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Bobby “Boris” Pickett, dead at 69 April 26, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Music.

Became a one-hit wonder in 1962 with “Monster Mash”.  Bob Dylan said “he was a one-hit wonder, but he came back every year”.  Bobby recorded Monster Mash with a dead-on impersonation of Boris Karloff.

He used to say at performances “And now I’m going to do a medley of my hit”.

RIP Bobby.


1. Enas Yorl - April 26, 2007

That’s too bad. I always liked that song. I bet the funeral is gonna be a graveyard smash.

2. eddiebear - April 26, 2007

We may only get to encounter genius such as this once in our lifetime. Otherwise, we have to settle for the Beatles or Dylan.

3. dr4 - April 26, 2007

he used to work with that singing chick whos always selling albums on FNC. I forget her name now. Or maybe it was tammy Fay Baker he worked with. Either way he was doing Christian music. I think.

Still Monster Mash was one of the best Holiday songs ever. Look forward to hearing it every year.

4. steve_in_hb - April 26, 2007

The day the music died. Next we are going to lose the “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” guy. Or the guy who sang “One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater”.

5. Russ from Winterset - April 26, 2007

Steve, I hate to tell you this, but I think Sheb Wooley (“Purple People Eater”) died about a decade ago.

William “She Bangs” Hung is available for a plane or motorcycle crash though, if you’re interested in finding a replacement on that list.

6. steve_in_hb - April 26, 2007

What about the guy who did the records which consisted of him interviewing someone with all the answers being sound bites from popular songs of the day?

Interviewer: So where did you meet Mr. so and so?
Response: “At the car wash”


7. Lipstick - April 26, 2007

I hope the guy who sang “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road” is still with us.

8. Lipstick - April 26, 2007

And LMAO, Enas!!

I bet the funeral is gonna be a graveyard smash.

9. skinbad - April 26, 2007

Casket’s going to be cremated. It caught on in a flash.

10. Elzbth - April 26, 2007


11. Mrs. Peel - April 26, 2007

I always liked that song.

steve, what about “Camp Granada”?

12. dr4 - April 26, 2007

Alan Sherman wrote Camp Grenada

Sam the Sham was great too. “little Red Riding Hood” ” Woolly Bully”

The 60s had to be musics greatest decade. Even the novelty songs were classics.

13. Elzbthiswondering - April 26, 2007

Speaking of 60’s novelty songs, wasn’t there one about a car race which ended with one driver calling out, “Hey buddy, how do you get this thing out of second gear”?

14. dr4 - April 26, 2007

“Beep Beep. Beep Beep. His horn went beep Beep Beep.”

Beep Beep by the Playmates

15. dr4 - April 26, 2007

I forgot a beep.

You get the point.


16. Elzbthiswondering - April 26, 2007
17. dr4 - April 26, 2007

I got a question. On Dick Bartley radio program he refers to the song In the Year 2525 as the number two novelty song of all time. What the heck is the number one novelty song? Ive never heard him say.

Anybody know? Geezer?

p.s. i just downloaded a really cool box set of the Faces. It has 90% of their released stuff plus some nice rarities. Very underrated rock band.

18. Retired Geezer - April 26, 2007

We spent the rest of that day and most of that night,
Trying to find my brother, Bill.
Caught up with him, ’bout six o’clock the next morning,
Naked, swinging on the wind mill!
He said he flew up there.
I had to fly up there and bring him down,
He was about half crazy

That was Jim Stafford.

I also worked Roger Miller in Vegas. He was a funny dude. One of his best songs is one you probably never heard of.

The Day I Jumped From Uncle Harvey’s Plane.

19. Retired Geezer - April 26, 2007

Faces… weren’t they previously known as the Small Faces?
Itchykoo Park?

I remember the song by Zager and Evans, In the year 2525. I think it came out in the 70’s.

20. dr4 - April 26, 2007

aargh Jim Stafford?!

I cant believe you like anybody who inflicted ‘My Girl Bill’ on the world.

21. Retired Geezer - April 26, 2007

If I had to guess the #1 novelty song, I would guess something by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

I think those ones with the drops, that Steve mentioned were called Flying Saucer or something like that.

Ray Stevens had some funny songs; Ahab the Arab… lots more.

22. Retired Geezer - April 26, 2007


For breakfast she makes coffee that tasts like cham


I come home to dinner and it’s Peanut Butter Stew.

23. dr4 - April 26, 2007

nah 2525 was out before the moon landing.

The Faces were some of The Small Faces guys with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood. They were just a really good bar band type group. Like the Black Crows. They were a better band than the Small Faces.

Remember the Ogdens Nut Gone Flake album cover?

24. daveintexas - April 26, 2007

Camp Granada was from an album called My Son the Nut.

Sherman came after Spike Jones, before Weird Al.

25. dr4 - April 26, 2007

I wonder if Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer would count as a Novelty Song? That would be my guess for number one.

26. dr4 - April 26, 2007

Harvey I cant do it!

I still like ‘Chug-a-Lug’ best.

Roger Miller was the voice of character in a pretty good kids movie from a few years back. It was a Disney Robin Hood movie with animal characters. Peel might know it or any of you with kids.

27. Michael - April 26, 2007

Didn’t Roger Miller do King Of The Road?

That song was pre-rock. It’s an early childhood memory for me.

28. Michael - April 26, 2007
29. dr4 - April 26, 2007

yep thats Roger Miller. He won a ‘best in rock’ Grammy for that song i think. It was during the year Beatlemania hit too.

30. Michael - April 26, 2007

Woohoo — another trip down memory lane for a novelty song (later picked up by Elvis):

Polk Salad Annie.

31. steve_in_hb - April 26, 2007

You people are making me dredge up memories of riding in the station wagon on family trips while my dad listened to Dr. Demento thinking the kids were asleep. He had fun explaining why the song “The Mexican Air Force Is Flying High” was funny.

The funniest part of family trips was when we went in to NYC to see relatives. My dad always happpily pointed out the prostitues who hung on the corners by the tunnel exit, desctibing them as the “Official NYC Tourism Board Welcoming Committee”.

32. dr4 - April 26, 2007

Believe it or not Tony Joe White Rocks. I have a couple of his bootlegs and he puts on a hell of a show. I would upload a couple of tracks but you bastards pay about as much attention to them as you do the music Michael posts.

ps I was surprised when i found out he was white.

chomp chomp

33. dr4 - April 26, 2007

How many times were you arrested before you figured out your dad was full of crap steve?

34. steve_in_hb - April 26, 2007

Arrested or convicted?

35. mesablue - April 26, 2007

I was gonna ask how many times were you ‘welcomed’?

36. steve_in_hb - April 26, 2007

Generally my sexually partners are more energetic with their goodbying than they are with their welcoming.

37. eddiebear - April 27, 2007

My dad has a few novelty albums (yes, vinyl) with many of these old songs on them. It now is probably a collector’s item.

38. dr4 - April 27, 2007

i still prefer vinyl to cd for older albums. They just sound warmer and

And the true test of whether a country song is any good is if it sounds good coming through an A.M. radio.

Mesablue: I have a boot of a show from Peter Gabriels first solo tour that has an amazing version of “Here Comes the Flood” with Robert Fripp on guitar. In my opinion it blows all other versions of the song away. Unfortunately the disk seems to be corrupted. My computer freezes up everytime i try to play it.

There is a studio version of the song on Robert Fripps solo album “Exposure” that you might want to check out. I cant remember how it sounded but if its anything like the live version its great.

39. Paul A'Barge - May 2, 2007

Man, Here he was:

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