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What I Did on Summer Vacation June 29, 2007

Posted by Pupster in Heroes, Man Laws, Personal Experiences, Sex, Travel, Women Ranting.


1. kevlarchick - June 29, 2007

I want to go next year!! Take me!! It’s so beautiful!

Pups, you are a stud.

Off to the beach tomorrow. I won’t have such lovely pics, but I’ll try to post some.

2. Retired Geezer - June 29, 2007

Another cool vid, Pups.
So were you in Zion when the guy fell off the Angel’s Landing trail?

If you were in the Uinta forest, I think you were pretty near where Flyin’ Brian lives. Let me know next time and I might be able to wrangle a helicopter ride.

Speaking of Zion, did I ever mention that I worked on a Clint Eastwood movie there in 1975? I was there for a couple of weeks working on The Eiger Sanction.

Pretty country.

3. daveintexas - June 29, 2007

How beautiful.

You really should bring me on vacation. Michael already told me no.

4. BrewFan - June 29, 2007

I’d go too but I have a weakness for the second cheeseburger. Plus I’m old*.

*Not as old as Geezer but we’re getting to the point where 10 years is splitting hairs.

5. Sobek - June 29, 2007

Great vid. I plan on hiking Mt. Charleston this summer, so maybe I’ll have a photo or two for my troubles.

6. Retired Geezer - June 29, 2007

Sobek, be sure to go to Mary Jane Falls. It might be a little strenuous for the kids though.

Oh yeah and Robber’s Roost is cool too.

7. Pupster - June 29, 2007

There were 3 deaths in Zion National Park the week before we arrived, one heart attack and one ‘being stupid’ fall off of Angel’s Landing Trail, and one climbing accident at Upper Emerald Pool. I didn’t try Angel’s Landing (too long), but I did see the place where the climber fell off at Upper Emerald. There were two guys rappelling down the same cliff while we where there.

Then there was a horrific bear attack the day before I took my last hike, in the same canyon.

I think Uinta covers a lot of ground, the extended Pupster’s are in the the Provo area. I could have really used Flyin’ Brian’s services on my last hike, I tried to get to the top of Mt. Timpanogos, but was foiled by ice and snow…and big fat tummy.

8. Pupster - June 29, 2007

I had a layover in TX on the trip home, and I looked for the pool but I couldn’t spot it from my side of the plane. Freakin’ pilot wouldn’t circle around either.

I did have a Whattaburger for dinner that night, so I feel closer to you than ever.

9. skinbad - June 30, 2007

I’ll have to wait until Monday to watch it. Stinkin’ dial-up.

10. Retired Geezer - June 30, 2007

Brian is flying out of Vernal. I didn’t realize the Uintas were so big.

11. lauraw - June 30, 2007

Wow! Gorgeous gorgeous.

I’m jealous.

12. Dave in Texas - June 30, 2007

I completely missed RG talking about working on The Eiger Sanction. Neat flick, Eastwood, George Kennedy.

RG you are awesomely awesome now.

Pups, good call on the Whataburger.

13. Retired Geezer - June 30, 2007

Well, I actually haven’t worked on *that* many movies:

Diamonds are Forever (1 day)
Eiger Sanction – 2 weeks in Zion Utah. (George Kennedy’s training camp)
Rocky IV (2 weeks at MGM hotel in Vegas)
The Steagle with Richard Benjamin and Chill Wills. (nobody saw it)

I worked on 4 music videos you might have seen:
Living in America – James Brown. Shot during the Rocky IV filming.
Living with a Hernia – Weird Al. Takeoff on the James Brown tune.
Viva Las Vegas – ZZ Top
Year of the Cat – Al Stewart. Not sure if the stuff we did with the MGM Lion made it to the video, I never saw it.

When David Letterman did his show at our hotel in Vegas, I got my name in the credits. Scrolling on “The Crawl” at the end of the show.
I’ll post the link in the next comment so I don’t get caught in the spam filter.

14. Retired Geezer - June 30, 2007

David Letterman thank you letter.

And yeah, he’s a dick.

15. skinbad - June 30, 2007

Nasty fire near Vernal. They reported a couple of deaths last night. Does Flying’ Brian get involved in that?

16. Pupster - June 30, 2007

P.S. I was nowhere NEAR Vernal.

*checks map*

Yep. Nowhere near.

17. geoff - June 30, 2007

Well, I actually haven’t worked on *that* many movies:

My wife worked on a few, as well.

The Flintstones
The Little Rascals
Cyborg 2
(Angelina Jolie’s debut)

and a little TV, including Beverly Hills 90210

None of which are particularly memorable, unfortunately. After she spent a couple of years doing that stuff, I convinced her to give it up and help me at my business. The work stories weren’t nearly as good, but at least she wasn’t working in the worst parts of LA at 4 am.

