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I Hate Health Experts May 27, 2007

Posted by Michael in Man Laws.

Why don’t they just shut up? Nobody cares what they think anyway.

For example, today I read that barbecuing meat can cause cancer.


SATURDAY, May 26 (HealthDay News) — The Memorial Day holiday is the traditional kick-off of the summer barbecue season in the United States, but research has shown that grilling can create cancer-causing compounds in meat, experts say.


Among the compounds are heterocyclic amines (HCAs), which are created when heat acts on amino acids, and creatinine in animal muscle.

The longer the cooking time and the higher the heat, the more HCAs, say experts at the University of California, Davis, Cancer Center. That means that barbecuing produces the most HCAs, followed by pan-frying and broiling. Baking, poaching, stir-frying and stewing produce the least HCAs.

Well hey, Texas-style barbecue, which features low indirect heat, might actually be a good idea. But then, I suppose that smoky flavor is bad for you somehow.

The UC Davis experts offer the following advice for limiting HCAs:

I’m not posting the advice offered, because I intend to ignore each and every suggestion.

If you want to read that advice, such as why you should ingest broccoli-type stuff the day before you cook up some barbecue laden with poisonous HCA, you can follow this link.

However, I will see your click-throughs in the All-Knowing Innocent Bystanders Dashboard™, and I will be very disappointed in you.

Mr. Lamm’s Heavy Metal Genuine Texas Barbecue™ May 26, 2007

Posted by Michael in Man Laws.

Geoff requested a picture of my barbecue rig. So, just for Geoff, the picture is below the break.

Before you view this, I suggest that you pause and meditate. Prepare yourself for a transcendent experience.

I’m talking about an artistic adventure into the world of Zen welding, with perfect welding beads, where form and function are unified in tangible metal, and a cosmic alignment of matter and energy has been achieved, and the space/time continuum has paused to gasp for breath.

Maybe you should first do some deep breathing exercises, or some chanting or some such shit.

You might even dip your hands in paraffin wax to prepare for this, if you’re one of those kind of guys.

Are you ready?


War Dog Memorial May 26, 2007

Posted by Michael in Heroes.

Our canine heroes are remembered on the grounds of Auburn University.

Photo courtesy of Cranky, the proprietor of Balance Sheet.

UPDATE:  If you stop by Cranky’s place, don’t miss this fantastic video of the Marine Corps drill team.

In Awhile, Crocodile May 26, 2007

Posted by skinbad in Blogroll, Food, Travel.

Sobek called and said he wanted to visit some Utards. He’s dropping in today. I hope the chicken thaws out in time.

Media Bias Against Muslims? May 25, 2007

Posted by Michael in Politics.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. I think the fear of Muslims in America is unfounded, and racist.

America has a genius for assimilating minorities, and Muslims are no exception. The fear inspired by a mosque, like the big one recently built near my house, is just ignorant. A mosque is, first and foremost, a place of worship. It should not automatically be libeled as a hotbed for terrorist intrigue.

May 24, 2007 – According to a Pew Research Center poll released earlier this week, Muslim-Americans are “largely assimilated, happy with their lives, and moderate with respect to many of the issues that have divided Muslims and Westerners around the world.” The poll showed the majority surveyed have close non-Muslim friends, believe in a strong American work ethic and feel there is little conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society. Overall, an encouraging picture, right?

No, not if you are determined to parse the data for bad news.

Not according to a cavalcade of major media outlets. On Tuesday and Wednesday, coverage of the poll was downright foreboding. “Supporting Terror?” read the CNN crawl at the bottom of the screen as John Roberts interviewed a group of young moderate Muslims about the poll. On CBS News online, the headline incorrectly stated that 26% OF YOUNG U.S. MUSLIMS OK BOMBS. And in USA Today, more misinformation and scare tactics: POLL: 1 IN 4 YOUNGER U.S. MUSLIMS SUPPORT SUICIDE BOMBINGS.

What’s behind this? Well, basically, it’s like global warming. Fear sells. Almost as well as sex.

The fear-inducing reports were based on the responses to a couple of questions in the Pew survey: is suicide bombing justified? The outcome: “Very few Muslim Americans—just 1%—say that suicide bombings against civilian targets are often justified to defend Islam; an additional 7% say suicide bombings are sometimes justified in these circumstances,” according to the Pew poll. As for U.S. Muslims under 30, Pew reported that 15 percent believe suicide bombings can be often or sometimes justified. The numbers were tucked inside a 108-page report that also found a large majority of U.S. Muslims rejected the idea of violence against civilians, had very unfavorable views of Al Qaeda and were concerned about the rise of Muslim extremism in the United States.

