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Immigration Bill Down in Flames — Steve_in_HB’s Cynicism Hardest Hit June 28, 2007

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Break out the bubbly.



1. eddiebear - June 28, 2007

What the ‘sphere did in shooting down this P.O.S. bill is the real “speaking truth to power”.

2. eddiebear - June 28, 2007

And I wonder when fools such as Howard Fineman start lecturing the Conservatives that this is a “Pyrrhic Victory”.

3. daveintexas - June 28, 2007

Ahhhhhh… the DIY Demotivator.

Well played sir. Very well played.

4. steve_in_hb - June 28, 2007

My cynicism is resilient enough to absorb the slings and arrows of you bigots and redneck mouth breathers.

The necessity for a herculean effort in order to get the govt to not pass a bill that the preponderance of Americans are strongly opposed to doesn’t exactly make me think I should replace cynicism with thoughts of puppies, pretty ribbons, and fresh baked apple pie.

5. Sobek - June 28, 2007

By contrast, I like to think to think about apple pie as often as possible.

Mmmmmmm, pie.

See? I’m thinking about it right now.

(Also, our elected “representatives” are a bunch of insufferable douchebags who should be ashamed to show their sorry faces in their own states).

Also also, pie!

6. steve_in_hb - June 28, 2007

Plus I’m still on codeine cough syrup and valium for muscle spasms in my back and ribs – so I’m spending most of my time in fuzzy, dream land.

7. lauraw - June 28, 2007

how many fingers am I holding up, Steve?

8. Retired Geezer - June 28, 2007

Don’t fall for it, Steve. She’s gonna poke you inna eye.

Saw a 3 Stooges movie once.

9. eddiebear - June 28, 2007


Always look for the middle of three fingers.

10. steve_in_hb - June 28, 2007

I can’t tell, the glare from your skin is blinding. Am I supposed to head towards the light?

Be careful lauraw, drawing attention to yourself will likely result in you becoming incorporated in my semi-delirious imaginings. I’ll be collapsed in bed playing the part of Steve the Hutt and you’ll be prancing around in a metal bikini.

11. compos mentis - June 28, 2007

That raises a question. When you wear a bikini to the beach/pool lauraw, do you have to cover your hump as well? That tooth could look like a nip, ‘specially if’n your hump had been drinking some red Kool-aid.

12. lauraw - June 28, 2007

There’s a municipal ordinance requiring me to cover it with an enormous hairnet.

13. The Kids at the Pool - June 28, 2007


14. geoff - June 28, 2007

From peeved to pleased in just 2 days.

What a relief.

Get well Steve. Unless the codeine/valium combo is worth it.

15. steve_in_hb - June 28, 2007

Thanks Geoff. Sleeping day after day away while cut off from the rest of humanity is not fun – so thumbs down on the codeine/valium combo. Although, it is nice to be able to breathe without feeling like someone is stabbing me in the back.

16. daveintexas - June 28, 2007

Hope your back gets better steve. And yeah, your point on the Senate is well taken. I don’t recall such brazen disregard from those bastards over something this unpopular, well hell, ever really.

17. daveintexas - June 28, 2007

OT, the sun has broken out here for a while, and though it won’t last the day, it has improved my mood considerably.

18. wiserbud - June 28, 2007

I’ll be collapsed in bed playing the part of Steve the Hutt and you’ll be prancing around in a metal bikini.

S’funny, but I had the same dream, only the characters were reversed.

I wonder what that means…..

19. wiserbud - June 28, 2007


Hey, where’d everybody go?

Was it something I said?

20. steve_in_hb - June 28, 2007

Sorry Wiserbud –

I was just having fantasies of choking you to death with a length of chain – while wearing my metal bikini of course.

21. geoff - June 28, 2007

I’m heading out to meet up with Michael and Andy. I’m sure we’ll all have competing versions of the event after the fact. See you later.

22. wiserbud - June 28, 2007

I was just having fantasies of choking you to death with a length of chain – while wearing my metal bikini of course.

Okay, when did my wife start posting here? Debbie, honey, is that you?

23. BrewFan - June 28, 2007

Drink lots of beer geoff. You’ll need it.

24. daveintexas - June 28, 2007

Tell Mrs. Michael Dave says “hi”.

25. Julio the Poolboy - June 28, 2007

Pleez tell Senora Michael that I say “Hola”, too.

26. Lipstick - June 28, 2007

I’m off to White Sands tomorrow for the full moon.

Then dinner at Cattleman’s.

Yes, I am Gloaty McGloaterson.

27. BrewFan - June 28, 2007

Have fun, Lipstick!

28. Lipstick - June 28, 2007

Thank you!

I’ll take pictures and post them.

