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“Youths” March 28, 2007

Posted by Sobek in News.

The French are rioting again.  The police had to clear the Gare du Nord (northern trainstation) after they arrested a “youth” who hopped a turnstile, and other “youths” started a riot in response to what they perceived as unnecessary police brutality. 

Here’s another link.  One thing the two stories (one from Yahoo News, one from Breitbart) have in common is that they both describe the rioters as “youths.”  No other mention of what may have caused this sudden, completely unexpected outburst of youthful over-exuberance.

But maybe we have a few hints:  “In autumn 2005, youths and police clashed every night for three weeks in France’s worst riots for decades.”

They’re not exactly “surrounding” the story, here.  The 2005 riots were distinctly race-oriented, were sparked (excuse the pun) after two north african “youths” fleeing from police hid in a transformer station and got electricuted, and the riots were mainly focused in north african immigrant areas.  Of course, I only know that because I remember the riots, not because anyone at the Associated Foreign Press bothered to remind us of the cause of France’s worst riots for decades.  Oh, and also, “Sarkozy, who left the government on Monday to run for the presidency, was accused of provoking the rioters by calling them ‘scum’.”  We can’t escape the obligatory dig at the conservative guy running for President, even if we omit virtually every other detail about the riots.

So after reading the two stories, I kept wondering if maybe there’s a racial component to this new riot.  The fact that the AFP can’t be bothered to actually, y’know, report any facts is a tad frustrating.  If the only reason the wires exist anymore is to serve as political action committees, shouldn’t they be forced to register as such?


1. geoff - March 28, 2007

Feisty is also pretty confident that they’re North African Muslims.

2. Fred Gwynn - March 28, 2007

Did yew say “yewts”? What’s a “yewt”?

3. wiserbud - March 28, 2007

Wanna bet these “yewts” are Scandis? I’m gonna really go out on a limb her and say that they might even be Lutheran Scandis.

4. Feisty - March 29, 2007

Also, the “youth” (elsewhere referred to as a “young person”) who jumped the turnstyle at the train station, instigating the riot, was 33 years old.

Now it’s official: ‘Youth’ is just a way to say ‘Muslim’. You don’t even have to be a youth to be a youth any longer.

5. Dave in Texas - March 29, 2007

33 is a youth to me, but I take your point it’s MSM bullshit.

6. Sobek - March 29, 2007

That’s it, I’m converting to Islam. Not only will I be permanently immune to any and all criticism, but I’ll stay young forever.

7. Retired Geezer - March 29, 2007

Yeah but you have to dress funny. What kind of Turban fits a crocodile anyway?

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