes they recorded a several songs from the particular show I went to. hey also recorded in Kentucky. It was pretty cool to listen to them sing “lights out, lights out ‘Chicago'” and know that I was there, let alone being my first concert. We ran home from the record store with that one when it came out to see which songs made it. They were nice enough to list the venues and dates.

They closed with Love to Love, also the version on the album.

There were a couple of firsts that night. Not going to get into them here.

31. mesablue - February 28, 2007

And, Supertramp?

Do you know how many times I had to see Supertramp and Cheap Trick at every summer concert in Chicago for about twenty years?

Christ, Supertramp even opened for Led Zeppelin at Summer Jam one year.

I like both bands, but wow did they ever play too many shows in our town at mega venues where we had no choice but to sit through it.

On the other hand. Cheap Trick just came to Detroit last year , to open for Def Leppard. I went just for Cheap Trick and left as soon as they were done.

32. Retired Geezer - February 28, 2007


33. Dave in Texas - February 28, 2007


34. Dave in Texas - February 28, 2007

that’s radio talk right there.

35. BrewFan - February 28, 2007


36. BrewFan - February 28, 2007


37. Dave in Texas - February 28, 2007

foxtrot uniform

38. BrewFan - February 28, 2007

shouldn’t that be foxtrot yankee?

39. Retired Geezer - February 28, 2007

How’s this Brew?

November 1 Oscar Golf


Number 1 Old Geezer

40. compos mentis - February 28, 2007

that’s radio talk right there.

Sounds more like Bill the Cat to me.

41. compos mentis - February 28, 2007

that’s radio talk right there.

Sounds more like Bill the Cat to me.

42. kevlarchick - February 28, 2007

charlie foxtrot

43. daveintexas - February 28, 2007

Oh no brew, I wasn’t hurling an epithet. It was a sitrep.

44. Lipstick - February 28, 2007

Someone asked Dave how he was and, since he’d been hitting the Maker’s Mark, he said he was Foxtrot Uniform.

That’s my guess.

45. daveintexas - February 28, 2007

A chick who knows what “tit’s up” means has got some smarts to go along with her pretty.

46. kevlarchick - February 28, 2007

A tits machine would never go tits up.

Unass and waveoff, Dave.

47. BrewFan - February 28, 2007

Delta india Tangom, Ack your sitrep.

Some people who thought they were funny used to go on the battalion net with the following:

“Camel Pecker Charlie. Camel Pecker Charlie. This is Roger Fuck a Duck. Over”


48. Mr Minority - February 28, 2007

They closed with Love to Love, also the version on the album.

That has to be one of my all time favorite live songs. Incredible. I am a huge UFO and Scorpions fan. You were one lucky dog to see UFO at their prime.

49. Retired Geezer - February 28, 2007

Lipstick is bringing her haiku skilz to Spudder’s Blog

50. John M. - August 27, 2008

Hey Retired Geezer, I was at that DP concert back in the ’70s in Vegas and it did turn into a riot. It started when a girl in the front row was hit in the head with a wine bottle by one of the roadies. FM was great. They were so good some think it the reason why DP didn’t play. The reason DP has was one of them broke a finger earlier. Whatever the reason a lot of people got hurt that night.

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