18. Retired Geezer - June 30, 2007

at least she wasn’t working in the worst parts of LA at 4 am.


Vernal fire

They could have used Brian to spot the fire’s progress. His boss is very generous about loaning the helicopter out.
Usually they use airplanes because they are cheaper to fly and usually have a longer range.
When he flew for CALSTAR (Life Flight) he was based in South Lake Tahoe. That’s where that terrible wildfire destroyed 100 homes.

19. Retired Geezer - June 30, 2007

geoff, does your wife have any AJ stories?

One of the very few Tantrum by a Star stories involves Helen Reddy, more precisely her husband who I think is named Jeff.

20. geoff - June 30, 2007

Not really – apparently she was pretty quiet and nice on the set.

Tantrums by stars? I think T*ri Sp*lling had more than a few. J*e P*sci was a complete a**hole (on Jimmy H*llywood). Dy@n Cann*n was difficult on Based *n an Untrue St*ry. J*hn G**dm@n was apparently enjoying quite a bit of Bud in his trailer between shots.

On the cool side: H#nry Winkl#r, M*rg@n F@irchild, Kyle M@chl@chlan, Luke P#rry

Sorry for all the letter substitutes – I’m trying to avoid getting her in trouble.

Weirdest event? Perhaps the time she (my wife) threw up in Eliz@b#th T@yl*r’s dog’s dish.

21. Sobek - June 30, 2007

“Weirdest event? Perhaps the time she (my wife) threw up in Eliz@b#th T@yl*r’s dog’s dish.”

Geoff, you just got way cooler.

22. Eliz@b#th T@yl"r's Dog - July 1, 2007

Um, could she come back next week?

Just sayin’

23. eddiebear - July 1, 2007

The dog probably didn’t flinch. Probably used to Ole Liz doing it herself.

24. Retired Geezer - July 1, 2007

We just got back from a really cool show. It was a tribute to Johnny Cash.
The guy (Shawn Baker) must have studied a zillion hours of films of JC. He had all the mannerisms and the voice and the look.
The band was tight and song selection was good.
His closing song was Hurt, formerly done by NIN. I’ve seen that video and Johnny Cash pwns that song now. Even Trent Reznor admits it.

I’ll post something on my moronblog about the concert, including that video in a day or two.

25. Michael - July 1, 2007

Michael already told me no.

No, I did not.

But I’m also lobbying to get Pupster to take me with him, so we may have a conflict of interest here.

26. eddiebear - July 1, 2007


I saw a tribute band to the Doors a few years ago. I wasn’t around when the real band was playing, but the guy sounded just like JM. The ones that disturb me are tribute bands for people still alive.

27. skinbad - July 1, 2007

Perhaps the time she (my wife) threw up in Eliz@b#th T@yl*r’s dog’s dish.

And I thought taking all the brown M&Ms out of the bowl was a strange requirement in a rider.

28. Retired Geezer - July 1, 2007

I’ve heard some weird requests on riders, unfortunately I don’t remember any interesting ones.

Yeah, the Doors were popular during the time I was turning into a full-on Music Freak.
I saw their appearance in Vegas at (if you can believe this) the Ice Palace. They used to put down plywood on top of the ice and build the stage on top of that. I may have remembered it wrong but it seems like that was where they appeared. I think Jim Morrison may have gotten arrested then.
Or not… I’m so confused and old.

I just Googled it, it *was* the Ice Palace, Nov 1st 1969

29. eddiebear - July 1, 2007

Didn’t JM get nabbed in Miami as well?

30. Retired Geezer - July 1, 2007

Yeah, a buncha places.
I thought Val Kilmer did a pretty good job in the movie.

JM was born the same month as me…

He’d be a retired geezer now also.

31. harrison - July 1, 2007

JM was born the same month as me…
He’d be a retired geezer now also.

I wandered past his grave in Paris some years ago on a rainy October day and there were three kids sitting around it with candles lit.
I guess they were waiting on him to pop out of the ground or something.

32. Retired Geezer - July 1, 2007

Did I remember this correctly that the cemetary staff is pissed because wimmens keep rubbing their coochies on his tombstone?

Or am I thinking of Don Knotts?

33. The Ghost of Don Knotts - July 1, 2007

I never rubbed my coochie on his tombstone.

It was my bullet.

34. daveintexas - July 1, 2007

but the guy sounded just like JM

Johnny Mathis?

35. BrewFan - July 2, 2007

but the guy sounded just like JM

Johnny Mathis?

Chances Are good.

36. eddiebear - July 2, 2007

I meant Jim Morrison.

37. skinbad - July 2, 2007

Jacob Marley

38. skinbad - July 2, 2007

Hey, good vid Pupster. Finally watched it. Timp probably felt like a thoosand miles.

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