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It’s Raining Where I Live April 26, 2007

Posted by Michael in Personal Experiences.

Plus, my house is getting torn up by the ever-expanding kitchen renovation project, which now extends to hall, foyer, bar, and laundry room. Fortunately, my study is still off-limits.

Yesterday, both of the guys who were working on this project at the time went to the hospital. No shit. One suffered a knee blow-out. This guy is our prime contractor. Apparently this happens to him periodically. After he left, the other guy got a forehead laceration from incidental shrapnel while cutting tile. Mrs. Michael did the battlefield bandaging and sent him to the hospital for stitches.

In the meantime, my house looks like shit, I’ve got a poker party scheduled for Saturday, and they have not even started on the kitchen. The only thing going on with the kitchen is that there are all these frickin’ new appliances and lighting fixtures piled up in the garage, which makes it really difficult to get the motorcycle out. Which doesn’t matter anyway, because it’s frickin’ raining. That means I gotta get wet to enter my own home because I have to go in the front door, because I can’t get in through the garage because the hall is being tiled. My recently beautified motorcycle is covered with a drop cloth, because the garage is where the tile-cutting (and shrapnel) is going on.

And it’s raining.


1. daveintexas - April 26, 2007

I want a big red nose,
I want some floppy shoes,
I want a squirter flower
squirt it on you,
like all the bad clowns do,

2. Michael - April 26, 2007

Dave, if you keep posting cool links like that, I can get you a choice bunk near the window in the reeducation camp, during the Lutheran Millennium™.

3. dr4 - April 26, 2007

you should always rent The Money Pit every time youre contemplating home repair.

Also you should have posted this song about rain:

Maybe the best band ever. The original anyway.

4. Michael - April 26, 2007

Also you should have posted this song about rain:

Hey, I’m in a country mood.

You picked the wrong song anyway. The alternative was Pink Floyd’s “Rain On Me”.

5. dr4 - April 26, 2007

Im tired of Pink Floyd. Theyve been played to death on the radio.

Johnny Cash had a song called “Muddy Waters” that was great if youve never heard it. i just dont like new country music at all.

6. mesablue - April 26, 2007
7. daveintexas - April 26, 2007

I just wanted to post a song about joining the circus.

Something about the description of your tore up home made me feel,

nothing. I felt nothing at all.

8. mesablue - April 26, 2007
9. Michael - April 27, 2007

Dave, you’re just pissed off because your own home is fucked up because you did some wiring changes yourself. Admit it.

10. mesablue - April 27, 2007

I forgot what kind of a freak Gabriel used to be — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdD6L4cKKU8

Great music, though. I loved early Genesis.

11. geoff - April 27, 2007

Great music, though. I loved early Genesis.

…and early Gabriel.

12. eddiebear - April 27, 2007

Actually, I had to do some home electric work this week. It involved an old socket in the basement that was not working properly. At least I had the sense to turn off the power while doing it.

Man, I love old South St. Louis houses! Everything is pre-OSHA and pre-safety codes. It makes for some interesting events.

13. eddiebear - April 27, 2007


“Flower” is still an awesome song.

14. eddiebear - April 27, 2007


Don’t you have one of those wet weather riding suits with the pants and jacket?

15. Michael - April 27, 2007

I forgot what kind of a freak Gabriel used to be —

Steve Winwood has the perfect rock voice. In addition, he actually pays attention and hits the notes. He proved this forever with Higher Love.

Bonus, he shifts effortlessly to a really good falsetto, and still hits the notes.

On another subject, I’ve always thought that Cyndi Lauper does not get the respect she deserves.

She sorta made Madonna possible, and I personally believe that Madonna is more important than the U.S. Army.

But that’s another subject.

16. mesablue - April 27, 2007

I personally believe that Madonna is more important than the U.S. Army

Mrs. Michael, you forgot to put the ‘Mrs.’ part in — again.

17. Michael - April 27, 2007

Don’t you have one of those wet weather riding suits with the pants and jacket?

No. After Texas, the attitude is that you just wait for a nice day. It won’t be long.

18. steve_in_hb - April 27, 2007

Here’s some Madonna for you Michael.

This song sung/whispered in to your ear in Mandarin + a girl you love slowly riding you = crazy delicious.

19. Wickedpinto - April 27, 2007

At least mesa didn’t whore my post about how it rained the other day.


Thanks guys for having a place where I can vent my random thoughts without significant judgement. It’s. . . .relaxing.

20. eddiebear - April 27, 2007
21. Jenny - April 27, 2007

Yeah, I’m thinking about doing some maintenance on my house too. Michael, can have your new appliance boxes?

22. Paul A'Barge - May 2, 2007

Regarding: http://youtube.com/watch?v=K7YgP_383wM, man I have to tell you I LOVE THIS DRUMMER! This guy played with so many people, I’m pretty sure that includes Bonny Raitt and James Taylor. I would wash his feet.

No matter how much I work at it, I can’t get that PFAT sound out of my snare drum.


Oh yeah. It’s supposed to rain again in Austin tonight.

23. Paul A'Barge - May 2, 2007

hm, I didn’t know Gabriel was a ‘mo.

24. dr4 - May 2, 2007

Peter Gabriel isnt gay, he’s just really really weird. From Wikipedia:

“Peter Gabriel has two daughters from his marriage to first wife Jill: Melanie and Anna. Melanie was a backing vocalist during Gabriel’s 2002 Growing Up tour, and Anna filmed a documentary of that same tour, called Growing Up On Tour: A Family Portrait. Gabriel and his second wife, Maebh, had a son, Isaac, in 2002.”

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