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Possibly The Cutest Thing You Will See Today April 30, 2007

Posted by skinbad in Ducks.

Mrs. Skinny told me about this:

I’m suspicious. I think they’re just angling for the Filet O’ Fish one of the lookie-loos is holding.


1. dr4 - April 30, 2007

Have you seen the video of the dancing bears?

2. skinbad - April 30, 2007

Hadn’t seen it. That’s a lot of frickin bears. Someone’s going to get bloodied over a bit of twinkie.

3. skinbad - April 30, 2007

Hey dr, You’re a southern boy, right? Can you explain the Jeff Gordon thing to me? Better driver, better car, better luck, whatever. He wins and they hate him. Jeff Foxworthy says they hate him because he enunciates. I guess that’s a good enough reason.

4. harrison - April 30, 2007

What the video doesn’t mention is that the otters are floating around in a tank at a restaurant. Like lobsters.
Otter meat is big in the Pacific Northwest.

5. dr4 - April 30, 2007

i dont know much about racing, im afraid.

There really arent that many Nascar drivers. People have their favorites and are VERY loyal to them. They arent members of a team, like football or baseball so all of the fans attention is on the drivers themselves. if you dont like the Braves but you might like one of their players. If you dont like Jeff Gordon…well then you dont like Jeff Gordon. And if he beats your favorite driver every week, you really hate Jeff Gordon.

Lets say there are 40 drivers that split up the total fanbase. Well for every fan that Gordon has there are fans of 39 other drivers out there who want to see their guy win. Not really an accurate description – he has a bigger fan base than most, but you get my point.

He wins A LOT. People get tired of the same guy winning so much. Just like the Yankees. Well not that much.

He “enunciates.” He’s the “Rainbow Warrior.” He doesnt give off that Good Ol Boy vibe like the rest of the drivers. i dont think he’s even from the south is he? He’s the Anti Ernhardt. Who wants to root for a pussy? Its like saying your a fan of heavy metal and saying your favorite band is Def Lepard. You keep that shit to yourself.

im pretty much talking out of my ass here. I only watch football.

6. The Korean Dude - April 30, 2007

Otter not as tasty as Poodle.

Just sayin’

7. Ernhardt Fan - April 30, 2007

Otter tastes like Oppossum.

8. Jeff GordonFan - April 30, 2007

Otter tastes best with a mild fruity chianti.

9. Retired Geezer - April 30, 2007

DinT and Mrs. DinT do that same thing in their pool. On air mattresses of course.

10. skinbad - April 30, 2007

I hope you’re they’re wearing Speedos. Or somethin’.

11. Retired Geezer - April 30, 2007

Its like saying your a fan of heavy metal and saying your favorite band is Def Lepard. You keep that shit to yourself.

Sooo, I guess I better take the Cowsills poster off the wall before any guests arrive at Camp Geezer.

12. dr4 - April 30, 2007

yes. yes you should.

Did you know that one of the Cowsill brothers died during hurricane katrina?

I saw a Cowsills bootleg a while back and somebody mentioned it. They were still touring in California up into the 90s.

13. Sobek Will Never Cut His Mullet -- NEVER!!! - April 30, 2007

“Its like saying your a fan of heavy metal and saying your favorite band is Def Lepard. You keep that shit to yourself.”

Hysteria was the greatest album of all time.

14. Sobek - April 30, 2007

I should YouTube a bunch of Def Leppard songs just to screw with you.

15. kevlarchick - April 30, 2007

Pour some sugar on me!

16. A Shitty Pop Metal band - April 30, 2007

One lump or two?

17. dr4 - April 30, 2007

“Hysteria was the greatest album of all time.”

See thats even worse. “High and Dry” was the only album that they had that was even close to not sucking.

Werent you about 6 years old when Hysteria came out Sobek? Not that it really matters but i can just imagine a little crocodile god sitting in the back seat of a Camaro while his big haired mom sings Love Bites.

18. daveintexas - April 30, 2007

How many of those critters do you think it would take to make a coat?

19. mesablue - April 30, 2007

Ugh, I got dragged to a Def Leppard show last year. She was that hot.

Now, this was a Def Leppard show in Detroit if you can imagine it — the Tennessee of the North. I’ve never seen more big hair and mullets in my life. Someone should tell these people to stop grinning like idiots when they’ve only got three teeth in their head.

Def Leppard sucked, as expected. But, Cheap Trick opened the show and I hadn’t seen them in years so I managed through the night on frozen Cokes and Jack Daniel’s

20. kevlarchick - April 30, 2007

I have a beaver coat. Really. It was my grandmothers. There’s nothing warmer.

And spare me your disgusting comments.

21. dr4 - April 30, 2007

Thank you for backing me up on this one mesa. As a reward here is the live version of Peter Gabriel doing “Here Comes the Flood” with Robert Fripp on guitar at the Masonic Auditorium in Detroit back in ’77.

Its an audience recording so the sound could be better, but it aint bad.


just scroll to the bottom and enter the 3 digit code.

22. skinbad - April 30, 2007

I won’t sleep well if you say you also have hour grandmother’s muff.

23. daveintexas - April 30, 2007

or her dentures

24. kevlarchick - April 30, 2007

No beaver muff. The muff is rabbit fur.

25. harrison - April 30, 2007

Q: What’s rabbit fur?

A: Eatin’.

26. Bugs Bunny - April 30, 2007

Not cool doc.

