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The Preakness 2007 May 30, 2007

Posted by harrison in Heroes, Humor, Man Laws, Philosophy, Science, Sports.

Now we all know that horse racing is the “Sport of Kings.”
In My Fair Lady, all of the people in the scenes at Ascot are obviously upper crust.
(Well, except one.)

Well-behaved folks like this:


But let me tell you of the groundlings.

Baltimore, Maryland.
The Preakness, second race of the world-famous Triple Crown.
The Infield.
With alcohol and boredom comes entertainment and sport.
For your pleasure:

The Running Of The Urinals.

h/t to my brother Andy, who watched it live.


1. Pupster - May 30, 2007

I’m thinking the key to success would be to run early enough that there were not a lot of empties laying around, but not too late when the ‘crowd’ stops caring if the beer they are about to throw is still full.

Aw, who am I kidding? My fat butt would crash right through one of those things if I tried to step on it.

2. skinbad - May 30, 2007

I think bored Americans have better arms than motivated Palestinians. Some of those guys were bringing it.

3. BrewFan - May 30, 2007

I’m hoping they peed in those cans before throwing them…the thought of all that wasted beer just breaks my heart.

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