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Dave in Texas’ Memorial Day Activity Post May 28, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Ducks, Gardening, Sex, Sports, Terrorist Hemorrhoids, Women Ranting.

A video.

It’s got drama.  Pathos.  A vocal performance.

Everything you wanted.

Everything you need.


1. geoff - May 28, 2007

Having a problem with the volume – even fully cranked I can hardly hear you.

2. geoff - May 28, 2007

Ooops – never mind. I’m, if it needs to be repeated, a moron. Had the headphones plugged in.

3. geoff - May 28, 2007

Ah. I see. I think I’ll be plugging the headphones back in, then welding the jack in and snipping the lines to the headset.

4. Michael - May 28, 2007

I can’t hear anything. From the video, it looks like:

(1) It rained real hard.

(2) As a result, Dave missed an appointment with his parole officer.

(3) Dave was nervous about that appointment, because he recently stole a truck.

5. geoff - May 28, 2007

I think it was 2 trucks.

6. Pupster - May 28, 2007

You might want to work on those ‘Lawhide’ lyrics.

I caught the ‘twang this time too…if I was an IB wimmen I’d be a’swoonin.

OT: Important Action Alert

7. Michael - May 28, 2007

Looks like the problem is YouTube. I get sound from Sonific. I’m using Quicken today and I get all the sound effects. But I can’t get sound from any Youtube video.

8. Pupster - May 28, 2007

I think it’s a firefox problem. Works fine with sound for me on IE.

9. BrewFan - May 28, 2007

I laughed out loud at Rawhide. Not that it wasn’t good. I think it was because it *was* good. BTW, Scientific rain measurements, cowboy music, police action (or inaction, whatever), and pickup trucks = Golden Palm. Suck it Michael Moore.

10. Michael - May 28, 2007

Weird. I went to IE, and noticed the Youtube sound was turned all the way down. So I turned it up, and could hear just fine. Then I came back to Firefox, and now I can hear it in Firefox also.

Anyway, excellent advice about not driving into water like that. People from up north do not realize that Texas generally does not have storm sewers, so water over the road can be a lot deeper than you think. That’s why those depth gauges you showed are on the side of the road. It’s all surface runoff, and a serious rain will shut down roads.

When I was in San Antonio, stupid Yankees would drive into water like that on a regular basis and get into really serious trouble. I happen to know a stupid Yankee like that who sank a car. I’m not naming any names. Just sayin’, she was lucky to get away with two kids and two expensive saxophones before the car sank.

11. Mrs. Michael - May 28, 2007

I had trouble with my sound also. Weird. Volume was on mute. I hadn’t turned it on mute. No telling, since Daughter Michael has been using it.

Great video, Dave. I’m swoonin, Buddy!

12. Mrs. Michael - May 28, 2007

Yep! I’ll fess up. I thought I could take on about 3-4 inches of water on the road.

So I made a left turn under the overpass. I didn’t expect to find a row of other cars all backed up. And within a minute or two, the kids and I were all out of the car, rescuing the saxophones from the trunk (3,not 2).

Within a couple more minutes I was in water waist deep. Then I climbed on the top of the car and found out later that I was actually filmed by the local TV news from the helicopter flying overhead.

There were about 15-20 cars that all did the same thing I did. A guy had a wench on his truck and we all worked together to push & drag the cars out of the water parking them in a nearby lot. Mine had a flat tire to boot. After a few days it really stunk. It would not run. It was old. We had it towed away.

Dave’s right! Don’t be driving in this stuff.

13. mesablue - May 28, 2007

A guy had a wench on his truck

Permanently mounted?

14. Michael - May 28, 2007

I think she meant winch!!!

15. daveintexas - May 28, 2007

At least you got away from it Mrs. Michael. Couple of folks in Killeen last week tried to get through and were killed.

I don’t believe I’ve ever mounted a wench on my truck. They always ran off with the goddam drummer.

16. Mrs. Michael - May 28, 2007

Dang! I guess I meant “winch.”

Geez, guys. Thanks binches for the correction.

Dave — this happened during the rain in South Texas in 1998 or 1999 with total accumulation of about 20 inches, I think. My experience occurred when we thought it had stopped raining for awhile, but then it started again. With everything so soaked it didn’t take anytime at all for the above-ground flood waters to rise so quickly. I learned.

17. daveintexas - May 28, 2007

People down here in trucks think they’re bulletproof and invisible, just like the yahoos in the Chevy commercials. Two feet of water moving that fast has a lot of power.

18. skinbad - May 29, 2007

Figured Dave was hell bent for leather. Nice pipes.

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