27. mesablue - April 30, 2007

Thanks dr4/flsdgibbityls,

The quality is very good considering that it’s a bootleg from at least twenty years ago.

Check out this live video of Frippertronics from the same time period.

“The producers of this show are very brave considering they have no idea of what is about to happen, and neither do I.”

It’ the last video in the post:


28. lauraw - April 30, 2007

My understanding of the Jeff Gordon thing is that he started out with money, daddy’s rich little boy, got the best of everything right off the bat instead of starting out dirt poor and scrapping his way up from the bottom like the good ol’ boys did.

He’s a little too citified and urbane, too. It’s a matter of ‘Authenticity’ to the fans, but really it’s just reverse snobbery.

29. lauraw - April 30, 2007

Oh, and cute otter catamaran. I suspect they’re just trying to enhance their stability at rest. Hubby and I do that on our kayaks when we want to hang still for a minute without having to work so hard at it. We hook one paddle into the other kayak’s cargo lines.

30. Don Carne - April 30, 2007

Hey Bugs watch this

31. Bugs Bunny in Texas - April 30, 2007

meh. Joke’s on him. It’s Duck Season.

Speaking of Bugs, be sure and check out my FTTW post tomorrow. I didn’t just come up with this outta the blue you know.

32. cranky - April 30, 2007

Local paper here in Montgomery, Alabama, complained they were embarrassed by the “hillbillies” at Talladega. Someone I know was at the race but said she and her husband always leave with about 30 laps to go because otherwise it takes hours to get out of there and then you have to watch the fights and mostly naked pissed off drunk people waiting to get into fights. Throw in Jeff Gordon winning to overtake Dale Earnhardt in career wins and do it on what would have been Earnhardt’s 56th birthday on a track Earnhardt had won at 10 times and you get shit thrown at the Rainbow Warrior (that’s not ghey at all). Sounds like a weekend with the family to me.

Foxworthy supposedly said he got 6-months of new material out of the time he spent at Talladega this year.

33. Wickedpinto - April 30, 2007

Everyone knows that Otters are atheists who wish to create an homgenous atheotic society on all of us.

One lump or two?

KC has so much sweetness to her that using lump sugar would be the equivalent of stoning her to death with gravel pebbles.

I have a beaver coat. Really. It was my grandmothers. There’s nothing warmer.
And spare me your disgusting comments

You do remember that I comment here right?

No beaver muff. The muff is rabbit fur.

See? now you are just asking for it.

34. Sobek - May 1, 2007

For the record, I neither have a mullet nor do I think Hysteria is the greatest album of all time. My brother owned the album, and I liked it when I was in high school, but c’mon, it was the eighties. We were all retarded back then.

Uh, unlike now.

35. kevlarchick - May 1, 2007

Sobek, you protesteth too much. Own the 80s, bro. Claim them.

WP, thank you for your kind comment, I think.

36. Dave in Texas - May 1, 2007

Here’s why I was familiar with The Family Guy Bugs thing yesterday.

I had been searching for something to go with this:


37. Russ from Winterset - May 1, 2007

I saw Def Leppard on the Hysteria tour my second year in college (you can only call it your “sophomore” year if you graduated in 4 years). Tesla opened for them, right after their first album came out. They both sounded good, but the amps were “turned up to eleven”, so my ears rang for a week after the concert. That show probably did more damage to my ears than all the cumulative gunfire I’ve been exposed to during the last two decades.

My wife’s also compelled me to see them twice in the last few years, both times at the Iowa State Fair. Not bad for a band hanging onto their past, I just wish they’d play more “High ‘n Dry” and less material off their latest album.

38. Retired Geezer - May 1, 2007

I’ve seen Styx twice in Boise, once at the fair and once in an arena.

They still rock.

39. Pupster - May 1, 2007

Little known trivia:

Salt ‘N’ Pepa first toured under the name “Beaver Wrap”.

40. composmentis - May 1, 2007

They still rock.

At your age, so does your chair.

41. daveintexas - May 1, 2007

In case you morons missed it, geoff is posting over at See-Dubya’s blog.


And in case you all knew it already and I missed it, uh, kiss my ass.


42. Lipstick - May 1, 2007

I have a beaver coat. Really. It was my grandmothers. There’s nothing warmer.

My sis has my aunt’s beaver coat and you’re right, it’s great.

It’s sheared beaver, which is so soft.

43. daveintexas - May 1, 2007

It’s sheared beaver, which is so soft.

Oh stoppit!

44. kevlarchick - May 1, 2007

She’s right. Soft and warm.

45. daveintexas - May 1, 2007

*David picks up a nice shiny Phillips head screwdriver…

from the “fix little things” plastic case.

And jams it into his right thigh*

I gotta let the left leg heal a little longer.


46. Michael - May 1, 2007


47. Michael - May 1, 2007

BTW, Dave, good luck with Golden State tonight. It would be a shame if the much-anticipated showdowns between Dallas and the Spurs or Phoenix failed to happen. The Mav’s performance during the regular season deserves a better playoff run.

48. Wickedpinto - May 1, 2007

She’s right. Soft and warm.

whats it like when it rains?, Really, and what size is it?

Oh my god, I’m gonna be so sore.

49. Barbula - May 2, 2007

Don’t have much to add except I would like to express my appreciation of the existence in the blogosphere of wonderful people who acknowledge the superawesomebodaciousness of Robert Fripp.

50. gtwl - May 2, 2007

? otter meat?

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