I can imagine, by the way, someone getting kinda crazy and thinking that a bombing might be justified to defend Lutheranism. Someone like Dietrich Boenhoeffer, a Lutheran pastor, and a theologian who is renowned in Lutheran circles to this day. He participated in a plot to bomb a civilian (Adolph Hitler), and was executed.

Just sayin’. Muslims who say the bombing of civilians “might” be justified is not necessarily all that scary.

Let’s take a look at some scary American Muslims.

Looks to me like they are shouting “Death to America!” and they are about to burn an American flag, which they are holding upside-down to show their contempt. Those bastards!

Actually, that picture was taken in Dearborn, Michigan, where we have one of our largest Muslim communities.

Those people are celebrating the death of Saddam Hussein.

Media Coverage of Muslims Bombs

Here’s another interesting Newsweek article, an interview with a young British man who converted to radical Islam, and then rejected it.

Dogs of War–Honor for Crimefighters May 25, 2007

Posted by skinbad in Heroes, History.

Did you know about 4,000 dogs served our country in Vietnam? I didn’t. Sadly, fewer than 200 returned home. About 1,000 died in the line of duty or from tropical disease. The rest, as “military equipment,” were either put down or simply left. I’m glad we don’t do that anymore. Now they come home when their tour of duty is complete. A vet(erinarian) in Utah has put up a memorial in their honor. Some would like to see a national memorial in Washington, D.C. A documentary is being sold to raise money for that effort. It’s estimated the dogs saved some 10,000 lives in Vietnam.

Some war dog stories, info., and links here.

Shameless bass porn May 24, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Crime, Ducks, Food, Man Laws, Music, Personal Experiences, Science, Sex, Women Ranting.
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Oh yes.

I will would hump it.

The Long Weekend May 24, 2007

Posted by Pupster in Ducks, Gardening, Lurkers, Man Laws, Sex, Travel, Women Ranting.

It's mulch-tastic

The Pupster Doppler Radar Forecast® calls for heavy weeding; followed by scattered mulch, with periods of top-down Jeeping for the remainder of the holiday.

Mrs. Pupster and the Pupster boys are headed out with mother-in-law Pupster to a “resort” in a neighboring state. It’s one of those deals where they lure you in with a “free weekend, no strings attached” ad and then water-board you into buying a time-share condo.

Since I’ve already seen that episode of South Park, I was able to finagle a bachelor weekend with just me, 20 bags of playground mulch, and a topless Jeep Wrangler named Charlie. Life is good.

Other than dipping extremities into hot wax, nursing hippie heirloom tomato seedlings, renovating your entire estate ala “The Money Pit”,  or updating your super-computer prospective convert list for Sauron,  what are y’all planning for the long weekend?

The Memorial Day Countdown . . . May 24, 2007

Posted by Michael in Heroes.
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. . . continues at Dave in Texas.

Today, you can learn about the heroism of 1st Lt. Phillip Neel, from Fredericksburg, a lovely little town in the Texas Hill Country.

Omazing Grace May 24, 2007

Posted by Michael in Music, Religion.
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How sweet the sound.

Border Fence May Threaten Endangered Species May 24, 2007

Posted by Michael in Crime, Food.

It gets worse. The fence would be unsightly  for bird watchers in South Texas! This could have a negative effect on tourism!!!

This abomination must be stopped.

Watch the MSNBC video here.

The ridiculously leading questions by the interviewer, and the canned responses from the interviewee, are hilarious. Note, at the beginning, the interviewer’s reference to “farmers and other endangered species.”

I did not know that farmers were facing extinction.

Also note that the interviewee has absolutely perfected  the übergeek look. He is impressive. Really.

Internet Taxes Could Arrive by This Fall May 24, 2007

Posted by Retired Geezer in Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

I don’t think this is a hoax like all those scary emails we’ve all gotten.

The era of tax-free e-mail, Internet shopping and broadband connections could end this fall, if recent proposals in the U.S. Congress prove successful.State and local governments this week resumed a push to lobby Congress for far-reaching changes on two different fronts: gaining the ability to impose sales taxes on Net shopping, and being able to levy new monthly taxes on DSL and other connections. One senator is even predicting taxes on e-mail.

I wonder if Spudder will have to pay taxes.

But with Democrats now in control of both chambers of Congress, the political dynamic appears to have shifted in favor of the pro-tax advocates and their allies on Capitol Hill. The NetChoice coalition, which counts as members eBay, Yahoo and the Electronic Retailing Association and opposes the sales tax plan, fears that the partisan shift will spell trouble.

Looks like Michael might have to charge more for his online woodwind appreciation class.

Net taxes could arrive by this fall | CNET News.com