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Worst President May 31, 2007

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So someone pointed out to Ace that George W. Bush is the worst President of the 21st Century, and I think that’s pretty much indisputable at this point. 

That leads naturally to the next question: who was the worst President of the 18th Century?  I’m saying John Adams.  I mean the guy had, at the most, like three dicks?  No way can he compete with George Washington:


1. BrewFan - May 31, 2007

Bill Clinton is the worst President of the 21st Century.

2. Muslihoon - May 31, 2007

Considering Bush II has been the 21st century’s only president, it is indisputable. Just as Leftists will have to concede that, because of similar circumstances, Bush II has been the 21st century’s *best* president.


And if they don’t agree, Darth Rove will unleash another hurricane on them. Or perhaps something even more sinister, like a plague of locusts.

3. kevlarchick - May 31, 2007

I somewhat agree Brew.

Some folks say history will be kind to Bush, but I seriously doubt it. We’ll be lucky if history will be as kind to Bush as it was to Nixon.

4. skinbad - May 31, 2007

Who are the historians? Mostly lefties at universities. He won’t fare well. I think though, that the future will show that whether or not Iraq was exactly the right thing to do, something showing a willingness to stand up to Middle Eastern craziness had to be done. Bush had the balls to do it. Clinton did not. Gore or Kerry would never have acted “unilaterally.” Meaning they never would have acted.

I’ve never thought Bush was stupid, but I’ve got to admit hearing Rudy or Fred or Romney talk, there is big aspect to the bully pulpit that’s been sorely missed with Bush. He’s pretty poor at selling what he needs to sell, and (Fox notwithstanding) he’s not going to get much help selling it.

5. daveintexas - May 31, 2007

skinbad, I said this morning in my IR rant that a big part of my frustration is Bush’s failure to use to bully pulpit – for more than just this (the war comes to mind). I suggested he either isn’t able to do it, or doesn’t believe he should have to, and either of those sucks.

6. sobek - May 31, 2007

So do we have unanimity on the Washington/Adams thing, then?

Also, as bad as Clinton was, I don’t think he did as much damage in the first 20 days of January, 2000 as Bush has done with Medicare “reform,” amnesty, Harriet Meirs, the Dubai ports, and the fact that he’s probably about to lose a war that we needed won.

I will say this, though. He seems to know how to pick judges better than any Republican in recent memory. Even if he has to be forced into doing it.

7. BrewFan - May 31, 2007

*first 20 days of January, 2000*

Clinton actually was president until January of 2001. I would consider his non-response to the U.S.S. Cole as a major 21st century sin.

8. genghis - June 1, 2007

Sure, laugh at Pres. Carter all you want regarding crisis managment, but I’m here to tell you: rabbits can bite pretty hard. To the point of breaking skin.

But they can alo be housebroken, if you really work at it. Unlike Arafat.

And WickedPinto (but he chooses not to be)

9. compos mentis - June 1, 2007

Though GWB has not handled some things well, I still believe that some time down the road, however long it may be, he will be remembered for bringing positivie change to the middle east. He had the balls to take out Saddam and go to war in Iraq in order to try to protect the U.S. from further terrorism and to try to bring the middle east to some semblance of the 21st century.

I imagine it’s hard to stick to your guns when you’re catching fire from all sides.

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