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Worst President? Historians–Fair and Balanced May 31, 2007

Posted by skinbad in History, Politics.

I have a book on hand titled Rating the Presidents (2000). Over 700 historians were polled. The presidents received a ranking from 1-41 in the following areas:

  • Leadership qualities
  • Accomplishments and crisis management
  • Political skill
  • Appointments
  • Character and integrity

From these scores, an overall ranking was given. Top ten are: Lincoln, F. Roosevelt, Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Wilson, Truman, Jackson, Eisenhower, and Madison.

Clinton is 23rd. Reagan is 26th. Carter is 19th.

Carter ranked higher than Reagan in “Accomplishment and crisis management.” Clinton ranked higher than Reagan in “Character and integrity.” FYI.


1. skinbad - May 31, 2007

Lyndon Johnson 12th, Kennedy 15th.

2. BrewFan - May 31, 2007

Can you get your money back for that book?

3. William Howard Taft - May 31, 2007


4. Nice Deb - May 31, 2007

I call bullshit.

5. Thomas Jefferson - May 31, 2007


6. Abraham Lincoln - May 31, 2007

I’m the Juggernaut, bitches!

7. PattyAnn - May 31, 2007

Clinton ranked higher than Reagan in “Character and integrity.”

This is what scares me about historians.

8. F. Roosevelt - May 31, 2007

The only thing we have to fear is . . . WickedPinto!

9. J. Kennedy - May 31, 2007

Ask not what you can do for the bitches. Ask what the bitches can do for you.

10. Bill Clinton - May 31, 2007

Would you like a cigar?

11. William McKinley - May 31, 2007


12. William Henry Harrison - June 1, 2007

The hell with this topic. Have you seen tuberculosis boy’s new wife (that he travelled to Europe to marry)? Pics on Drudge

He is forgiven, in mine eyes.

13. Sobek - August 7, 2007

Sweet, sweet blog money!!!

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