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Nineteen Years In A Coma June 2, 2007

Posted by Michael in News.

Then, a big surprise.

Poland is no longer communist.

WARSAW (Reuters) – A 65-year-old railwayman who fell into a coma following an accident in communist Poland regained consciousness 19 years later to find democracy and a market economy, Polish media reported on Saturday.

Wheelchair-bound Jan Grzebski, whom doctors had given only two or three years to live following his 1988 accident, credited his caring wife Gertruda with his revival.

“It was Gertruda that saved me, and I’ll never forget it,” Grzebski told news channel TVN24.

This is hard to imagine. Life is going to be one shock after another for this guy. If you went into a coma in 1988 in Poland, how are you going to react to Madonna’s Like a Virgin video?

“When I went into a coma there was only tea and vinegar in the shops, meat was rationed and huge petrol queues were everywhere,” Grzebski told TVN24, describing his recollections of the communist system’s economic collapse.

“Now I see people on the streets with cell phones and there are so many goods in the shops it makes my head spin.”

Grzebski awoke to find his four children had all married and produced 11 grandchildren during his years in hospital.

Cell phones. They must seem like nearly magical devices to someone emerging from the reality of 1988.

It’s also going to be a challenge to deal with eleven grandchildren. How do you get their names right when you have eleven all at once?

Also, somebody has to tell him that the Polish Pope, John Paul II, is dead. The new guy is German. That’s not going to be good news.

Pole wakes from 19-year coma in democratic country


1. John - June 2, 2007

LOL! The part about the German pope made me laugh. Yeah, to a Pole who was born during WWII and didn’t witness the past 19 years it must be quite disturbing. Of course since it’s Papa Ratza, JPII’s former right-hand man, that may alleviate any real concerns she might have.

2. Mrs. Peel - June 2, 2007

Wow. That’s amazing. The family must be so happy.

3. eddiebear - June 2, 2007

And just imagine things like INTERNET as well.

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