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As promised, photo evidence of Sobek’s visit May 29, 2007

Posted by skinbad in Blogroll, Ducks, Food, Gardening, Travel.


He’s all like, “Hey, let’s bury a duck.” And I’m all, “We just met, dude.” And he’s all, “If it’s good for a chuckle, it’s worth it, man.” And I’m like, “I don’t know. My wife’s here.” And then he reached for a shovel and I’m like, “Duuude. OK. Let’s bury that duck!” Whew.



1. kevlarchick - May 29, 2007

Wow. You were right Skinny. He is impressive.

So do you pick up one of those ducks like you would a puppy or kitten? Do they come right up to you?

And what is that small structure on stilts behind you? A lookout tower?

2. daveintexas - May 29, 2007

machine gun nest

3. daveintexas - May 29, 2007

The real reason Cindy Sheehan gave it up.


4. skinbad - May 29, 2007

spam help?

5. mesablue - May 29, 2007

Memorial Day buried ducks hunts are a wonderful memory from my childhood.

The squeals of delight from the kiddies when one is unearthed are worth all the effort.

6. mesablue - May 29, 2007

And yeah, that’s a milspec fast escape device on the observation post.

7. daveintexas - May 29, 2007

Looks like a Martin-Baker Mk. 16 system from here, but the camera angle’s bad.


8. skinbad - May 29, 2007

That’s a fairly nice split-level for the neighborhood we live in. Mom and dad sleep up top. The kids in the sand pile below. Sometimes I dangle my feet through the railing and play my banjo.
The ducks run. But we used experience and treachery to corner them. Sobek was a natural.

9. eddiebear - May 29, 2007

Was the weather that cool over the weekend in Utah that required the wearing of jeans?

And regarding the ducks: I heard there was a breed called pencil runners that are unable to fly. Are those what you have?

10. BrewFan - May 29, 2007

skinny, did he make you do any algebra?

11. Sobek - May 29, 2007

I’m trying to come up with a witty comment, but “machine gun nest” just blows me out of the water. Well done, sir.

12. skinbad - May 29, 2007

Eddie, these don’t fly. “Indian runners” is the brand name we’re familiar with.

Algebra? Yes, Brew. But he had to go before he got to graphing. Thank heavens.

13. eddiebear - May 29, 2007

Thanks. I probably got my names mixed up.

14. daveintexas - May 29, 2007

Well done, sir

Is that a stack of Claymores behind you Sobek?

Tough neighborhood.

15. John - May 29, 2007

Well he does sort of resemble his ‘divine’ ancient Egyptian namesake…

16. mesablue - May 29, 2007

Is that a stack of Claymores behind you Sobek


17. skinbad - May 29, 2007

Good point. In fact I’m not holding my duck in a very safe position. But with that shirt, it probably wouldn’t matter.

18. pattyann - May 29, 2007

“’m not holding my duck in a very safe position”

Safe for you or safe for the duck?

19. BrewFan - May 29, 2007

Brokequack Mountain

20. Daffy Duck - May 29, 2007

You’rrrrrrrrrrrrrre dethspicable!

21. Wickedpinto - May 29, 2007

Sobek is either very bad, or very cautious at cunnilingus.

22. John - May 30, 2007

LOL! Good one, WP. If Sobek were batting for the other team no gay man would dare let him near them…

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