29. Top Posts « WordPress.com - June 28, 2007

[…] Immigration Bill Down in Flames — Steve_in_HB’s Cynicism Hardest Hit Break out the bubbly. [image] […]

30. geoff - June 28, 2007

I’m back. Actually had a delightful time with the Michaels. Pictures and details to follow…

31. Mrs. Peel - June 28, 2007

Craig Biggio just hit #3000. I’m so happy for him. He’s a real class act, unlike the majority of professional athletes these days. And he’s a first-ballot induction for sure.

And his little girl is so adorable. She and his wife ran out on the field to hug him.

32. BrewFan - June 28, 2007

I like Biggio too and was disappointed he didn’t play in 2 of the 3 games here in Milwaukee but I do understand him wanting to get 3000 at home. Congrats to one of the classiest players in MLB.

33. Mrs. Peel - June 28, 2007

Well, for the first game, they got to Milwaukee at 5 am due to extra innings the night before, and Garner typically sits him under circumstances like that. As for the third game, it was a day game following a night game, and Garner typically sits him for those games as well (and he actually did pinch-hit in the 11th in that game). I guess it was a little orchestrated, but I don’t think Garner did anything that different from what he normally would do.

Tied up at 4 in the 10th inning now. I should be in bed but I want to see who wins.

geoff, when are you going to make my dream come true? You know, the one about you having a drink with me while all my friends sniggered at your youthful appearance?

34. Sobek - June 28, 2007

I’m about to try to read all 185 pages of the student integration case. Wish me luck.

35. Mrs. Peel - June 28, 2007

One time I went out to lunch with my best buddy at work, and I was yawning, so he asked why I was so tired. I told him I was up pretty late the night before. Why was that, he wanted to know.

“I was reading Supreme Court opinions,” I said meekly.

(I’m supposed to be an engineer.)

36. Mrs. Peel - June 29, 2007

Biggio’s getting all choked up in his press conference talking about the fans and their support.

p.s. astros won in the bottom of the 11th. with 2 outs, down by 1 run, Biggio started a rally by beating out an infield single for his 3002nd hit, then Hunter Pence hit the goofiest-ass double I have ever seen, Berkman got hit by pitch, and Lee took his first pitch way deep for a grand slam. It was great.

37. eddiebear - June 29, 2007

I do have to hand it to Biggio, even though I am a Cards fan. You don’t see many guys play almost 20 seasons with the same team.

38. BrewFan - June 29, 2007

Have you noticed the NL Central is well represented here at IB? No Pirates or Reds fans that I know of but if I were them I’d keep a low profile too. Bwahahaha!

39. Dave in Texas - June 29, 2007

Craig Biggio is a class act.

Also the guy that owns the Astros lives where I live.

Not in the same house. His is much bigger.

40. lauraw - June 29, 2007

OK, this is just wrong, but I can’t stop giggling.


41. lauraw - June 29, 2007



42. daveintexas - June 29, 2007

Oh honey you have GOT to stop opening your legs!

43. skinbad - June 29, 2007

It irritates me not to know about goofy Utah news before a damn yankee does.

And stop making fun of my aunt.

44. eddiebear - June 29, 2007


Are there any Pirates Fans Left?

45. Muslihoon - June 29, 2007

If Latter-day Saints have many kids, and Hispanics have many kids, would Latter-day Saint Hispanics have twice as many kids?

46. lauraw - June 29, 2007

Could be nothing, could be something…I’ll reserve judgement until they release the guy’s name and we can count how many ‘a’ s there are in it.


47. Muslihoon - June 29, 2007

In a related line…a terrorist attack was thwarted in London: a car bomb was defused.


48. lauraw - June 29, 2007

Greatest invention pairing I’ve ever heard of…this thing wanders into the room picking up crumbs and nits, bumps around on the baseboard a couple times, then rocks you with a sub-lethal jolt of electricity.


49. ctddd - June 29, 2007

I think much of the damage from illegal immigration has already been done, and no bill may be better than a bad bill, but for them to just leave the gates open until after the next presidential election would be the depth of irresponsibility. These so-called leaders need to lead.

50. BrewFan - June 29, 2007

Are there any Pirates Fans Left?

None that I know of. I do feel weird gloating, though. I probably shouldn’t. Its only (almost) July. My heart has been broken before.

51. doc - July 2, 2007

heh, Pirates fans held a 3rd inning walkout yesterday. They printed up t-shirts and it looked literally tens of people actually cared.

52. eddiebear - July 2, 2007

^sctually, that’s pretty stupid if you think about t. I mean, they already paid for the tickets. Like the owners would care once they get the revenue. I mean, the Pirates’ owner obviously won’t care after seeing the product put out there since 1992. And that guy is running one of the most profitable ball teams because he gets some of that “luxury tax” money and pockets it and then sells off any good players.

It’s a miracle Jason Bay is still playing there and not in Boston or NYY.

53. eddiebear - July 2, 2007

pardon my bad typing. It’s late.

54. eddiebear - July 2, 2007


Even better, the Reds fired their manager tonight after losing to El Birdos. Another cheapskate owner who blames the manager.

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