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Wanted by the FBI – the “Ponytail Bandit” June 20, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Crime.

She’s knocked off three banks in Texas, California and Washington state.  Dubbed the “ponytail bandit” by the FBI, because they love those cutesy bandit names, she politely stands in line waiting her turn, walks up and demands money, and then walks away. 

Couple of action/surveillance shots (there’s an expression that’ll make the boys sit up):

ponytail_sa.jpg ponytail_sc.jpg
Supposedly armed and dangerous these don’t look loaded to me

Top one from her Austin robbery, the other one is from the California bank.  Pretty smart, wearing a Longhorn cap in Austin – you don’t exactly stand out.  She could be one of 25,000 students for all you know.

Smart, except she’s dumb.  Bank robbery has a pretty low success rate, and repeat offenders are almost always caught.

The FB warning says she approaches the teller and “verbally demands money”, and while they don’t say she claims to have a weapon, they do call her armed and dangerous.  I’m pretty sure the teller thinks she’s armed… I’ve walked up and verbally demanded money for years and I don’t get shit without a photo id and a signature.

You can see more pics and read the FBI warning here.

UPDATE: Maybe she’s not as dumb as I thought.  According to this DoJ study, the clearance rate for bank robberies in the US has dropped from 80% in 1976 to 58% in 2001.  I suspect that’s partially due to the proliferation of branch banks, ATMs and such.  This same report states the average take is $4,000.

So if she needs the money for a boob job, I’m guessing she’s about halfway done.


1. eddiebear - June 20, 2007

But I bet she’ll make some hot prison tapes when caught.

2. eddiebear - June 20, 2007
3. skinbad - June 20, 2007

Am I just an idiot (don’t answer that) because I don’t imagine I would fork over cash to an unarmed looking person? I’m sure it’s the banks’ policy to just hand it over. It seems to me that banks shouldn’t be easier to knock over than a Korean-owned convenience store. I guess it depends on whose money you give away.

4. Mrs. Michael - June 20, 2007

Geez — I’m laughing — She looks like Daughter Michael!

But DM has an alibi — us — and not in Texas at that time.

Maybe our DM has a bit more meat on her gams.

5. Retired Geezer - June 20, 2007

The Ponytail Bandit takes up position in the express line.

6. Some Guy - June 20, 2007

Yeah, I’ve heard that tellers are supposed to just hand money over from a special drawer of marked bills. Maybe that’s an urban legend or something.

I mean, who’d check the serial numbers?

7. daveintexas - June 20, 2007

I’ll ask my kid – she works at a bank.

8. daveintexas - June 20, 2007

Ok, got the low down. She says she’s not allowed to say, but they have different procedures for walk-in banks vs. drive up. She works at a drive up.

Her procedure is, they all get down below the ledge of the bulletproof glass and take turns raising their hand up to flip off the idiot while the cops are on the way.

9. Retired Geezer - June 20, 2007

Don’t they also flip the switch that raises the Spike Strips?

10. Retired Geezer - June 20, 2007

I remember humorous stories about exploding dye packs and idiots stuffing the package down their pants.

Good Times…

11. Some Guy - June 20, 2007

Oh, yeah. Dye packs.

Every so often I’ll be reading a caper novel and the robber will say something like, “No, not that drawer with the alarm. The other one.”

I guess my question is– how are so many heists succesful? Inside jobs?

I mean, you’d think the insurance companies would want to pay less and stuff.

12. bruce - June 21, 2007

The average bank job like this yields so little cash that banks and the FDIC – who insures your money in the bank – would rather they just hand over the contents of a drawer and not risk someone getting hurt.

Many banks do use flash packs (exploding dye) that are well disguised with older bills. Previous packs of brand new phony bills were easy to spot and robbers wouldn’t take them.

13. fancy boots - June 21, 2007

She can rob my bank anyday ; )

14. Top Posts « WordPress.com - June 21, 2007

[…] Wanted by the FBI – the “Ponytail Bandit” She’s knocked off three banks in Texas, California and Washington state.  Dubbed the “ponytail […] […]

15. Millie - June 22, 2007

Wow, the FBI has really got her unique profile down pat. Standing in line with her arms crossed and shoulders slouched? Maybe she’ll throw them off next time by not crossing her arms…and keeping her hair down? Woe to all blondes who dare go to the bank with a baseball cap on…you..will…be…profiled! Do not make any sudden moves!

16. sandy burger - February 14, 2008

Well, they finally got her.

17. Dave in Texas - February 14, 2008

No shit. All the way in Thailand.

Thanks for the head’s up Sandy, I posted it as a headline at AoS.

Now I’m going to go correctly spell your name.

18. SV - June 19, 2008

crazy.. i used to go with this girl to school back in Jakarta International School. we used to have sleep overs at her house and played the ouija board. she was always the bad ass. ironically she was voted as the girl most likely to become famous.. waaa crazy!!

19. anonymous - November 24, 2010

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20. BrewFan - November 25, 2010

Very interesting.

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